The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 59 - You Have to Rely on Me

Chapter 59: You Have to Rely on Me

In the end, Mo Chu did not let Ning Yiyuan carry her. Instead, she sat on the back of the Blood Luminescent Beast.

Roundy, this little fellow, was quite good at reading people’s emotions. Just as Ning Yiyuan squatted down in front of Mo Chu, it immediately followed suit and stood in front of Mo Chu.

Choosing between the two, Mo Chu naturally chose the Blood Luminescent Beast.

“Ao ao–” However, this fellow did not know restraint. From time to time, it would call out to Ning Yiyuan provocatively and roll its eyes at him. Hmph! Are you trying to poach my gourmet food provider? I found her with great difficulty! I have two words for you: no way!

Zhong Wen stood silently in the corner and glanced at his Boss. His handsome face seemed to have instantly drooped down, which was a little comical.

There was nothing he could do. He thought about how his usually cold and domineering Boss, who had actually fallen to the point of competing with a magical beast for a pet girl, the corners of his mouth curled up. Most importantly, it was one thing to compete for a pet girl, but in the end, he had actually lost!

Zhong Wen glanced at Mo Chu and could not help but sigh for his Boss. Sigh!

Mo Chu was sitting steadily on the body of the Blood Luminescent Beast. The thick layer of fur on this little fellow’s back felt like a woolen carpet. It was so comfortable that it made one want to sigh.

Suddenly, Mo Chu raised her hand to cover her eyes. It was as if something was reflecting light, and she happened to see it.

Seeing this, the Blood Luminescent Beast raised its large palm and swept the grass beside it.

Ding dong–

With a sound, a shiny golden object fell out.

Ning Yiyuan lowered his head to take a look, and his expression instantly changed drastically!

“This is...” Zhong Wen’s eyes also narrowed. “This is the Federation’s military emblem!”

The military emblem was in the shape of a five-pointed star. It had a red base and was plated with a layer of gold foil. It was very exquisitely made, except that the bright red bloodstain on it was glaring.

“Something must have happened to them.” Zhong Wen tightened his grip on the military emblem in his hand and looked up at Ning Yiyuan.

“Let’s go!” Ning Yiyuan did not say much, but his expression became more and more gloomy, and his footsteps became faster and faster.

They walked in the direction of the military emblem. After walking for about seven or eight hundred meters, they were met with a strong bloody smell. It was so strong that it did not even need one to breathe to enter their nostrils.

Ning Yiyuan stopped in his tracks and started running. The Blood Luminescent Beast thought that this human was competing with it, so it snorted and started running as well. Zhong Wen, on the other hand, was following closely behind.

“Brother!” When they got closer, Mo Chu immediately saw Mo Yang. He was tightly entangled by a few branches. However, other than his slightly pale face, he did not seem to feel any discomfort.

Only then did Mo Chu let out a sigh of relief. Her gaze swept to the side, and she was instantly stunned.

This piece of land seemed to have been dyed red by fresh blood. The thick stench of blood made people feel as if they were in hell.

A few corpses were casually thrown around. The blood in their bodies had already been drained dry, leaving only shriveled skin wrapped around their bones. Even so, one could see the fear on their faces. Their eyes were wide open, it was as if they were expressing their unwillingness!

What kind of magical plant was this? It was actually so powerful!

Mo Chu looked towards the center, and then, she was completely dumbfounded!

Having been in the Federation for so long, she clearly knew that the magical beasts here were very powerful, and the magical plants were also very savage.

However, what the hell was this thing in front of her? The top half of its body was a lizard, and the bottom half was a tree trunk.

“Save them first!” Ning Yiyuan also saw this slightly deformed magical plant. He was slightly stunned for a second, before immediately turning around to save the soldiers that were entangled in the tree branches.

Seeing so much fresh food, the Lizard Tree became even more excited. The branches on its lower body fluttered in the air and attacked them.

The claws on its upper body grabbed a soldier from the branches and brought him to its mouth. With a bite, the body was split open. Mo Chu could almost hear the sound of it chewing and tearing flesh.


A miserable shriek resounded throughout the entire forest.

The Lizard Tree did not seem to mind. In fact, it seemed to be enjoying itself. Its lower jaw was slightly deflated. In a blink of an eye, the soldier turned into a mummified corpse!

Their bodies went cold as they saw the tree’s astonishing strength. They moved as quickly as they could.

Ning Yiyuan was the strongest. He mainly focused on attacking the Lizard Tree. His wind blades did not miss. Every time they pierced into the Lizard Tree’s body, they left quite a number of wounds.

However, in less than two minutes, these wounds would close up and recover. It was truly shocking!

This way, the Lizard Tree was completely undefeatable!

Taking advantage of the distraction by Ning Yiyuan, Zhong Wen and Mo Chu rushed forward and rescued the remaining soldiers and Mo Yang from the branches.

“Brother, are you okay?” Mo Chu could not help but feel shocked when she took a closer look. The branches were extremely tight, and not only was blood dripping, some of the bones could even be seen!

“I’m fine.” Mo Yang waved his hand. Seeing that Mo Chu was completely unharmed, he also let out a sigh of relief.

“Mo Chu, you watch over them.” Zhong Wen instructed before stepping forward to support Ning Yiyuan.

The two’s attacks became more and more ferocious. Their elemental abilities were like waves of water as they attacked the Lizard Tree. They left countless wounds on its body and fresh blood flowed out.

However, the Lizard Tree did not care at all. In the blink of an eye, more than half of the wounds on its body had healed.

On the other hand, Ning Yiyuan and Zhong Wen were powerless. However, they still gritted their teeth and endured.

“It’s useless.” Mo Yang looked at it and shouted anxiously, “We tried to attack it before, but its recovery ability is very strong.”

It was because of this that they were all trapped here, and in the end, they had exhausted all their elemental abilities. They were helpless.

Mo Chu was busy dealing with these flying branches. When she heard this, she could not help but frown. Could it be that there was no way to deal with it?

At this moment, the Blood Luminescent Beast suddenly rushed forward. Before anyone could react, it directly bit the spot where the lizard’s body was connected to the tree trunk. Its sharp teeth bit hard, and fresh blood spurted out!

“Bzzzt bzzt!” The Lizard Tree let out a shrill cry. It struggled non-stop, trying its best to shake off the Blood Luminescent Beast. However, Roundy seemed to be rooted in the ground, not moving at all.

“Quickly retreat!” Ning Yiyuan’s eyes lit up. He did not know how the Blood Luminescent Beast knew about the Lizard Tree’s weakness, but they were taking this opportunity to leave!

The Lizard Tree’s attack range was limited. As long as they could retreat, they did not have to worry anymore.

Seeing that Mo Chu and the others had retreated a large distance, the Blood Luminescent Beast finally let go. Without waiting for the Lizard Tree to react, it ran back as fast as lightning.

Did you see that? At this crucial moment, you have to rely on me!