The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 118 - A Devout Kiss (9)

Chapter 118: A Devout Kiss (9)

That’s right. Previously, the news of ‘The courier is a magical beast’ had caused such a huge uproar. Now that it was confirmed, it immediately caused a huge wave on the Starnet!

Comments flooded in from all directions.

“Damn! This shop is too awesome. It actually uses a magical beast as a courier. It’s bold, I like it!”

“Hello, shop owner ‘Domineering Roundy’. Is the shop still short of staff? There’s a girl here who is eager to sign up!”

“Get lost! Shop owner, it’s better for me. Not only am I strong enough to withstand the damage, but I also pay for my own meals and lodging. How about it? Think about it seriously, please?”

The comments on the ‘Looking for a job’ section continued to pile up. The enthusiasm of the masses was evident.

“By the way, aren’t you all worried about the safety of this Spirit Food?” One of the posts by ‘Lord Liangchen’ caused everyone to be silent for a while. “You can eat the food given out by a magical beast in peace?”

As soon as this was posted, the web page, which had been boiling with excitement just a moment ago, instantly quieted down.

It was true! Previously, everyone had been so excited that they had not considered this problem at all.

“You can’t say that.” The first buyer, ‘Please Call Me King’, had been active on the Starnet all this while. Now, he jumped out again. “Look, after eating this Spirit Food, there’s no problem at all. My body is excellent!”

“Of course, if the increase of elemental energy by five levels is considered a problem, then it is.”

“Heh! You’re fine now, but that doesn’t mean that all the buyers in the future will be fine! Perhaps this is a trap!” ‘Lord Liangchen’ let out a series of chuckles, fully expressing his disdain.

“Trap? As long as Spirit Food can guarantee this effect, even if it’s a trap, I’ll jump willingly!” ‘Please Call Me King’ immediately replied, his tone upset.

“Don’t forget that you have already been blacklisted by the shop owner, okay? You actually spoke up for the ‘Spirit Food Shop’. Are you out of your mind?”

“I’m willing to do this. What can you do about it?” ‘Please Call Me King’ suddenly changed his style. “Besides, I am an upright and kind person. I have always taken it as my duty, to tell the truth!”

The onlookers who saw this all frowned. With your profanity, how could you be upright and kind? Do you think everyone is blind?

“Besides, did you deliberately find fault with the Spirit Food Shop because it’s too popular?”

“You’re using the network device given by the Federation, right? Are you looking for trouble?”

‘Please Call Me King’ pressed forward with strong momentum.

Seeing that war was inevitable, the onlookers were excited! We were quite happy to see such an intense plot!

At this moment, a buyer suddenly posted a message with only 12 simple words on it. “According to the expert’s appraisal, this spiritual food is safe and harmless.”

‘Lord Liangchen’ could not defeat ‘Please Call Me King’. He immediately turned his spear and prepared to bombard the buyer. “Haha, I don’t believe you when you say that the appraisal is safe.”


‘Lord Liangchen’ was already scared silly! No, it should be that everyone had been scared silly!

This buyer had only done one thing — he had publicly announced his full nickname.

There were two shocking words written on it — Dai Sheng!

F*ck! Was this the leading figure of the Federation mecha, Exalted Dai Sheng?

Impossible! How could Exalted Dai Sheng visit such a small website? It was hard to say whether it was anticipation or shock. Everyone’s hands trembled as they clicked on the photo next to the buyer ‘Dai Sheng’.

Due to the special nature of the Starnet, anyone who used their real name as a nickname on the internet would definitely need to verify their real identity. Moreover, in order to prevent the possibility of having the same name, they would also need to upload a photo of themselves as supporting evidence.

They saw the picture, andeveryone went crazy!

In the photo, the cold-looking man with sharp eyes and a scar at the corner of his eye was none other than ‘Dai Sheng’. Who else could it be?

F*ck, it was Exalted Dai Sheng!

I actually chatted with Dai Sheng on the internet?! The surrounding crowd went crazy. Life was really too mysterious. There will be pleasant surprises from time to time!

Thus, after four days.

“Dai Sheng was advertising for the Spirit Food Shop!”

“The courier from the Spirit Food Shop has been confirmed to be a Flying Fox!”

“Domineering Roundy, do you still need staff?”

The three messages successfully occupied the top three of the trending searches, trampling all other news under their feet. They stood proudly in the limelight for a time.

“Boss, with Exalted Dai Sheng’s backing, nothing can stand in the Spirit Food Shop’s path.”

“This is also quite good.” The light on the light screen shone on Ning Yiyuan’s well-defined face, making him look even more handsome and unrivaled. “With Dai Sheng’s backing, people would think twice before attacking the Spirit Food Shop.”

“You mean...” Hearing Ning Yiyuan’s words, Zuo Lin’s face could not help but change. “Someone is going to attack them?”

“Exactly.” Hearing this, Zhong Wen, who was by the side, also came back to his senses and nodded slightly. “Do you think that with the Spirit Food, anybody would buy those sky-high priced pills?”

“If their medicinal pills could not be sold, will those alchemists who think too highly of themselves be willing to watch the Spirit Food Shop expand?”

“Then, according to what you said,” Zuo Lin swallowed his saliva. “The Spirit Food Shop would be in danger, right?”

“It’s probably not that bad.” Ning Yiyuan narrowed his eyes slightly. “First of all, if even you can’t find out their identities, they would not be able to do so; Second, those alchemists probably want to take this opportunity to research the formula of the Spirit Food. Once the research results are obtained, the existence of this shop won’t have much meaning anymore.”

“That’s right.” Zhong Wen nodded in agreement.

“Zuo Lin, how old is Little Chu now?” Ning Yiyuan suddenly had a stroke of genius.

“Ah.” Zuo Lin was stunned for a moment, unable to keep up with his Boss’s thought process. “She seems to be 17. Why?”

“She’s only 17.” Ning Yiyuan’s voice gradually lowered. “In other words, there’s still a full 13 years before she becomes an adult?”

Ning Yiyuan had never lacked patience, but today, after having such intimate contact with Mo Chu, he suddenly felt that 13 years was too long!

Seeing the gentleness on Ning Yiyuan’s face, Zuo Lin resisted the urge to shake his head. What we’re discussing now is serious business. Boss, can you be a little more serious?