The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 76 - Social Gathering

Chapter 76: Social Gathering

The next day, when Qin Yue and the others came to visit, they were all dumbfounded at the entrance.

Most of them had higher elemental energy than Mo Chu, so they naturally noticed the abnormality at a glance!

“You actually rose to the advanced level of tier 5!” Han Xuan’s mouth was wide open, his face full of shock. It had only been half a month, and Mo Chu actually jumped from the initial tier 5 to the advanced tier 5. Was this not a little too surreal?

Even if the Military Academy had distributed many high-quality pills, the effects would not be so obvious! It was as if she was an interstellar ship, preparing to soar!

“Little girl, you’re amazing! “The thick-browed and big-eyed Qin Yue could not hide the surprise on his face. He knew that Mo Chu’s talent was not bad, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to reach the initial stage of tier 5 at the age of 16 or 17. However, it was only now that he saw with his own eyes the speed at which she advanced through the tiers.

Generally speaking, the further one progressed in cultivation, the more difficult it would be, especially after reaching the threshold of tier 5.

Qin Yue still remembered that back then, it took him a total of six to seven years to advance from the initial stage of tier 5 to the advanced stage of tier 5. Even so, his improvement speed was considered fast. One must know that if an ordinary person wanted to cross this step, they would at least have to be at the bottom for more than ten years!

However, compared to Mo Chu... Hehe, they were all weak!

However, if Qin Yue were to find out that Mo Chu had only used a short one year from the start of her cultivation till now, he would probably faint from his shock.

“How is this possible, it doesn’t make sense!” Han Xuan scratched his head in puzzlement and circled around Mo Chu a few times as if he could see through the secret of her rapid advancement. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he came closer to ask, “Little Mo, could it be that you’ve had some sort of fortuitous encounter recently?”

Before Mo Chu could speak, Han Xuan shook his head and denied himself. “That’s not right. Haven’t you been staying in school all this time? Where did the fortuitous encounter come from?”


Qin Yue slapped Han Xuan’s shoulder hard. “Enough, you big man. Why are you so stingy?”

Qin Yue knew that Mo Chu’s heaven-defying speed of advancement probably had other reasons besides her own talent. However, since he did not say anything, there was no need for them to continue asking. In this day and age, who did not have their own little secrets?

“Brother Qin!” Han Xuan’s face suddenly fell. He touched his shoulder and cried, “Can’t you be a little gentler? I’m a living person, not a rigid machine! With your current state, no wonder you can’t find a girlfriend!”

There were fewer women in the Federation than men. In the Federation Military Academy, the disparity was even more obvious. It just so happened that Qin Yue’s burly character would not be liked by girls. After so many years, he was still a miserable loner!

The moment Han Xuan said these words, he immediately knew that something was wrong. His expression immediately changed and he hurriedly begged for mercy. “Brother, I was wrong. I was wrong, alright?”

Qin Yue glared fiercely at him and did not say anything else.

Han Xuan was on the verge of tears. He had been together with Qin Yue for so many years, how could he not understand this fellow? When he returned, he was afraid that he would not be able to avoid a beating. The most hateful thing was that Qin Yue actually called this one-sided beating ‘sparring’!

“Well...” Qin Yue turned his head and rubbed his hands with an embarrassed expression. “Mo Yang, can brother ask you for a favor?”

Mo Yang was slightly stunned. “What is it? If I can help, I will definitely help.”

“Yes, yes...” Qin Yue’s wheat-colored face actually turned a little red, and his gaze was even more erratic. “This, we are trying to prepare something.”

After talking for a long time, he still could not explain clearly what was going on.

Han Xuan, who was at the side, really could not stand his dawdling. He pushed Qin Yue to the side and personally went on stage. “Mo Yang, it’s like this. Why are the few of us preparing to hold a small Mecha Exhibition? Can you sign up for it too?”

“I just entered the school not long ago.” Mo Yang did not understand the meaning behind this and frowned slightly. “I’m afraid that in terms of mecha, I’m not proficient enough for an ‘exhibition’.”

“That’s not important.” Han Xuan waved his hand nonchalantly and winked at Mo Yang. “It’s not important whether you want to show it or not. The key is that those girls can come and take a few glances at it, and then you’ll understand!”

Mo Chu listened from the side and understood the purpose of their trip.

Speaking of which, Qin Yue was the leader of his group of friends, and most of them were bachelors. It just so happened that the Federation Military Academy was famous for having more wolves than meat. If they did not want to make a move, they would probably only be able to bite on a small handkerchief and watch others enter and exit together with tears in their eyes until they graduated!

This was a good way to show off their mecha. On one hand, they could show off their personal charm. On the other hand, they could attract quite a number of girls. No matter how they looked at it, it would not be a loss. As for wanting to rope in Mo Yang, it was probably because he had taken a liking to his newly-made title as the ‘New Campus Prince Charming’.

In this batch of new students, Mo Yang’s looks could be considered to be among the top few. In addition to his considerable strength and that unique handsome temperament, he instantly became extremely popular! Previously, everyone was still busy with the school competition, so no one paid attention to these things. However, now that they had more free time, these things started to flood the Military Academy’s forum system.

Moreover, Mo Yang’s performance in the mecha demonstration was not good, so they would have a better chance, right?

Mo Chu was smiling from the side. So, Qin Yue and the others came today with the intention of pulling her big brother into this disguised social gathering event?