The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 88 - Spirit Food Shop

Chapter 88: Spirit Food Shop

“Do you still want to eat delicious food?” Mo Chu patted the little guy who was throwing a tantrum and went straight to its weak spot. “With the Flying Fox, I can make more delicious food for you.”

Upon hearing this, Roundy forced itself to perk up and glanced at the little fox. When it raised its head, its eyes were filled with doubt. With its current state, how could it find delicious food?

The little Flying Fox was also confused. Their Flying Fox clan did not have the skill of finding food, so how could they help Mo Chu?

“Alright, you’ll know when the time comes.” Mo Chu kept them guessing first, then turned to Mo Yang. “Brother, have you finished making the network device that I asked you to help me with?”

“Yes.” Mo Yang nodded and asked curiously, “What do you want the network device for?”

Mo Chu’s eyes lit up as he explained with a smile, “Brother, do you still remember that I said that I wanted to open a shop on the Starnet to sell the food that I made?”

“Oh, I understand.” Mo Yang quickly understood what she meant. “Are you ready to start?”

There were two ways to access the Starnet. One was to use the network provided by the Federation government, and the second way was to use a self-made internet access device. The latter’s access speed and security were higher, and it was because of this that the number of people using self-made network devices increased. According to the statistics from ten years ago, more than 30 million people were already using self-made network devices.

“That’s right.” Mo Chu nodded. Before this, her thoughts were still stuck in the 21st century. She thought that if she were to create something like this on the Starnet, it would be terrible if someone found out about it. However, when she found out that there was a self-made network device, she instantly relaxed.

Even if someone were to really harbor ill intentions towards them, they would still need to search through 30 to 40 million people!

This project was extremely huge and formidable. One had to know that the total population of the Federation was only close to 100 million. This search involved close to half of the population. Who would have such a huge amount of manpower? If they were not careful, they would easily incur the wrath of the public.

Furthermore, they were students of the Military Academy. Under the protection of the laws of the Federation, no one dared to openly make a move against them. In order to prepare to open a shop, now was the best time.

However, this food was not any ordinary food. This was especially so for the food made by Mo Chu. It needed to be fresh in order to display its best effects. Therefore, transportation became a huge problem.

She had been troubled for the past two days! Who knew that a Flying Fox would suddenly appear and solve her problem?

Hence, the little fox unknowingly took on the role of a courier!

Thinking of this, Mo Chu felt her blood boiling. She wanted to start her own online shop immediately.

“Alright, let’s go.” Looking at Little Chu’s impatient look, Mo Yang could not help but chuckle. “When we get home, I’ll do it with you.”

Mo Chu’s face was filled with fighting spirit as she nodded vigorously. “Alright!”

Roundy lay comfortably in Mo Chu’s arms. It looked left and right, but it did not understand what the two of them were doing. It was not like they were going to eat crayfish, so why was there a need to be so excited?

Suddenly, Mo Yang looked at the Flying Fox behind him and was a little worried. This little fellow was not small either. It was at least half the height of a person. How was he going to bring it back?

When he said this to Mo Chu, Mo Chu could not help but be stunned. That’s right. She had been so happy just now that she did not think of this problem at all. She could not always run to the Magical Region to look for this little fox every time she delivered goods!

“Awooo–” Roundy was smart. It howled twice at the Flying Fox. Suddenly, the Flying Fox actually transformed into the size of a palm. The little fox was even more adorable. Just as Mo Chu was about to pick it up, she realized that the one in her arms was not happy!

Hence, Mo Chu simply stuffed the little Flying Fox into Roundy’s arms and handed it over to him.

After the little Flying Fox became smaller, it was about two-thirds the size of Roundy. Roundy just happened to hold it in his arms.

At first, the little fellow was not happy. Later on, it felt that the little Flying Fox in its arms was soft and obedient, so it did not protest. It would occasionally pull the little fox’s fur or pull the little wings on its back.

However, the little fox’s character was still soft. After being bullied by Roundy, it did not dare to say anything. It only blinked its watery eyes, looking very pitiful! Roundy was also a bad guy. When it saw the little fox’s aggrieved look, not only did he not stop, he even teased it even more vigorously.

On the other hand, Mo Chu could not stand it anymore. She scolded Roundy fiercely, and only then did the little Blood Luminescent Beast restrain itself a little. Because of this, the little Flying Fox looked at Mo Chu with eyes full of gratitude and attachment. It was better to look at this girl. Unlike the savage Blood Luminescent Beast, she was so kind!

Mo Yang drove the Drive Machine at a very fast speed. In less than half an hour, he had returned to the Military Academy’s single house.

Previously, Mo Chu’s reserve rations had been given to Roundy. Now, she had no choice but to make a few more dishes. She took a few beautiful photos and uploaded them to the website. Then, he racked her brain to think of a large introduction, it took her a lot of effort to complete the website of the online shop.

As for the few dishes that Mo Chu cooked, all of them fell into Roundy and little fox’s mouths. It was the first time they had tasted such delicious food. Little fox did not care about Roundy’s bad attitude and mustered up the courage to snatch food away, and the dining table was in an uproar!

“Brother, what do you think the name of our online shop is?” On the most crucial question, Mo Chu was in a dilemma. She had thought of several names but had rejected them. She asked Mo Yang for advice.

“The food you made can replenish elemental energy. The effect is much better than those spirit gathering pills and tonic pills.” Mo Yang stroked his sister’s soft hair. “As for the name, as long as it’s from Little Chu, I believe it will sound good.”

Look at this, this was a total sis-con!

Mo Chu was enlightened by his words. The corners of her mouth curled up as she typed a few words on the webpage.

In the end, the ‘Spirit Food Shop’ officially opened! Little did they know that it would make its mark in Federation history!