The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 62 - Blurred Vision (2)

Chapter 62: Blurred Vision (2)

The beast had a ferocious face, and its triangular eyes were staring fixedly at her. On its strong body, hard scales protruded out one after another. One look and one could tell that it was not friendly.

“It’s over!” This girl’s luck was very bad! The people in the viewing gallery could not help but shake their heads. The strength of this magical beast was at the middle level of tier 6 while Mo Chu was only at the initial level of tier 5. The difference in energy between the two was enough to crush this girl again and again!

“Sigh, actually, this little girl’s potential is quite good.” Someone noticed Mo Chu’s personal information and could not help but sigh. “She’s only 16 years old and is already at tier 5. She can also be considered a good seedling!”

There were also people who did not mind watching the show. “Well, it’s a pity that she drew such a strong opponent.”

Mo Yang had not drawn a lot yet, but he was already standing from the side. Looking at Little Chu on the stage, his heart was beating a little faster.

Their training in the Deep Sea Forest over the past few months had not been in vain. Although Little Chu was only at the initial stage of tier 5, she was already able to cross ranks to challenge the higher-of Tier 5. However, she was currently facing a tier 6 opponent. Could she handle it?

The second round of the competition had always been about life and death. If one did not have enough confidence, they opt to withdraw from the competition. However, they would also lose the possibility of entering the Federation Military Academy.

Mo Chu naturally would not allow herself to withdraw.

“The test begins!” As the sound of the broadcast from the machine rang out, the metal frame that was binding the magical beast was also removed.

“Roar–” The magical beast faced the sky and let out a long howl. Its sharp eyes stared fixedly at Mo Chu, as if wanting to tear her into pieces. The muscles all over its body bulged up, and it charged straight towards Mo Chu at lightning speed!

“Ah!” Seeing this scene, everyone could not help but let out a cry of surprise. Some even covered their eyes, afraid to see the bloody scene.

No one felt that Mo Chu had any hope of winning.

Indeed, the contrast between the two was too stark!

Mo Chu was thin and delicate, but the magical beast opposite her was ferocious and terrifying. It was twice her size! There was such a huge disparity in strength that the outcome was obvious.

However, just when everyone thought that Mo Chu was bound to lose, the situation suddenly changed drastically!

No one saw what Mo Chu did, but just when the magical beast’s sharp claws were less than ten centimeters away from her, its movements suddenly stopped in place.

Then, under everyone’s shocked gazes, the magical beast that had a ferocious look on its face just a moment ago actually revealed fear. It trembled as it stepped back, and its gaze towards Mo Chu was filled with panic.

What was going on?

Could it be that they had missed something? How did the situation suddenly change so drastically?

Then, Mo Chu started to move. She slowly walked towards the magical beast. Her leisurely steps were as if she was strolling in her own backyard. When she approached the magical beast, Mo Chu stretched out her palm and placed it on the magical beast’s head. To everyone’s surprise, the little girl actually did not take the opportunity to attack. Instead, she gently stroked it.

This was no longer important. What happened next was even more shocking.

The magical beast, who was ferocious just a moment ago had actually obediently let Mo Chu caress it. It even had a look of enjoyment on its face.


What the hell was this?

Were their eyes playing tricks on them? They looked at the people beside them who were also stunned. Only then did they confirm that what they saw was the truth.

“Eh, what on Earth is going on?”

“God, I didn’t see anything and it’s already over?”

“Did you see that? Quickly tell me!”

The audience was discussing animatedly. For a moment, it was extremely lively.

“You have passed the test.” Just when everyone was still puzzled, the machine broadcast had already spoken.

Mo Chu took the pass sign and silently walked back. Looking at the little girl’s slender figure, everyone could not help but sigh. This should be the easiest second round in the history of the test!