The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 111 - A Devout Kiss (2)

Chapter 111: A Devout Kiss (2)

Ever since she cut off this guy’s food supply, Roundy had become more and more sedentary. It would only wake up in the middle of the day.

“Oh, your pet is awake?” Qin Yue had quite an impression of this white furball that did not like to see him. He even reached out and touched its smooth fur. “I haven’t seen you for a few days, but you’re getting fatter and fatter.”

Roundy was in a good mood when it woke up. However, when it heard this, its little face immediately drooped down. Its chubby claws slapped Qin Yue’s hand away! This stupid human with no eyesight, how am I fat? How dare you slander me! I’ll bite off your hand!

“Alright.” After spending so much time with Roundy, how could Mo Chu not know this fellow’s petty temper? When she saw that something was wrong with its expression, she tightened her grip and immediately bound it, afraid that it would bite other people recklessly.

If Qin Yue was bitten by Roundy, he would probably have to go to the medical center as well.

Qin Yue was completely unaware that he had secretly dodged a disaster. He even teased the Blood Luminescent Beast with interest, “Mo Chu, what is the name of your pet?”

“Roundy.” Mo Chu raised her head and answered with a smile. Her hand was still gently stroking its fur, trying her best to comfort the little fellow that was about to go berserk.

“Oh.” Qin Yue nodded with a look of agreement, “Not bad. This name suits it quite well. It’s round and cute!”

Roundy, who was finally pacified by Mo Chu with great difficulty, became irritable once again. Its sleepy eyes immediately became sharp. Round and cute? Who the hell is round? Do you dare to say another word?!

Mo Chu glanced at Qin Yue helplessly. She wished that he would stop talking. The more he said, the more mistakes he would make. Roundy’s temper had been rising recently. In a while, she would not be able to handle it anymore. This situation will be very serious.

When she thought of this, Mo Chu immediately gave his big brother a look. It was better to quickly chase Qin Yue away.

After receiving her signal, Mo Yang let out a light snort and covered the smile on his face. He had no choice. It was really hard to find someone who was more disliked by Roundy than him!

Looking at the little fellow who was about to explode, the smile on Mo Yang’s face became even wider. “Oh right, Qin Yue, didn’t you say that you wanted to go to the mecha training room with me? Why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity?”


“That’s right!” Hearing this, Qin Yue’s eyes could not help but light up!

Although the Military Academy provided the mecha training room for free, it was a pity that there were too many people going every time. Just the appointment line alone had to wait for a very long time.

Today’s time was just right. Those students who had suffered greatly should not be swarming into the mecha training room again, right?! Thinking about the exquisite equipment and professional guidance in the training room, Qin Yue could not help but feel his brain heat up. He immediately pulled Mo Yang and ran out.

Before leaving, he suddenly stopped and scratched his head. He smiled apologetically at Mo Chu, “Oh right, Exalted Chen Bai asked you to go to the laboratory in the afternoon. Oh my poor memory, I almost forgot!”

“It’s okay, I got it. Thank you.” Mo Chu nodded. When the two of them left, she finally heaved a sigh of relief! If Qin Yue wanted to stay any longer, she would not be able to appease this little beast!

She then lowered her head and looked at Roundy in her arms. It was still puffing out its cheeks and had an aggrieved look on its face!

“Alright, don’t be angry anymore.” Mo Chu rubbed its head. He also understood that Roundy had endured its temper because of her. Her heart was filled with more tenderness. “How about this, we won’t be fasting today. You can eat whatever you want!”

Really, really?

Roundy, who had been dejected just a moment ago, immediately raised its head. Its eyes instantly lit up! God knows how long it had been hungry. Although it had enough for three meals a day, it felt that its stomach was empty. It had been a long time since it had the satisfaction of having its stomach filled to the brim!