The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 115 - A Devout Kiss (6)

Chapter 115: A Devout Kiss (6)

However, looking at the delicate girl in his arms, Ning Yiyuan could only suppress himself. He could only move a little closer to her. Just a little closer to her.

“What do you want?” Sensing Ning Yiyuan’s approach, Mo Chu immediately retreated. However, she was already leaning against the wall. Where else could she retreat to?

Before she could finish her sentence, the lips that she thought were extremely beautiful had already gently kissed her eyes. The moist and warm sensation followed her eyes all the way to the bottom of her heart. Mo Chu heard her heart beating like thunder, ‘Thud, thud–‘ it was beating fiercely.

This kiss did not contain the slightest bit of desire. On the contrary, it was a little more pious. It was as if Ning Yiyuan had placed all of his true feelings on it.

After an unknown amount of time, as if it was just an instant, or as if a day had passed, Ning Yiyuan finally moved his lips away. That warm feeling remained on the spot he kissed. Mo Chu panted, unable to describe the feeling in her heart.

However, Ning Yiyuan, this annoying fellow, was not willing to let her off. His slender fingers brushed past her lips. “Actually, I wanted to kiss here just now, but...”

What was with this regretful tone?

Mo Chu bit her lips slightly and glared angrily at Ning Yiyuan. There must have been something wrong with his senses just now. Otherwise, why would he feel that Ning Yiyuan’s kiss just now was full of piety?

Piety? Stop joking around!

That was clearly full of lust!

“Eh? What are you two doing?” Suddenly, a male voice broke the intimacy between the two of them.

Ning Yiyuan’s eyes turned cold. He turned around and saw an unbelievably beautiful man standing beside him. The light of the sun shone on his body, and his surroundings seemed to be covered with a faint halo. He looked as if he was a God.

“Qin Shang, why are you here?”

Hearing this, Qin Shang smiled faintly, and it suddenly felt as if spring flowers were blooming. “Do you need help?” These words were meant for Mo Chu.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Mo Chu pushed Ning Yiyuan away with all her strength. Her little face was so red that she did not even dare to look up at Qin Shang. She only said, “No, thank you.”

Then, she immediately ran away.

“It’s been so long.” Qin Shang curled his lips slightly. His eyes seemed to be filled with thousands of stars. “This little girl is as interesting as ever!”

“Qin Shang–” There were only two words, but Ning Yiyuan’s tone was full of warning.

“Don’t think too much. I just don’t like it when you bully little girls.” Qin Shang chuckled. He did not hesitate and immediately countered.

“Of course.” Ning Yiyuan’s expression did not change. He turned around and walked toward the Dean’s office.

“Oh?” Qin Shang raised his eyebrows slightly. When he saw Ning Yiyuan’s route, he could not help but laugh. “What a coincidence. It seems that our destination is the same!”

In the Dean’s office.

“Come, please take a seat.” Looking at the two people in front of him, Situ Xiu could not help but wipe the sweat on his forehead. Why did these two masters gather here today?

Ning Yiyuan sat in a corner as soon as he arrived. It was obvious that he was going to talk to him last. Situ Xiu had no choice but to look at Qin Shang and muster up his energy to deal with this smiling tiger. “Qin Shang, why are you here today?”

“Why? Can’t I come if I have nothing to do?” Qin Shang spread his hands and smiled at Situ Xiu. His exquisite brows and eyes were still eye-catching. The corners of his eyes moved, and his aura was even more stunning.

“Listen to what you’re saying.” Situ Xiu shook his head and responded with ease. “You’re not the kind that does things for no reason!”