The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 104 - I’ll Do It

Chapter 104: I’ll Do It

When Mo Chu returned to her room, she took a bite of his food before his expression turned slightly better.

“Ao ao–” What was going on?

Originally, when Roundy saw Mo Chu’s figure, it eagerly followed her. Just as it was about to move up, it saw Mo Chu’s pale face. It immediately called out excitedly. Who is it? Who dared to touch my gourmet food provider?

“Alright, I’m fine.” Mo Chu hugged Roundy and gently stroked its head. Her heart was filled with warmth. In the 21st century, she was just a little orphan girl. The reality of society was cold, and there was nobody who cared for her.

When she thought of this, she could not help but think of the ‘Guardian’ that Ning Yiyuan had mentioned. She hurriedly took out the terminal and was about to check, but she found that the terminal showed no signal. She had no choice but to give up.

“During military training, the signal of the entire Military Academy is blocked.” Mo Yang passed a glass of water to Mo Chu. Seeing her actions, he softly explained. “What’s wrong? Are you worried that there’s something wrong with the Spirit Food Shop?”

“That’s not it.” Mo Chu shook her head. She raised her hand and drank the entire glass of water. “I just want to check what the ‘Guardian’ means.”

It would have been fine if Mo Chu did not mention this, but once she mentioned it, Mo Yang flew into a rage. Guardian? Hah! Ning Yiyuan was actually quite wishful thinking. He did not even care if her big brother would agree!

Mo Yang was just about to say something generous when he turned his head and saw that Mo Chu’s cup of water was empty. He took the opportunity to pour another cup of water for her. After gulping down a cup of water, Mo Chu was no longer as thirsty as before. She took small sips and the dimples at the corners of his mouth were faintly discernible. Her features were like a painting, looking unbelievably exquisite.

Mo Yang, who was a total sister-con, could not help but soften his gaze when he saw this. He felt that no matter how much he doted on Little Chu, it was not enough. However, when he remembered that there was still a stinky man glaring at Mo Chu from the side, he could not help but raise his eyebrows in anger. Hmph!

“It’s fine. Don’t think too much. You’re out of his league!” Mo Yang did not wish to explain further. Ning Yiyuan wanted to pretend to be warm-hearted to move Little Chu. Heh! However, he did not know that Little Chu was not aware of the meaning of ‘Guardian’ at all. His thoughts were all for naught.

“Pfft!” Upon hearing this, Mo Chu almost spat out the water in her mouth! He was out of my league?Does this mean that Ning Yiyuan has a crush on me?

“How is this possible?” Mo Chu subconsciously shook her head. she had never been in a relationship in her entire life. Naturally, she was ignorant when it came to relationships. As for Ning Yiyuan’s goodwill, she had automatically placed him in the category of ‘a good person doing a good deed every day’.

“Be careful. You didn’t choke, right?” Mo Yang frowned slightly and handed a handkerchief to Mo Chu. “Don’t bother about that guy. Hurry up and take a good rest. I’m afraid the training in the afternoon won’t be easy either.”

At this moment, Mo Yang wanted to dig out the words ‘Ning Yiyuan’ from Little Chu’s mind. Naturally, he did not want Mo Chu to spend too much time thinking about that guy.

“Okay.” Mo Chu obediently threw aside the things that she could not understand.

“Oh right, I’ll cook today. All you need to do is take a good rest.” Little Chu’s terminal had a reserve of food, but the texture of the freshly made food was better. He wanted to take this opportunity to let Mo Chu have a good rest.

“Big brother, you will cook personally?” Mo Chu’s eyes lit up slightly as she secretly rubbed her hands together. She was prepared to groom her big brother into an all-rounded talent. Being able to cook in the kitchen was one of the important criteria.

“Yes, but you still have to give me some pointers.” After observing Mo Chu Cook so many times, Mo Yang felt that he was quite confident.

“No problem.” Mo Chu nodded and agreed immediately. “Then you can cook a simple dish today.”

Upon hearing this, Roundy and Little Flying Fox were also happy that they were spinning on the ground. Oh yeah! There was something delicious to eat!

However, very quickly, Mo Yang’s confidence dissipated. Roundy and Little Flying Fox also stared at him with a stern expression.

It was just the simplest task of chopping up Water Weed, but Mo Yang had made a lot of mistakes.

Mo Chu’s eyes could easily tell which parts of the water grass were edible and which were poisonous. However, when it was Mo Yang’s turn to personally do it, he was at a loss. In the past, he could easily control the mecha modification knife with extreme precision, but now, he could not control a kitchen knife!

It was not easy. After spending a whole half an hour, Mo Yang finally finished preparing all the ingredients.

Then, he looked at the Water Weeds. They were cut into long and short sections. They were extremely creative and imaginative. Even Mo Yang could not help but blush.

“It’s okay. It’s your first time doing it. Brother has already done very well.” Mo Chu quickly said to her brother, her small face was full of encouragement. “Now wash this clean and peel it. Just the middle piece.”

Mo Chu took out seven or eight tomatoes from the terminal. She used her hand to draw a rough range on it, leaving only the edible parts.

This tomato was also found among the magical plants that the buyers had sent over. It was the fruit of the ‘Green Tree’. The outermost layer of skin was green, and once it was peeled off, there was a red pulp inside, and the taste was exactly the same as the tomato. However, it was much bigger, and each one was as big as three fists.

With the experience gained from cutting the Water Weeds, Mo Yang was much better when he cut the tomatoes. First, he removed the stems, then cut them into pieces. Although the sizes were not uniform, at least each piece was formed. Mo Yang looked more confident now.