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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1011 - Came for Her

Chapter 1011: Came for Her

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Old Master Gu’s words reminded everyone.

In an instant, several pairs of eyes fell on Gu Tinglan.

Gu Tinglan’s throat tightened.

He had heard before that Shen Li could not hold her liquor and would basically pass out with just one glass, but he had not taken it to heart.

It was normal for young girls not to drink, and it was fine to drink occasionally.

However, he had not known that Shen Li would actually behave like this when she was drunk!

She did not recognize anyone in her family and the first person she had gone to look for was Lu Huaiyu.

The key point was that she was at home. Her entire family was here!

Gu Tinglan’s lips moved.


“Ah Li drank from all five of those bottles of wine together, right?” Old Master Gu continued to ask.

Gu Tinglan’s remaining words were stuck in his throat.


Although he had not done it on purpose, those five bottles of wine had indeed been brought back by him. It had also been his initiative to ask Shen Li to pick the one that she liked the most.

If not for this, Shen Li probably would not have mixed the wine from so many bottles of wine all at once.

Even if his original intention was to give her the winery, and even if she had only drunk two cups in total…

But… she was now drunk, and he was the undisputed culprit!

Gu Siyang quickly dodged to the side.

It was over, it was really over.

His youngest uncle could be considered as one of his Grandpa’s favored sons, and he always doted on him. This was the first time he had seen his grandpa speak to his uncle in such a tone!

Shakily, he looked over to the living room and saw Shen Li sitting on the sofa, looking really obedient as she waited for Lu Huaiyu.

The sympathy in Gu Siyang’s heart disappeared in an instant. He looked at Gu Tinglan with a complicated expression on his face.

Under such circumstances, who wouldn’t say “Serves you right”?

Finally, Old Madam Gu gently patted Old Master Gu’s hand.

“Brother Ci, Tinglan didn’t do it on purpose. It’s more important to take care of Ah Li first.”

At this time, only Old Madam Gu could speak.

Only then did Old Master Gu shift his gaze away from Gu Tinglan to look at Shen Zhijin.

“Is that kid from the Lu family coming over?”

Shen Zhijin lowered his chin slightly in acknowledgment.

The atmosphere froze again.

After a moment, Old Master Gu said, “Jingrou, take Siqi and Sicheng back to rest first.”

Yun Jingrou responded, waved at the brothers, and led them upstairs.

Although the two brothers were not sure what had happened, they were extremely smart. Their instincts told them that the atmosphere was not right.

When they reached the corner of the stairs, Gu Sicheng looked down and asked in a low voice, “Mom, Cousin is drunk. Will she be okay?”

Yun Jingrou stroked his head and comforted him.

“Don’t worry, Ah Li will be fine.”

However, it was hard to say for the others.

Gu Siyang watched the two brothers leave with envy in his heart.

He really wanted to leave too!

It was really suffocating to stay in this place!

He looked around and slowly stood up.


“I happen to have nothing to do today. Qi Yang, bring me my ‘Old Tang Book’.”

Old Master Gu said calmly.

Qi Yang quickly replied, “Yes.”

With that, he turned around and went to the study to get the book.

Gu Siyang’s butt was parked back onto the chair again.

Qi Yang quickly brought the book over. Old Master Gu took it and opened it to read.

It looked like Old Master Gu was going to wait for Lu Huaiyu to come over…

Gu Siyang wanted to cry but he had no tears. However, even if he was given tenfold his amount of courage, he still would not dare to say a single word. Thus, he could only wait silently, hoping to minimize his presence.

“Tinglan, I seem to remember that you have a good relationship with that kid from the Lu Family?” Gu Tingchuan suddenly asked.

The second master of the Gu family was born with dignity, and he was also famous for his hot temper. As soon as he said this, the temperature in the surroundings immediately dropped by a lot.

Gu Tinglan’s entire body tensed up, and a faint cold sweat broke out on his back.

“Just average.”

Gu Tingyun asked with a smile, “Is that so? Why did I hear from Siyang that the two of you have had quite a few dinners together before?”

Gu Tinglan paused and looked at Gu Siyang expressionlessly.

Gu Siyang was flabbergasted.

In what way did this still involve him?

Besides, he was not wrong!

Wasn’t his uncle the one who had invited Ah Li and Lu Huaiyu to Lincheng?

Later, it was his uncle who had invited them to Hong Kong City to watch the horse race.

Moreover, now that uncle’s private clinic had been set up in the Capital, he had indeed had quite a few meals with them!

Gu Tinglan knew that he was in the wrong. In the end, he could only say, “… I’ve never seen Ah Li drink before.”

When Gu Tingfeng heard this, he suddenly thought of something. He looked at Shen Zhijin and frowned.

“Ah Li looked for that kid from the Lu family while in her drunken state. Could it be that she has been drunk in front of him before?”

It would be really difficult to explain the current situation, otherwise.

Shen Zhijin did not answer him. His expression only faintly became colder.

Seeing his reaction, what did Gu Tingfeng not understand?

However, Ah Li had only just celebrated her nineteenth birthday today.

How long ago had she gotten drunk before?

Thinking of this, Gu Tingfeng’s face darkened.

Qi Yang took a call and came to Old Master Gu’s side.

“Old Master, Second Master Lu wants to borrow the landing pad.”

The Lu family had a private airport in Hong Kong City, but this time it was for Shen Li, so the fastest way would be to land on the Gu family property.

Old Master Gu raised his eyelids.

“Let him come.”

When Lu Huaiyu arrived at the Gu family, Qi Yang was already waiting in the courtyard with his men.

“Second Master Lu.”

Qi Yang moved forward to welcome him.

Lu Huaiyu glanced at his watch. It was already close to midnight.

In fact, he had arrived very quickly, but it had been more than two hours since Shen Li had called him.

“Where’s Ah Li?”

He asked.

Qi Yang said,”She’s in the living room. Please follow me.”

Lu Huaiyu thanked him and followed him as they moved forward.

Shen Li was sitting on the sofa and had been in this position for a long time.

Suddenly, she seemed to have sensed something and turned her head to look out of the window.

Under the night sky, that tall and straight figure was walking towards them.

The wind ruffled his black shirt, vaguely outlining the man’s perfect muscles.

His black hair was a little messy, but it did not cover his cold eyes and brows. He was noble and abstinent, far away and out of reach.

Just like the first time they met.

She heard the sound of her heart beating. He was here for her.

The next moment, as if sensing something, he looked up.