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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1031 - Xi Garden

Chapter 1031: Xi Garden

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Of course, Shen Li did not plan on letting Lu Huaiyu pay it back for her.

“Maybe I can make some money.”

She said.

It was hard to say about other things, but she had a good eye for horse betting.

If nothing unexpected happened, she was basically guaranteed to win.

After all, this was not Leland…

At the thought of this, someone came to her mind and her eyes narrowed.

Last year, that person had made a lot of money at the horse race. She did not know if he would still go this year.

Unfortunately, the information about the SSS members of the jockey club was extremely confidential. Even Dutian Racecourse did not have any specific information about him.

Therefore, even though Dutian Racecourse already belonged to her, she still could not find anything out.

Lu Huaiyu saw that her eyelids were drooping slightly, as if she was in a trance.

“Ah Li, what are you thinking about?”

Shen Li came back to her senses and suppressed all those thoughts. She shook her head.


It just so happened that the waiter had just started to serve the dishes, thus ending this topic.

After lunch, Shen Li received a call from Gu Siyang.

“Sister! Come and save us!”

Shen Li heard that how anxious he was and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Siyang’s eyes were filled with tears. “After Wen Xiao saw the results of the LY team assessment today, he called all of them into his office to ‘talk’ with them!”

Shen Li was speechless.

She could make a rough guess as to what the situation was like. It was no wonder that Gu Siyang was having a reaction like that.

“Got it, I’ll go over now.”

Sounding extremely desperate, Gu Siyang exclaimed, “Sis! You’re such a good person! Well, you must come quickly! After the team members, it’ll be my turn!”

He really did not want to be dragged over to be lectured!

Shen Li was puzzled. “You’re not a team member. Why would Uncle Wen find fault with you?”

Gu Siyang felt wronged.

What else could it be? Wasn’t it just double standards?!

Although the LY belonged to him, the team members’ results were not something he could control!

“The last time he scolded me, it was because I chose red for the lounge chairs next to the training ground. He found it to be an eyesore.”

Shen Li did not know what to say.

Hearing this, she finally felt a little sympathetic.

“Okay, I’ll go over later.”

“Then we’ll wait here for you!”

Gu Siyang then reluctantly ended the call.

Shen Li put away her phone and looked at Fang Yunyi who was opposite her.

“Aunt Fang, I don’t think I’ll be able to accompany you this afternoon.”

Fang Yunyi had already overheard the conversation she had on her call.

“Are you going to LY?”

“Yes. Cousin said that there are some urgent matters that need to be taken care of over there.”

Fang Yunyi felt a little regretful. She had originally planned to bring Shen Li along to the nearby shopping mall.

However, since it was an urgent matter, it was naturally not good to delay.

“Alright then, we’ll find another time when it’s more convenient for you. Oh right, I’ll get them to send the few things that I bought today to the Lu family home first. You can try them out at home later.”

Shen Li opened her mouth to say, “… Alright, thank you, Aunt Fang.”

After spending time with her, she knew that she could not compete with Fang Yunyi in this aspect, so she decided to give up.

As Fang Yunyi spoke, she looked at the time.

“Shall I send you there?”

Shen Li declined politely, “There’s no need for that, Aunt Fang. I’ll just take a taxi.”

Fang Yunyi disagreed. Just then, Lu Huaiyu said, “Mom, I seem to remember that you have an appointment with Mrs. Sun this afternoon?”

Fang Yunyi then remembered this matter.

“It’s fine. It’s more important to send Ah Li off first.”

Lu Huaiyu said, “You haven’t seen her in a long time. It’s not good to miss the appointment. I’ll send Ah Li there.”

Momentarily startled, Fang Yunyi looked at him intently.

Ah Li was going to LY.

Yet, he was just casually going there…

She tightened her grip on her handbag.

Lu Huaiyu had already taken hold of Shen Li’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu sent Fang Yunyi to the car first.

“Goodbye, Aunt Fang.”

Through the car window, Shen Li bid her goodbye.

Fang Yunyi’s gaze momentarily fixed upon Lu Huaiyu. Her lips moved, but she eventually swallowed her words.

“Then… goodbye.”

As she spoke, she raised the car window.

The car slowly drove away. Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu walked toward the black Bentley that was next to them.

Fang Yunyi looked in the rearview mirror and saw that not far behind, Lu Huaiyu and Shen Li had opened the car door and they both got into the car in turn.

Then, the black Bentley turned around and drove down another road.

Fang Yunyi only looked away when she could no longer see the car.

She lowered her eyes slightly to hide the worry in her eyes.

The old man had said that Lu Huaiyu’s condition had improved a lot. In March, he had even gone to the race venue to watch the race.

It should be… fine, right?

Fang Yunyi gently exhaled and suppressed all those thoughts.

The black Bentley drove in the direction of the LY base.

Yi Bin said, “Second Master, the painting you bought has already been sent to Xi Garden.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded. “Yes.”

Shen Li turned to look at him. “Xi Garden?”

That was an extremely expensive villa complex in the Capital.

It was not strange that Lu Huaiyu had a piece of property there, but had he actually sent her painting there?

Lu Huaiyu’s eyebrows raised as he asked, “Why?”

Shen Li said, “I thought Second Brother would place the paintings at Rongyue Mansion or at the Lu family home.”

These were the two places that Lu Huaiyu stayed at most often. As for Xi Garden, it was quite a distance from the city center so it would be quite troublesome to send them there.

When Yi Bin heard what she said, his heart skipped a beat. He quickly looked in the rearview mirror.

Every painting of Miss Shen had been sent to Xi Garden, but did she actually… not know about this?

He thought that Second Master had already told her.

After all, Second Master already knew that Miss Shen was Tree’s Shadow, and Second Master already owned several of her paintings, so Miss Shen was also aware of this.

That was why he had spoken so directly just now. Unexpectedly…

Fortunately, Lu Huaiyu did not seem to be very bothered about this matter. When he heard what she said, he tilted his head slightly and looked over with a smile.

“Xi Garden is more peaceful.”

Shen Li was stunned.


Even without mentioning the Lu family home, he also lived alone at Rongyue Mansion. Was that not peaceful enough?

As if he could read her mind, Lu Huaiyu added, “The area around Xi Garden is more peaceful.”

Shen Li kept silent.

Alright, there was really no way to refute this.

Although Rongyue Mansion was also a top luxury residence, it was still just an apartment. There were other residents downstairs.

However, a mountain villa like Xi Garden could almost be described as being “in the middle of nowhere”, and there was a considerable distance between the villas that were situated there.

Indeed, it could be considered “peaceful”.

Although there did not seem to be any necessary connection between the collection of paintings and the quiet environment, it was probably his own habit and preference.

He was a collector of paintings, so of course, everything was based on his wishes.

She thought of something and casually asked, “Then where did Second Brother put my other paintings?”

Although she knew that Lu Huaiyu had bought a lot of her paintings, she had not actually seen them until now.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and smiled.

“Yes. I’ll take you to see them when I have the chance.”

Shen Li nodded. “Okay.”