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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1025 - Chaos

Chapter 1025: Chaos

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tree’s Shadow had been a rising star in the domestic art scene in recent years.

Although they had only debuted for a short period of time, they quickly occupied a place in the art scene due to their amazing talent in painting.

All the paintings that had been produced had been auctioned off at high prices starting from the first one.

Before this, the highest price for her single work had been 7.6 million.

Gu Tingyun’s bid of 8 million had already easily broken this record. Now, Lu Huaiyu had raised the bid price to an astonishing 16 million.

There were countless painters in the domestic art scene, but there were not many who could bid for a high price of 10 million.

Everyone in the venue turned to look at Shen Li.

Everyone knew that she was Tree’s Shadow and this painting was also the first painting that she was publicly auctioning off after revealing her identity.

No wonder…

It was no wonder that the Gu family members, as well as Lu Huaiyu, had come.

They were obviously here to try and snatch up the painting!

“I’ve heard that Old Master Gu is very fond of his only granddaughter. I think the Gu family members are here today to please her?”

“I think so… I was wondering what kind of treasure it was that could attract these people to appear and bid for. Is their interest in the painting not completely genuine and are they just trying to win over their niece?”

“Then I’m afraid there’s going to be some competition…”

Everyone secretly exchanged glances.

Shi Yang sat at the back.

When the first few items were being auctioned, he had not shown any reaction. It was obvious that he had no intention of bidding on them.

It was only when Shen Li’s painting appeared on the screen that he finally sat up a little straighter.

When Shen Li heard Gu Tingfeng start bidding, she had gotten an uneasy feeling. Sure enough, before she could react, these people had raised their paddles one after another and quickly raised the bidding price to ten million.


Just as she was thinking about how to resolve this matter, another voice suddenly came from the back of the venue.

“Twenty million.”

Shen Li’s heart moved and she turned around to look.

The one who had raised his paddle this time was actually Shi Yang.

As if sensing her gaze, Shi Yang looked over at her and nodded with a smile.

Shi Yang’s sudden bidding this time had attracted the attention of everyone in the venue.

Everyone looked at him with different expressions on their faces.

What was Shi Yang doing? Was he actually bidding for Tree’s Shadow’s painting?

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that today’s painting was actually a confrontation between the Gu and Lu families. There was no need for others to participate.

Moreover, he was a master of traditional Chinese painting. Why was he bidding for the oil painting?

Someone whispered, “I heard that Shi Yang appreciates Tree’s Shadow greatly. It seems to be the case today… Does he actually wants to bid together under such circumstances?”

Whether the painting itself was worth 20 million, just participating in the auction itself was quite…

Who were the others?

It was true that Shi Yang was the vice-chairman of the National Art Association and a master of Traditional Chinese painting. Whether it was his own assets or his social status, he could definitely be considered to be in the upper class.

But he really could not be compared to the Gu family and the Lu family…

“I doubt that he’ll be able to purchase this painting in the end. The Gu family members are not to be trifled with, let alone Second Master Lu…”

Someone whispered.

Gu Tingfeng continued to raise the bid, “25 million.”

Gu Tingchuan frowned, “30 million.”

Gu Tingyun quickly followed, “35 million.”

Shen Li withdrew her gaze and looked at these people before finally settling on Lu Huaiyu.

Her lips moved slightly but just as she was about to speak, she saw Lu Huaiyu raise his paddle.

“40 million.”

Shen Li was speechless.

Someone looked at Shi Yang.

The price had already reached this high. Who knew if he would continue to bid?

Shi Yang smiled.

“What a pity.”

This meant that he had given up on bidding.

That was true. After all, it was 40 million.

The starting bid for this painting had only been 1 million. After only two rounds of bidding, it had already risen to 40 times its original price!

Not many of the well-known guests who were present today could compete with them like this, let alone any ordinary people.

Shi Yang’s abandonment was already within everyone’s expectations, so not many people paid attention to it.

Their focus was still on the auction of that painting.

Shen Li felt a headache coming on.

She had sent this painting to the art association and asked them to help bid for it, so she had not thought too much about it.

Who would have known that things would turn out like this?

She frowned slightly and looked at Lu Huaiyu disapprovingly.

Lu Huaiyu was sitting behind her. Of course, he could see the expression on the young lady’s face.

He raised his eyebrows slightly.

Shen Li shook her head, indicating that he should not continue bidding. But then, she heard Fang Yunyi, who was beside her, say in an extremely carefree manner, “Son, you can do it.”

Shen Li was filled with disbelief.

She slowly turned her head and said, “… Aunt Fang?”

Fang Yunyi also looked at her with a concerned expression. “Oh? What’s wrong, Ah Li?”

Shen Li was shocked.

Why was she asking her what was wrong?

What else could it be?

Didn’t any of these people think that there was something wrong with this matter?!

Gu Tingchuan was annoyed and immediately raised his paddle. “50 million.”

Everyone else in the venue went silent.

For a painting to be sold for 50 million, only the Gu and Lu families would do such a thing.

“They are not bidding. They are clearly just showing off their wealth!” Finally, someone could not stand it anymore and mumbled, “How can the auctioneer just stand by and watch such a malicious bidding?”

“Malicious bidding? People are throwing away real gold and platinum. At most, they will say that they are rich and willful, right?” Some people were quite clear-headed, although there was a hint of ridicule in their tone. “Moreover, can this 50 million… be considered as showing off their wealth to these few people?”

The person who had spoken earlier immediately shut up.

This was the truth.

Putting everything else aside, just Shen Li’s family acknowledgment banquet alone should have cost more than this amount on that night.

As for Lu Huaiyu… 50 million was not even a fraction of the amount of the Night of the Milky Way watch that he had bought for Shen Li back then.

Shen Li closed her eyes and took out her phone.

If this went on, who knew how this auction would develop?

She added her three uncles to a group chat.

[ Uncles, please give up on the auction. ]

Then she quickly withdrew the bid and opened Lu Huaiyu’s chat window.

[ Second Brother, stop following the auction. ]

Worried that they would not read the message, she deliberately turned around and waved her phone at them.

Gu Tingyun was close to her so he looked down at his phone first.

Then, he thought for a moment before looking up and smiling.

“Fifty-four million.”

He had lowered the amount of the increase, so that should be enough of an effort, right?

Shen Li was even more speechless.

It was as if she had not said anything.

She gritted her teeth and sent another message to the chat group with her uncles.

[ For the first person to stop bidding, I’ll cook for a month. ]

The smile on Gu Tingyun’s face froze.

At that moment, Gu Tingfeng and Gu Tingchuan also saw the message.

Gu Tingfeng made a prompt decision.

“I give up.”

Gu Tingchuan was about to say something, but was rendered speechless.

Gu Tingyun turned his head and looked at Gu Tingfeng with a cold smile.

“Big Brother, is it fun to climb up by stepping on your younger brother?”

Gu Tingfeng leaned back, feeling very satisfied.

“It’s alright.”

Lu Huaiyu looked over, having probably guessed that something was up.

He raised his paddle again.

“60 million.”