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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1027 - Who Does Ah Li Side With

Chapter 1027: Who Does Ah Li Side With

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The venue fell silent for a moment.

She knew that the Lu family was rich, but wasn’t it a little too much to raise the price by so much?

Shen Li looked at her hesitantly.

Fang Yunyi seemed to understand what she meant. She raised her red lips slightly and explained concisely,”This way, the efficiency is higher.”

Shen Li was at a loss for words.

This was truly the first time she had heard someone state “efficiency” as a reason to raise a bid at an auction…

However, Fang Yunyi must truly like this jade bracelet a lot, right?

She nodded to show her understanding.

Someone raised their paddle at the back on the right. “Six million.”

Almost without hesitation, Fang Yunyi raised the bid again. “Eight million.”

Everyone could tell that she was determined to get the jade bracelet, so she raised the paddle without any hesitation.

Realizing this, the person who had raised the bid again hesitated and chose to give up.

Forget it, there was no need.

The jade bracelet was good, but it was not worth it if she continued to bid. Moreover, this was the first item that Fang Yunyi had participated in today’s auction, so she had to give her face.

“Eight million going once, eight million going twice, eight million going thrice.”


The auctioneer looked over with a smile.

“Sold. Congratulations, Madam Lu.”

Fang Yunyi was notorious for being a big spender. The entire auction of the item had taken less than five minutes, and the final price was very high. Naturally, the auctioneer was happy.

Having successfully bought the bracelet, Fang Yunyi was in a good mood.

Shen Li saw that she was smiling, so she said, “Aunt Fang, congratulations.”

Fang Yunyi tilted her head and looked at her with shining eyes.

“Ah Li, I heard that you wore a qipao on the night of your family acknowledgment banquet?”

Shen Li’s heart thumped. Seeing the unconcealable curiosity in Fang Yunyi’s eyes, a guess emerged in her heart.

Could it be–

“Do you think this jade bracelet would be especially suitable to be worn with a Qipao?”

Shen Li was flabbergasted.

As expected…

This jade bracelet had not been bought to be worn by Fang Yunyi herself, but had specially been bought for her!

Shen Li gently advised in a low voice,”Aunt Fang, actually my grandmother already gave me a bracelet, you–”

“I know, but that was given to you by Old Madam Gu. This is a gift from me. Besides, you should have more jewelry.”

To Fang Yunyi, her logic was very clear.

“Or do you not like this bracelet?”

Shen Li immediately shook her head. “I don’t dislike it. It’s just that–”

“It’s okay if you don’t like it. There are others that will be coming after that.” Fang Yunyi comforted her. “Just take a look later. Maybe there’s something else that you like?”

Shen Li insisted, “… No, I think this is already quite good…”

Fang Yunyi looked at her carefully. “Really?”

Shen Li nodded. “Really.”

Only then did Fang Yunyi feel relieved. “That’s good.”

Previously, she had been a little worried that her taste and Ah Li’s tastes would not be the same. After all, they were separated by generations. But now, it seemed that she did not need to worry about this problem at all!

Shen Li also let out a light sigh. If she had known that today’s auction would be like this, she would not have come, no matter what.

However, immediately after, she heard Fang Yunyi continue, “Oh yes, Ah Li, I have a friend who runs a qipao shop in the capital. When you are free later, would you like to come shopping with Aunty?”

It was no real reason to buy a princess dress, but surely she could add a qipao or something like that, right?

Fang Yunyi had been thinking about this for a long time, but she had never found a suitable opportunity to bring it up.

Now that she had finally found such a perfect opportunity, of course, she could not miss it.


Shen Li’s eyes met her eyes that were full of anticipation. She paused for a moment, and finally nodded in agreement.


How could she say no in this situation?

Fang Yunyi’s beautiful eyes immediately lit up.

Ah Li’s figure was extremely suited to wearing a qipao.

Paired with this jade bracelet, and with her jet-black hair tied up…

How beautiful she would look!

Lu Huaiyu was sitting behind the two of them. Although their voices were very soft, he was so close to them that he could hear them.

When he heard the word “qipao”, he raised his eyes slightly.

Fang Yunyi was looking at Shen Li. “So it’s settled then?”

The young girl nodded obediently. “Yes.”

Lu Huaiyu recalled her appearance that night.

So far, she had only worn that qipao once. It had been half a year since.

But as he thought about it, it was still as vivid as if it had happened yesterday.

It was delicate, pure, and beautiful. Every inch of the girl’s curves had undulated perfectly.

She was so pure and clean with a hint of charm that even she herself had not noticed it.

She did not know that all she needed to do was just to stand there without needing to say or do anything. That had been enough to sway people’s hearts.

He just wanted to hide her away like that.

Lu Huaiyu leaned back lazily. Only his pitch-black eyes were fixated on her.

After a long while, he chuckled softly.

The auction continued. This time, the item was a tourmaline ring.

Fang Yunyi lifted her chin slightly.

“Ah Li, what do you think about this?”

With her previous experience, Shen Li’s answer was much more cautious this time.

She stared at it for a few seconds before shaking her head.

“It doesn’t seem very good.”

Fang Yunyi stared at it for a few moments before nodding in agreement.

“Yes, this transparency is rather average. Forget it, I don’t want this.”

Just as Shen Li was about to heave a sigh of relief, she heard her continue.

“We’ll talk about it when we see a good one.”

The remaining half of Shen Li’s breath was forcefully swallowed back.

In this auction, there was a total of eleven jewelry items.

Without exception, every time one appeared, Fang Yunyi would seek Shen Li’s opinion on it.

With Shen Li’s hard work, she finally managed to dispel most of her desire to buy something. In the end, she only bought four of the pieces.

In addition to the first jade bracelet, Fang Yunyi had also bought a pearl bracelet, an amethyst pendant, and a jade marrow ring.

In fact, the first jade bracelet was the cheapest one among them.

At noon, the auction finally ended.

Shen Li leaned back on the chair, and there was only one word on her body: tired.

She had finally endured it…

“Ah Li.”

Gu Tingfeng’s voice suddenly came from behind,

“Let’s go home to have a meal.”

Shen Li’s heart jumped.

The next moment, she heard Gu Tingyun ask with a smile,”Oh? Have Big Brother and Ah Li already made an appointment?”