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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1029 - Was It Very Important

Chapter 1029: Was It Very Important

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Of course, Gu Tingfeng and the others were reluctant to part with her, but all they could do was nod.

“Go ahead.”

Shen Li looked at the three of them hesitantly and said,”Then…”

Today, because of this painting, the three of them had caused a ruckus. Even now, she could keenly sense the subtle tension between them.

Would they continue to fight even after they returned home?

As if she had seen through her thoughts, Gu Tingyun smiled and said,”Ah Li, go ahead and accompany Madam Lu. Big Brother and Second Brother will be going home separately.”


Shen Li’s heart relaxed slightly. “Alright. Goodbye, Uncles.”

Only when Shen Li had completely disappeared with the Lu family did Gu Tingyun turn his head to look at Gu Tingchuan. He smiled and said, “Second Brother, why don’t we chat while we walk?”

Gu Tingchuan looked at his watch. “I don’t think there’s anything to talk about. Besides, time is tight, so I’ll take my leave first.”

As he spoke, he lifted his leg and was about to leave.

“Second Brother.”

Gu Tingfeng called out to stop him as his gaze landed on his phone.

“Are you so busy that you don’t even have the time to say a few words?”

Hearing these few sentences, the ears of the many people who had secretly been paying attention to the situation around them immediately perked up.

Were they about to fight?

Were they really about to fight?

Look, was the second master of the Gu family really that impatient with his own brothers?

Listen, the tone of Master Gu’s voice was really weird.

As for the third master of the Gu family, he was obviously not easy to deal with. Could he not see that he was the one who had started this matter?

Gu Tingchuan noticed the gazes around him and frowned.

“Then let’s go somewhere else.”

He was not interested in allowing others to watch their show.

This suggestion was agreed upon by Gu Tingfeng and Gu Tingchuan.


No matter where they went, they had to force him to explain clearly what kind of conditions Ah Li had used to convince him!

Then, the three of them left with great tacit understanding.

Everyone felt a wave of regret. What a great show! They would be missing it just like that!

Gu Tingfeng and the others finally returned to Jinshui No. 1 Courtyard.

As soon as they entered the living room, Gu Tingfeng got straight to the point.

“Tell me, what did Ah Li tell you?”

Gu Tingchuan held his phone without any intention of answering at all.

“If Big Brother and Third Brother are really curious, why don’t you ask Ah Li directly?”

Gu Tingfeng sneered. “Do you think I don’t dare to?”

Gu Tingyun came over to smooth things over, “Second Brother, actually, Big Brother and I don’t have any other intentions. We’re just curious.”

No one would believe such words.

Gu Tingchuan simply changed the topic.

“Then, are you not curious about why Lu Huaiyu bid all the way to the end today?”

Once these words were said, the surroundings instantly fell silent.

Gu Tingfeng slowly frowned, and Gu Tingyun seemed to be deep in thought.

After a moment, Gu Tingfeng said hesitantly, “Could it be that Ah Li wanted him to have that painting?”

As soon as he thought of this possibility, his tone became colder.

Gu Tingyun recalled the situation at that time and shook his head.

“I don’t think so. Ah Li had also tried to persuade him, but–”

But clearly, Lu Huaiyu had not listened.

He had been aiming for that painting since the beginning. Throughout the entire auction process, there had not been a single moment of hesitation or wavering on his part.

“Perhaps the conditions that Ah Li offered him had not been attractive enough?” Gu Tingfeng asked.

No one said anything.

They had not seen it, so what could they say about it?

Gu Tingchuan said, “No matter what, that painting still ended up in his hands.”

Gu Tingfeng glanced at him coldly. “Don’t be a good-for-nothing when you’ve gotten a bargain. Don’t you feel embarrassed at all?”

He was the one who had the least chance to say this!

Gu Tingyun thought for a while and finally found an excuse.

“Forget it. The money will be in Ah Li’s hands anyway.”

More importantly, it was Lu Huaiyu’s money.

Thinking of this, Gu Tingfeng and Gu Tingchuan’s expressions became much better.

“Well, Ah Li is quite considerate of her family.”

Shen Li’s eyelids twitched again.

Helplessly, she sighed in her heart and looked at her phone for the nth time.

It was obviously not going to be that easy to get over today’s matter.

She did not need to ask to guess the reaction of Gu Tingfeng and her other uncles when they went home.

“Second Brother.”

Shen Li turned her head and looked at the man beside her, feeling a little helpless,

“Don’t you already have a few of my paintings in your hands? Why did you still bid on this one today?”

Also, it had been at such an outrageous price!

“Even without mentioning anything else, just the commission that the auction house will take would be quite a large sum…”

Fang Yunyi, who was sitting across from him as she was ordering, suddenly raised her head and looked over.

“Eh, Ah Li, didn’t you know?”

Shen Li was stunned. “Know what?”

Fang Yunyi raised her hand and pointed at Lu Huaiyu.

“He’s the biggest shareholder of Bo Xing Auction House.”

Shen Li was shocked.

Stiffly, she slowly turned her head to look at Lu Huaiyu.

He lowered his eyes slightly, his expression remaining calm and composed. He slowly helped her refill her cup of tea before looking up.

“Hmm? Didn’t I tell you this before?”

Shen Li was perplexed.

Surely the number of people who knew about this matter was ridiculously low, right?

Bo Xing Auction House was a top-tier auction house. Although she rarely paid attention to it, she had heard of the boss of Bo Xing.

That person was not Lu Huaiyu.

And now, with such a piece of sudden news, how could she not be shocked?

Shen Li’s lips moved, and she asked faintly, “Did Second Brother forget to mention it, or…” Had he deliberately not mentioned it?

He had come to this auction and bid for her painting.

If he had wanted to, he could have told her all these things.

However, he had not.

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled up slightly, revealing a hint of a smile.

“Was it that important to mention it or not?”