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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 101 - Lu Huaiyu Has A Girlfriend?

Chapter 101: Lu Huaiyu Has A Girlfriend?

Old Master Lu missed his grandson a lot, so he schemed and plotted for a way to trick Lu Huaiyu to come back.

However, Lu Huaiyu returned to Yunzhou after staying in the capital for just a few days. An outsider might have assumed that Lu Huaiyu had moved to Yunzhou for good.

Xu Yini thought of asking for more details, but on second thought, she gave up.

“I see.”

“What is the matter, Miss Xu? Maybe we can help?”

“It’s fine, Uncle Fang, I’ll call him later.” Xu Yini hung up the phone, feeling frustrated.

Mei Li turned around and had a glance at her. Other than Lu Huaiyu, she could not think of anyone else Xu Yini was concerned about. She might have not met Lu Huaiyu in person before, but based on the picture that the paparazzi took the other day, she could tell that the man was a looker.

Moreover, Lu Huaiyu was famous, and the socialites who had fallen for him could form a line around the earth.

Even though Xu Yini claimed that he was not mad, all the pictures, information, and related terms on the internet were deleted swiftly; not a single mention remained.

In addition to Xu Yini’s mood, it seemed like someone was really mad even though she clarified things as soon as possible.

“Yini, Second Master Lu has taken all the pictures down from the internet. It’s going to be alright, right?”

Xu Yini simply grunted in response.

Lu Huaiyu was the face of the entire Lu Corporation. Anything about him would attract the attention of the mass media, and as a result, the Lu Corporation’s profit and benefits might be affected. Therefore, it was normal for the man to be cautious.

“Then—” Mei Li stopped all of a sudden.

The assistant beside her could not help but ask, “Does he already have a girlfriend?”

Xu Yini frowned. “What nonsense are you blabbering about?” she said in an unhappy tone.

The assistant was a freshman and was practically an innocent girl. The words came out of her mouth without thinking, and she did not expect Xu Yini to get mad. She quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, Sister Yini, I’m just saying…”

Her question made Xu Yini’s already bitter mood worse.

Lu Huaiyu was not a celebrity. Even though he was embroiled in a scandal with Xu Yini, the picture did not show his face at all, so the general public did not actually find out who he was.

In short, while Lu Huaiyu did not suffer any loss or any damage to his image or reputation, he was concerned about the scandal as well.

Xu Yini was smart, hence she knew what her assistant was trying to say.

Lu Huaiyu was not concerned about himself. Instead, he was actually concerned about that particular someone being associated with the scandal.

However, as far as Xu Yini knew, he had no women around him.

The Xus and the Lus had been friends since their grandfathers’ generation, but throughout the entire year, Xu Yini had barely met Lu Huaiyu, let alone the rest of the family.

Suddenly, the image of a girl popped into her mind. She was slightly surprised but quickly shook her head to discard the image as she believed she was overthinking because there was nothing important about a 17-year-old girl studying in high school.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Where’s the script? I want to have a look.”

A third of the students did not turn up in Competitive Physics today.

Zhou Fei’s paper deterred a lot of the students which was what he was aiming for. Only a handful of them could win a prize, and most of them did not have the gift, so it was better for the students to concentrate on something else.

Ye Ci did not leave though.

Nevertheless, Zhou Fei did not say anything about her decision. He gave the students a chance to make the right choice, so whatever happened from this point onwards was beyond his control.

After class started, the students noticed that Ning Li was absent.

“Where’s Ning Li?”

“No way. She got a perfect score the last time, yet even she dropped out? Then—”

Pei Song shot a glance at Ning Li’s seat.

Zhou Fei could not help but say, “What are you guys talking about? Ning Li is just taking a day off.”

Even if Ning Li wanted to drop out, he would not let her do so.

“Pei Song, answer the question.”

Pei Song reluctantly looked away from Ning Li’s seat.

“Sister Lili, you’re finally here! I’ve been waiting for you!”

Wei Songze finally saw Ning Li coming out of the elevator. He had been waiting for her at the entrance for a while, and her eventual arrival was comforting. Behind him were a ton of parcels.

“Do you know how long it took me to bring all the boxes here?”

Ning Li had a glance at him before she opened the door. “Are you trying to say it’s tiring for your followers?”

“Come on, Sister Lili. You don’t need to make it obvious.”

Ning Li opened the door. “Bring everything in.”

Wei Songze sighed and nodded. “Okay.”

The two of them moved around seven to eight boxes into the apartment.

“Sister Lili, are these all yours? Aren’t they a little too much?” Wei Songze scratched his head puzzledly.

As far as he knew, she was not someone particular in terms of her living style and could leave most of the things back at Lincheng’s old house. Therefore, he had no idea what the boxes were for.

However, Ning Li did not say a word.

Wei Songze grabbed a chair and sat down. “Sister Lili, your second brother was looking for you last night, and I told him about this place. You won’t mind, right?”

She froze for a moment. It seemed like Wei Songze did not know that Lu Huaiyu had already come to the place.

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

Wei Songze rubbed his chin. “I thought so. We are all on the same side after all.”

Ning Li tossed a box at him. “Watch your mouth.”

He pouted. “What? If you didn’t treat him like one of us, I wouldn’t have told him that much either. Look, didn’t he save us from the station before this? And he even looked for you in the middle of the night.”

Ning Li stared at him quietly.

Wei Songze zipped his mouth. A while later, he thought of something and said, “Oh, right, Sister Lili, the guy who bought your paintings contacted me again recently.”