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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1010 - Lu Huaiyu: Dangerous

Chapter 1010: Lu Huaiyu: Dangerous

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

By this time, the fireworks had ended. The dining room and the living room were facing each other, so Shen Li’s voice was heard by everyone, not just Shen Zhijin.

Almost in an instant, the atmosphere quieted down.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Shen Li, who was sitting on the sofa and talking on the phone. No one spoke, and the atmosphere became delicate.

Shen Zhijin stopped in his tracks.

Shen Li’s back was facing them, so she did not see the reaction of the crowd.

After a moment, Old Master Gu looked up and calmly asked, “What did Ah Li say just now?”

No one answered.

If he had not heard it, then it’d be fine. Why make Old Master Gu unhappy?

If he had heard it, then there was no need to answer.

Gu Sicheng gently tugged at Gu Siyang’s sleeve and said in a low voice, “Cousin, why do I feel a little cold?”

Gu Siqi also leaned over.

“Me too…”

Gu Siyang felt a headache coming on.

How could he not be cold?

Shen Li had called Lu Huaiyu. It was not really a big deal, but the important thing was what she had said!

She was in her own house, yet she had asked Lu Huaiyu why he had not come to pick her up yet??

Could she see not see the way the men of the Gu family were looking now?!

He could not see Shen Zhijin’s face, but it probably was not any better.

Feeling the almost frozen atmosphere, Gu Siyang had a headache.

How would it end this time?!

The Capital, Rongyue Mansion.

Lu Huaiyu had just come out of the bathroom. His hair was still half wet when he received the call from Shen Li.

He had just called her name when she asked in a low voice,”Lu Huaiyu, why haven’t you come to pick me up yet?”

Her voice was very low, but the tone of her voice was slightly tense. There was also a hint of grievance that was not easily discernible.

The hand that Lu Huaiyu was using to wipe his hair paused for a moment, and his brows furrowed slightly.

“Ah Li, what’s wrong?”

She had returned to Hong Kong City with Shen Zhijin today, and the Gu family was accompanying her on her birthday. Logically speaking, she should be in a happy mood. Why had she suddenly called him?

Especially, with such a tone of voice?

When Shen Li heard his voice, the tight sense of oppression finally eased a little, but the stifling pain remained.

She gripped the phone tightly, her knuckles turning white as she muttered helplessly,”Are you not coming?”


Actually, she was not sure if he would actually come or not. After all, their relationship was not that close.

Why would he come over just because of a phone call?


But if he did not come…

Lu Huaiyu rarely heard her speak in such a tone.

He turned around and opened the closet. As he took his shirt, he said,”Wait there obediently. I’ll be there soon.”

Hearing his words, Shen Li’s heart finally relaxed.


Lu Huaiyu continued to ask, “Who are you with now?”

Shen Li shook her head.

“No one, it’s just me–”

“Ah Li.”

Shen Zhijin’s voice suddenly came from the other end of the phone.

Hearing his words, Lu Huaiyu’s heart relaxed slightly.

Since Shen Zhijin was by her side, there should not be too much of a problem.

Hearing this, Shen Li’s heart jumped, and she subconsciously looked behind her.

When she saw Shen Zhijin’s handsome and clear face, she was momentarily stunned. For some reason, she also felt a lot more at ease. The sense of alertness that she had felt all over her body had dissipated quite a bit.

However, her hand was still holding the phone tightly.

She hesitated, not knowing how to speak, her mind seeming to be a little muddled.

Shen Zhijin reached his hand out and said,”Ah Li, give me the phone.”

Shen Li did not move.

Shen Zhijin looked at her with a slight frown.

Her expression was somewhat similar to when she had gotten drunk previously, and she did not seem to recognize him.

Lu Huaiyu had roughly guessed the situation over there, so he coaxed her in a lowered tone of voice.

“Ah Li, give the phone to Teacher Shen.”

A hint of hesitation flashed across Shen Li’s face.

“Be good.”

Shen Zhijin was standing close by, so he could clearly hear Lu Huaiyu’s last two sentences.

In the next moment, as he looked at the phone that was slowly being handed to him, a dangerous and cold look flashed across Shen Zhijin’s eyes.

He finally took the phone. When he spoke, his voice was extremely clear.

“Lu Huaiyu.”

“Teacher Shen.” Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment. “How is Ah Li now?”

“She’s drunk.”

As expected–

Lu Huaiyu had vaguely guessed this possibility, but after hearing Shen Zhijin personally say it, he finally felt at ease.

“That’s good. I’ll be there soon.”

Shen Zhijin wanted to say no, but before he could say anything, he met Shen Li’s gaze.

He paused, and finally said “Hmm.”

At this time, Gu Tingfeng had also walked over.

“Ah Li, it’s very late. Would you like to go upstairs and rest?”

Shen Li looked at him with a dazed expression on her ace, but then she continued to look at Shen Zhijin… the phone in her hand.

Gu Tingfeng frowned and asked in a low voice, “Ah Li is drunk. Does she not recognize anyone?”

Of course not.

At the very least, she recognized Lu Huaiyu, and it was obvious that she only recognized Lu Huaiyu.

Shen Zhijin did not say anything. With a calm expression, he returned the phone to her.

Of course, Lu Huaiyu had also heard what was happening on the other end. However, without bothering about anything else, he concentrated on coaxing her first.

“Ah Li, it’s late. Would you like to sleep for a while?”

She could not sleep.

She could not sleep.

Shen Li stubbornly shook her head.


Lu Huaiyu withdrew slightly.

“Then be good. I’ll be there soon, okay?”

Only then did Shen Li nod.

“Okay. Then hurry up.”

After saying that, she ended the call and continued to sit on the sofa.

Gu Tingfeng’s eyebrows twitched in disbelief.

“She’s… really waiting for that kid from the Lu family to come over?”

After he said that, Shen Zhijin, who was beside him, did not answer.

Subconsciously, Gu Tingfeng looked at him and saw that Shen Zhijin’s expression was calm, so he did not say a word.

Only his eyes were filled with a faint chill.

The scene before him really reminded him of some very unpleasant memories.

Gu Tingfeng stayed silent.

This scene…

On the other side, although the people who had been paying attention to the situation had not heard the contents of the phone call, it was not difficult to deduce what had happened from Shen Zhijin’s words and Shen Li’s series of actions.

Very good. When she was drunk, the first person she wanted to look for was Lu Huaiyu.

She did not listen to anyone else’s words and only listened to Lu Huaiyu’s coaxing.

Amidst the silence, Gu Tingyun was the first to react. He smiled and said,”It seems that Ah Li and that kid from the Lu family have a good relationship.”

Gu Siyang shivered.

Third Uncle had always been the best at showing off, but now he was not even willing to call Lu Huaiyu’s name. It was obvious how serious this matter was!

Gu Tingchuan suddenly sneered.

“He’s really good.”

Gu Siyang pulled the two brothers and silently retreated.

So, so scary…

Old Master Gu said emotionlessly, “Lu Qishan is really good at teaching his grandson.”

Gu Siyang began to search frantically in his mind for any evidence that he had ever had a close relationship with Lu Huaiyu.

They had only had a few meals together, and the rest did not seem to matter much, right?

At this level, wasn’t he just a stranger?

Yeah, he didn’t know him! He didn’t know him!

Old Master Gu suddenly asked again.

“Who asked Ah Li to drink just now?”

Gu Tinglan’s whole body stiffened!