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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 1006 - Giving a Gift, the Most Important Thing is to Put in the Effort

Chapter 1006: Giving a Gift, the Most Important Thing is to Put in the Effort

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Li’s heart relaxed slightly.

This time, she had really only wanted to accompany Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu to have a meal together.

The last time she had returned to Hong Kong City, it had indeed been very lively and she had felt moved by everything, but too much fuss had been made.

This time, she did not think she would have to worry.

She greeted Gu Tingchuan and Gu Tingyun in turn. Seeing that they were about to arrive at Jinshui No. 1 Courtyard, she ended the call.

The two brothers put down their phones reluctantly.

“Are you done? “Gu Tingchuan glanced at them. “It will only take two or three hours for her to get here. What’s the hurry?”

“I haven’t seen cousin for a long time…” Gu Sicheng said bluntly.

“Isn’t it normal for them to miss Ah Li? Speaking of which, the last time they saw Ah Li was during the May Day holiday, right?” Gu Tingyun smiled slightly. “By the way, it seems that Second Brother personally took them there at that time.”

Gu Tingchuan coughed.

“The two of them went to the Capital for a long time. At that time, Ah Li was on holiday, so they were taken there for a visit. Actually, they didn’t have much fun–”

“Cousin took us to the LY base! She even personally showed off her driving skills!” Gu Sicheng was still full of excitement as he mentioned this. “Our cousin looked so cool!”

Gu Siqi nodded seriously.

“It’s really different from watching a video. Besides, our cousin’s cooking is so delicious!”

Gu Tingyun paused slightly and his smile deepened.

“Ah Li cooked for you guys?”

He said this while looking at Gu Tingchuan.

Gu Tingchuan picked his teacup up and took a sip. “When we were at Big Brother’s house, she helped sister-in-law cook some–”

“Our cousin made sweet and sour pork ribs and spicy garlic shrimp! They were both super good!” Gu Sicheng looked nostalgic. “I want to eat them again!”

The air was silent for a moment.

Gu Tingyun looked enlightened, then he suddenly laughed.

“Second Brother’s dietary standards are really getting higher and higher.”

If this was considered as just a casual meal…


Gu Tingchuan gave the brothers a warning look before turning to look at Gu Tingyun.

“Oh right, I heard that you arrived here early this morning. Isn’t Gu Media holding a board meeting today?”

Gu Tingyun’s expression remained gentle as he gave a faint smile.

“The company doesn’t have sweet and sour pork ribs and spicy garlic shrimp to eat.”

Gu Tingchuan was silent.

Was it interesting?

Third Brother, was it that interesting for you to be so calculative?!

Wasn’t it just a meal?!

He snorted lightly.

“Big Brother has now settled down in the Capital, and Tinglan has also opened his private clinic there. Compared to them, what am I? If you have the time, you should go look for them.”

“Second Brother is being modest.”

Gu Tingyun smiled.

“You have Sicheng and Siqi. You won’t lose.”

Gu Tingfeng had already shifted his focus to the Capital. Gu Tinglan was free, but he was different from Gu Tingchuan.

The two of them were responsible for the family business, so they were destined to stay in Hong Kong City.

He could not be compared to his eldest brother and Tinglan, so there was nothing he could do about it. However, losing to his second brother was indeed untolerable.

Gu Tingchuan simply ignored him and continued to drink his tea.

Gu Tingyun suddenly asked, “What gift did Second Brother bring for Ah Li this time? I don’t think I saw it.”

Gu Tingchuan waved his hand.

“Didn’t I say the celebration would be simple? It’s just a family dinner. I didn’t really prepare anything, just little things.”

Gu Tingyun smiled.

“Yes, I agree.”

Shen Zhijin and Shen Li soon arrived at Jinshui No. 1 Courtyard. Liang Su and Gu Siyang were already waiting there.

The group boarded the plane and flew to Hong Kong City.

Two hours later, the plane landed at the landing area of the Gu family mansion.

All the members of the Gu family had arrived.

The courtyard just outside the front and the front hall had been decorated with many fresh flowers that had specially been flown in. There was also a huge wall of flowers, which had been arranged into a beautiful birthday banquet scene. It was gorgeous and lively.

Just these flowers alone were worth a lot of money.

However, in terms of the Gu family’s assets, the scale of this could indeed be considered “simple”.

At the very least, it was much simpler than the time when she had been acknowledged into the family.

Shen Li was relieved. She accompanied Old Master Gu and Old Madam Gu for a while. Then, in the afternoon, she went to Seven Treasures Mountain with Shen Zhijin.

The weather was rather hot, but the trees on the mountain were shady and the breeze was cool, which made it much more comfortable.

The mottled sunlight shone on the path between the mountains. It swayed with the wind, and the leaves rustled. It was quiet and peaceful.

Finally, they came to Gu Tingyin’s grave on the mountain. Shen Zhijin put down the red camellias that he was holding in his arms.

Shen Li had brought an exquisitely beautiful square glass box with a piece of cake inside.

“Mom, this is the birthday cake I made myself. The first piece is for you.”

Shen Li put down the cake, took out a piece of candy from her pocket, and placed it beside the cake.

“Dad said that you like candy too, so this is for you too.”

Then, she stood up, took a step back, and stood beside Shen Zhijin.

A gentle breeze blew.

Shen Zhijin looked at Shen Li and gently stroked her hair. His brows relaxed and a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Tangtang, Happy Birthday.”

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curved slightly, as if there was a bright sun shining in her eyes.

“Thank you, Father and Mother.”

By the time she returned to the Gu family home, it was already evening.

Just as Shen Li stepped into the living room, the twin Gu brothers rushed over together and mysteriously pulled her in.

“Cousin! The present we prepared for you is over there! Go and see if you like it!”

Seeing the way the two of them were presenting their treasures, Shen Li and Shen Zhijin followed them.

Soon, she saw a large transparent glass cover.

She was stunned for a moment.

Inside, there was a Lego model of a galaxy.

There were planets as well as a spaceship revolving around it. It was both mysterious and resplendent.

“Cousin, this is my birthday present to you!”

Gu Siqi looked at her expectantly.

“What do you think? What do you think? Do you like it?”

Gu Sicheng hurriedly said, “And me! I helped put it all together as well!”

Gu Siqi compromised a little. “I put two-thirds of it together, so it can still be considered as a gift from me to Cousin! But Sicheng did help out!”

Gu Sicheng took a photo album from the side.

“Cousin, I made this photo album!”

Shen Li took it and opened it.

It was full of pictures of her. Some were at the show, some were at the track, some were at home, some were at school, and there were even pictures of her coming out of the milk tea shop.

There were many of them.

Some of them were taken by them while some of the others must have been found on the Internet.

They must have put in a lot of effort to collect all of them.

There were also some cute hand-drawn drawings and words on the album. All of these had clearly been added by Gu Sicheng.

“Cousin? Do you like this gift?”

Shen Li came back to her senses. She blinked and smiled.

“I like them all. Thank you, Siqi and Sicheng.”

Gu Sicheng said happily, “It’s good that you like it! Dad said that the most important thing is to give a gift with care!”

At that moment, Gu Tingchuan called out to her.

“Ah Li.”

Shen Li turned her head.

Gu Tingchuan had obviously heard their conversation. It was rare for him to show a satisfied expression towards the brothers. “It’s good that you still remember this.”

As he spoke, he looked at Shen Li.

“Ah Li, I bought you a boat.”