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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1028 - So Many People Like Her

Chapter 1028: So Many People Like Her

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Li immediately stood up and turned around to greet them one by one.

“First Uncle, Second Uncle, Third Uncle.”

Gu Tingfeng had suffered a great loss today and he was unwilling to talk to his second and third brothers.

Hearing Gu Tingyun’s question, he said indifferently, “It’s a common thing for Ah Li to come over for dinner. There’s no need to go through the trouble of making an appointment.”

After all, they were all in the Capital. Liang Su liked to cook for Shen Li, so he really had an advantage.

However, as soon as she finished speaking, Fang Yunyi asked,”Huh? Ah Li, didn’t we agree to have lunch together?”

It was for this reason that she had even contacted Lu Zheng.

There was a moment of silence.

Shen Li braced herself and said, “First Uncle, I’m really sorry. I’ve already promised Aunt Fang earlier…”

Gu Tingfeng’s expression instantly became extremely interesting.

Gu Tingchuan glanced at him.

“Big Brother, what Third Brother said isn’t unreasonable. It’s better to make an appointment with Ah Li before having a meal with her.”

Gu Tingfeng threw him a cold glance.

Was it not satisfying to not say something out loud?

Gu Tingfeng, on the other hand, felt much better. He smiled faintly and nodded.

“That’s right. Since Ah Li already has an appointment with Madam Lu, it’s better for us to meet another day. Second Brother, don’t you agree?”

Gu Tingchuan secretly sneered in his heart.

What, was he mocking him for coming to the Capital this time and not being able to have dinner with Ah Li?

What was so important about that?

He thought of the message on his phone and nodded calmly.


Gu Tingyun and Gu Tingfeng looked at him again. The atmosphere was subtle.

What kind of promise had Ah Li been forced to make so that he would forget about this matter?

The auction ended. Logically speaking, everyone should have gradually left.

However, due to the presence of Gu Tingfeng and the others today, they were too conspicuous. Therefore, many people deliberately slowed down their footsteps as they looked over.

With Shen Li as the center, the three masters of the Gu family, Lu Huaiyu, and Fang Yunyi were all gathered around her.

It was as if they were all supporting the moon.

“It goes without saying that Shen Li is really favored by the Gu family! For so many years, these masters have never appeared together in public for anyone else, right?”

“This time, they are all here for her painting. She actually sold that painting for 75 million… Second Master Lu is really too good to his little girlfriend.”

“I think I heard Fang Yunyi asking Shen Li’s opinion just now. I think the few pieces she bought are also for her?”

“… This Gu family’s only young miss is really favored…”

Many people discussed in low voices and sighed inwardly.

“Teacher Shi Yang? Teacher Shi Yang?”

Being pulled back to his senses by his assistant’s voice, Shi Yang withdrew his gaze and asked lightly, “What’s wrong?”

The assistant looked in the direction he was looking and could only vaguely see the tall and slender figure of the young girl.

He hesitated for a moment before asking in a low voice,”Teacher Shi Yang, are you still regretting that you didn’t manage to bid for that painting?”

Shi Yang rarely attended such an occasion as an auction. And today, throughout the entire process, he had only raised his paddle once when Shen Li’s painting was being auctioned off.

It was obvious that he had come for that painting.

Unfortunately, the competition had been too intense.

When Shi Yang heard that, he smiled faintly.

“It’s a little unfortunate, but it’s in the past, so it’s in the past.”

“You’re right.” When his assistant heard him say that, he also nodded. “That Miss Shen is really favored… How could we compete?”

Shi Yang paused for a moment and adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses, revealing a gentle smile.

“Yes, so many people like her. How do we compete?”

His voice was very soft, more like an involuntary murmur or a casual sigh. The assistant heard it but did not seem to care.

Shi Yang seemed to be looking at Shen Li, but he did not seem to be focusing on her.

It was not clear as to who his statement had been aimed at.

Just then, Shen Li seemed to have sensed something and suddenly turned around to look at him.

The two of them were separated by some distance, but her pair of black and quiet peach blossom eyes were still clearly visible.

Whenever she was not smiling, her brows and eyes always showed a bit of cold arrogance, as well as indifference.

This appearance did not look like her mother, but more like…

The smile in Shi Yang’s eyes faded a little, but it was only an extremely subtle change. Even the assistant beside him did not notice it.

He nodded slightly at Shen Li, then turned around and left.

“Let’s go.”

The assistant hurriedly followed.

The two figures quickly disappeared at the corner of the corridor.

“Ah Li, who are you looking at?”

Lu Huaiyu noticed Shen Li’s line of sight and looked over as well. However, he only saw two figures leaving very quickly.

His phoenix-like eyes narrowed slightly.

Was that… Shi Yang?

Shen Li withdrew her gaze. “It’s nothing.”

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment and his eyebrows raised slightly.

“Before today, I didn’t know that Shi Yang was so fond of your painting.”

After the first round of bidding began, anyone with discerning eyes should have been able to tell that the Gu and Lu families were competing. Most of them had withdrawn from the competition of their own accord. Only Shi Yang had raised his paddle once.

Although he had only bid once and had given up very quickly, it was not difficult to see that he did have the intention to try and fight for it.

Shen Li lowered her chin slightly. “Me too.”

Shi Yang had mentioned this matter more than once, but she had never taken it to heart before.

So when she heard that Shi Yang had raised his paddle to participate in the auction today, she was very surprised.


Perhaps it was because she did not have any feelings for Shi Yang, or perhaps she did not care about the likes and dislikes of her paintings from outsiders, but this incident did not cause any waves in her heart.

She looked at Gu Tingfeng and the other two.

“Then… Uncle, may I take my leave first?”