The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 61 - Blurred Vision (1)

Chapter 61: Blurred Vision (1)

January 1st was the official recruitment day for the Federation Military Academy.

A long queue had already formed outside the entrance.

Mo Chu and Mo Yang stood in the middle. After three months of actual combat in Deep Sea Forest, the two of them had gained quite a bit of experience and strength. Mo Yang was already close to the barrier of tier 6 and was only one step away from entering tier 7. Mo Chu had also stepped into tier 5. Both of them had met the requirements for enrollment.

The Federation Military Academy’s enrollment process was divided into three rounds.

The first round was the simplest form of identity verification.

A shooting system had already been installed on the main gate outside the Military Academy. Everyone only needed to point their Personal Terminals at it, and the shooting system would be connected to the terminals, allowing them to quickly determine whether or not they had met the requirements.

Only those who had met all the requirements were qualified to enter the Military Academy compound and participate in the second round of selection.

Although the recruitment process of the Federation Military Academy was very complicated, it still attracted countless special ability users because of its abnormally rich cultivation resources and powerful teachers.

Of course, there were also some people who joked around. Although they knew that the requirements did not match, they still held onto the hope of getting recruited.

The man in front of Mo Chu was like that. He had a tier 5 cultivation base and a good physical quality... He passed all the requirements except for his slightly older age. He was already 52 years old, which was exactly two years above the age restriction.

“The conditions do not match. Please leave as soon as possible.” The scanning system gave a voice instruction.

“I’m only two years older. “The man was a little unwilling and pleaded with the management staff at the side, “Can you be a little more accommodating? After all, the last enrollment in the Military Academy was 30 years ago. It was not easy for me to get this opportunity...”

“I’m sorry.” The manager’s expression did not change, as if he was already used to this scene. “The school has rules, and there’s nothing we can do.”

The man wanted to say something, but the guards at the side were already staring at him like tigers watching their prey. In the end, he could only leave resentfully.

Mo Chu and Mo Yang naturally passed smoothly. When they entered the Military Academy, before they had the chance to take a second look, the two of them were immediately brought to the place where the lots were drawn.

The second round of the Military Academy’s recruitment was to select one’s actual combat target through the method of drawing lots. No matter what method one used, as long as one could win, they would pass the second round of the selection.

Mo Chu drew room 7.

Following the person who led the way, they walked into room 7. There were already quite a few people waiting inside.

Mo Chu casually found a seat and sat down, teasing the Blood Luminescent Beast in her arms.

Initially, she did not intend to bring Roundy here, but this little fellow was immediately unhappy when it heard that it was left behind. It started to throw a tantrum and threatened to tear the house apart. She had no choice but to bring it along.

“Tsk, bringing a pet to such an occasion, are you brainless?!” Obviously, Mo Chu’s actions had attracted some attention. A woman who was dressed exquisitely glanced at Mo Chu with disdain. Hmph... How dare such a person apply for the Military Academy? Did she really think that all cats and dogs could enter this place?

Mo Chu did not have the time to pay attention to her. At this moment, they had already called her name. It was her turn to participate in the test.

The moment the back door of the room opened, there was a flight of stairs. Going up the stairs, there was a high platform.

There was a large mysterious black cloth covering half the high platform like a curtain, blocking her view. From the looks of it, the person on the other side should be her opponent.

Mo Chu had just stood on the high platform when the black cloth was pulled apart with a swoosh!

Then, a wave of exclamations came from the surrounding viewing gallery!

Mo Chu turned her head and looked over. Her opponent this time was actually a tier 6 intermediate magical beast!