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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 103 - She Is More Beautiful Than Xu Yini

Chapter 103: She Is More Beautiful Than Xu Yini

The boy was playful, arrogant, and capricious. He never paid attention in school and his results were terrible.

His mother had hired tuition teachers for him before but all of them left due to various reasons and none of them lasted for a month.

In the end, Ye Ci had to tutor the boy herself and finally got him under control. However, ever since Ye Ci started her third year, the tutoring stopped.

Su Yuan disagreed, “Your sister doesn’t have the time.”

Ye Ci had been busy with the Huatsing Cup. Everyone thought that she could seize the scholarship by becoming the champion and get a guaranteed slot to Xijing University. Unfortunately, things did not go as expected.

Now, in order to get to Xijing University, Ye Ci would have to win a prize in the Physics competition or get a good score in the upcoming entrance exam.

Su Yuan got news about Ye Ci’s results in the previous monthly test. Given the girl’s current placing and score, it would be a little risky. Therefore, she had to give Ye Ci her full support, be it in the competition or in the entrance exam. She must get a slot into Xijing University.

Every second mattered now. The girl could not be distracted by tutoring Ye Cheng.

Ye Cheng was sour about it. “Tutoring me is a piece of cake to Sis, but if she’s really busy, then just forget about it. I don’t want a tuition teacher.”

Su Yuan was having a headache. Given the boy’s temper, he could very well scare off all the teachers she hired. A while later, she said, “Fine. Go back to your room. I’ll talk to your sister later.”

“Tutoring Lil Cheng?”

Ye Ci was taking off her uniform after coming back from class, and she froze when she heard her mother.

“Yes. Lil Cheng’s results have been going downhill recently. I said I wanted to get him a tutor, but he rejected the suggestion. He said he only wants you to tutor him.”

Su Yuan had a complicated expression on her face.

Ye Ci took her uniform off and thought for a while.

“But you are busy yourself. You have to prepare for the competition and the entrance exam. I think…it’s not a good idea,” Su Yuan said.

Ye Ci turned around and showed her a smile. “It’s okay. He’s only in fifth grade, and it’s as easy as pie to me. I’ll tutor him. It won’t take up a lot of my time.”

Su Yuan felt bad for the girl. “Your classes and schedules are packed to the brim. If you tutor him…”

Ye Ci shook her head. “Lil Cheng is my brother, so it’s my duty to guide him. Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him later.”

Su Yuan sighed a breath of relief. “He always listens to you.”

Ye Ci nodded. “Go have some rest. You didn’t rest properly yesterday.”

Su Yuan felt even worse when she heard Ye Ci remind her about that. She had been worried about Ning Li for the whole night last night, but the girl did not even say a word to her or apologize for staying out for the whole night.

In contrast, Ye Ci came back from a whole day of classes and still had to worry about her mother.

“I’m fine. You, on the other hand, haven’t been resting properly lately. You should have a good rest. I’ll leave you be.”

“Okay. Thank you, Mom.”

“Good night.” Su Yuan left and softly shut the door.

The smile on Ye Ci’s face faded as she looked at her desk. The notes and study materials from today’s class were scattered across her desk.

On top of the pile were the notes from the competitive Physics class today. After a portion of the student dropped out of the competitive Physics class, Zhou Fei had sped up his lesson.

Ye Ci only managed to take down all the notes but had yet to understand some of them. The midterm test was coming up, and every teacher started to increase the amount of homework for all the subjects.

Ye Ci’s schedule was already stretched thin, and now she had to be responsible for Ye Cheng on top of everything else. She did not want to say yes, but she had been the best all these years. She just could not say no to her mother.

Frustrated, she opened her books.

Saturday arrived in the blink of an eye.

Starting this week, the third-year students had extra classes on Saturday morning, meaning that they would only have one and a half days of rest left in a week.

After the morning class, He Xiaochen asked Ning Li out for lunch.

Behind Second High was a street filled with food stalls and restaurants. The students loved coming here to grab a bite. The street also attracted a lot of students from Seven High.

It was a lively afternoon. The two girls sat down in a restaurant selling beef noodles. He Xiaochen was obviously a regular based on how well she knew her way around the place.

“Sir, two bowls of beef noodles, please.”

“Coming right up!”

He Xiaochen rubbed her hands excitedly. “Ning Li, you have to give it a try. The beef noodles here are the best.”

Ning Li had a feeling that she was always either eating or studying whenever she was around He Xiaochen. She did not have a lot of friends in her past life, so she had no idea that He Xiaochen was such a glutton.

“Alright, if you say so!.”

Soon, two steaming hot bowls of noodles were served.

He Xiaochen’s eyes sparkled. “Food, here I come!” She was grateful for this beautiful day.

A few male and female students in the Seven High uniform came in and sat down beside the girls. They were having a heated discussion.

One of the girls said, “Hey, did you hear that Xu Yini is coming to Yunzhou today?”

Ning Li froze when she heard the name.


“Of course! The fan club announced it! They say that she has an event later in the evening, so she has to be there. The fan club is ready as well.”

The girl who spoke seemed to be Xu Yini’s hardcore fan as she grasped every detail of Xu Yini’s schedule.

The other girl questioned, “She has to show up at an event? I thought she came from a rich family. Why is she taking jobs like this?”

Xu Yini became popular right after her debut. As a movie star, she tended to maintain her image. A movie star rarely showed up in variety shows, let alone at a small event like this.

When she first gained her popularity, there was gossip saying that she traveled in a luxurious car that was worth tens of millions at her debut and that the movie she starred in was a big production directed by famed directors. People suspected that she must have a sugar daddy behind her.

However, people soon found out that it was her father’s car and that she was just a beautiful, rich girl. Someone like her would never have to worry about resources, thus she gained a lot of fans.

“It isn’t the same this time. This event is an endorsement for a jewelry shop in collaboration with HG. That’s why she is coming,” the girl announced proudly.

“That’s one of the top eight luxury brands! Too bad I’m just too broke and can’t afford to own the same brand as my goddess.”

“Me too. HG usually never holds this kind of event.”

“My goddess is different! HG belongs to the Lu Corporation. You guys know that, don’t you? According to reliable sources, Yini is a childhood friend to the second master of the Lu Corporation. She’s unrivaled!”

Ning Li continued eating her noodles.

The girl was talking happily and got excited as she went on. “I’m going tonight! If I can see her in person, I’ll die in happiness.”

One of the guys said, “I think Xu Yini isn’t that beautiful. What’s with the obsession?”

The moment the words escaped the guy’s mouth, the other girls glared at him angrily.

“What did you say?”

The guy sighed and gestured inside the restaurant with a tilt of his chin. “Look at that girl sitting inside there. She’s even more beautiful than Xu Yini.”

Immediately, the boys and girls peered inside the restaurant.