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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1033 - Interesting

Chapter 1033: Interesting

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Wen Xiao walked out of the office and spotted Shen Li, he looked her up and down.

She did not look like she was here to practice driving.

Shen Li put away her thoughts and smiled at Wen Xiao. “I haven’t been here for a while, so I thought I’d come over today.”

Wen Xiao sneered and turned to look at the team members.

“So, you’ve even learned how to call for reinforcements?”

Everyone started to feel awkward.

Although that was indeed what their plan had been, saying it out loud was… ahem, a little too straightforward.

Wen Xiao’s gaze swept over them one by one.

“Who invited her over?”

No one said anything.

“You’re not going to say it, right? Alright.” Wen Xiao nodded. “We’ll just continue the test tomorrow–”

Before he could finish his sentence, terrified expressions appeared on all of the team members’ faces. Was he going to make them do it again?!

They really could not take it anymore!

Thus, everyone tacitly retreated. Gu Siyang, who had been standing at the back, was suddenly exposed to Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao looked at him. “It was you?”

Gu Siyang, who had suddenly been betrayed, had yet to react. When he heard this, he subconsciously pointed at himself. “Me?”

Wen Xiao nodded and dusted the cigarette ash from his hands. “Alright, you’ve admitted it quite quickly.”

Gu Siyang was stunned.

No, how had this happened all of a sudden?

This group of people was too heartless! ! He had gone through so much trouble to invite his sister over. Had it not also been for everyone’s benefit?!

Yet, at the crucial moment, they had sold him out without any hesitation!

Gu Siyang gave Shen Li a pleading gaze.

“Uncle Wen.”

Shen Li called out to him.

Wen Xiao turned to look at her, his head aching.

“You didn’t see the way they drove today!”

For the umpteenth time, he regretted agreeing to Shen Li’s request for him to become the head coach.

Shen Li thought for a moment.

“Then shall I’ll watch it with Uncle Wen?”

Wen Xiao choked. “What did you say?”

Shen Li’s lips curved. “As the team captain, it’s my duty.”

LY conference room.

The huge screen was playing Ji Shu’s test video on the training ground today.

He was ranked first, so his video was the first one that they watched.

While Wen Xiao sat in the main seat, Shen Li sat on his left as Lu Huaiyu sat next to Shen Li.

Gu Siyang sat on Wen Xiao’s right, and Ji Shu sat next to him.

The other team members were spread out as they looked at the screen together.

After watching it, Wen Xiao said,”Did you see that? His second turn wasn’t smooth enough. He didn’t even adjust to his third turn.”

Shen Li nodded.

The others shared looks with each other.

Ji Shu’s results had been the best, and he had even broken his previous record. They did not think there was anything wrong with his two turns, but why did Wen Xiao and Shen Li feel that it was not very good?

Ji Shu could not help but sigh.

To be able to see even such a tiny difference so clearly…

Both of these people were indeed incomparable.

“My reaction was a beat slower at that time,” he said.

Wen Xiao leaned against the chair.

“I’ve told you about this S-bend problem before, but it’s a pity that you still haven’t been able to completely change it. Otherwise, this would not have been the result.”

Ji Shu nodded.

He knew what his own weaknesses were as well, but fixing them was a different matter.

Many times, it was not about how you wanted to perform, but how you would actually perform.

Wen Xiao said,”Just now, look at that part again.”

When the rest of the people heard this, all of them focused their attention and looked over.

This kind of guidance was really rare, and they could learn a lot of things, so everyone took it very seriously.

After Ji Shu, it was then Lu Siyu’s turn.

“Your question is similar to Ji Shu’s.”

Wen Xiao raised his chin.

Lu Siyu scratched his head in embarrassment before quickly glancing at Lu Huaiyu, who was across from him.

This was… quite embarrassing…

Shen Li noticed his gaze and slightly raised her eyebrows.

Lu Siyu seemed to care a lot about Lu Huaiyu’s views or opinions. The look he gave him was really like the nervous look one would have in front of someone he greatly admired.

And it seemed like Lu Siyu… Was he treating Lu Huaiyu this way because of car racing?

After all, he had mentioned a “test drive” earlier.

Shen Li knew that Lu Huaiyu had been racing cars for a while.

When he met Yu Cheng in Hong Kong City, he had mentioned this.

However, Yu Cheng had also mentioned one thing at that time: That it had been a long time since Lu Huaiyu had touched a car.

In her memory, Shen Li had indeed rarely heard Lu Huaiyu mention such things.

She had not paid much attention to it before, but now she felt that… something was not quite right.

Lu Siyu’s words were really not quite right.

Could it be that mentioning something like a test drive in front of Lu Huaiyu was an offense?

She tilted her head slightly and looked at the man sitting next to her.

He was looking at the screen indifferently, looking extremely noble and cold.

It was as if he was watching, but also as if he was not fully paying attention.

After watching the next video, Wen Xiao gave his evaluation as usual. Lu Siyu quickly nodded, indicating that he would definitely correct himself next time.

Only then did Wen Xiao turn to look at the third person.

This special meeting lasted for an hour and a half.

By the time he finished talking about the last member, Wen Xiao’s mouth had already gone dry.

He poured himself a cup of very healthy chrysanthemum tea.

“Alright, that’s it for today. You guys can go back and think about it.”

After talking so much, his voice was almost hoarse, but fortunately, he had vented a lot of his emotions, so his mood had finally improved.

Everyone quickly agreed.

Then, the team members left the classroom one after another.

Ji Shu and the others walked behind them.

As he walked out, he turned his head and spoke to Shen Li.

After sizing up Shen Li’s current appearance once more, he lightly clicked his tongue.

“Sister Li, I never thought in my entire life that you would actually appear in LY with such an image.”

Shen Li gave him a lazy glance.

“It’s just a change of clothes.”

“Isn’t it more than that?” Ji Shu rubbed his chin, “I was initially surprised. You’re so beautiful that I wondered why you had to cut your hair short and dress so casually in those days. It’s true that compared to now, it’s really hard to recognize that it’s the same person.”

The corner of Shen Li’s lips curved, but she did not answer him.

She turned around and saw Lu Siyu standing in front of Lu Huaiyu. He sounded nervous as he spoke expectantly.

“… Did you watch the video just now? What do you think? Is there anything else you think I need to improve?”

Shen Li narrowed her eyes.

Wen Xiao was here, yet Lu Siyu had gone to ask Lu Huaiyu this question.