It's Hard to Control My Naughty Wife!

Chapter 1: A LONG NIGHT

Chapter 1 - A LONG NIGHT

Hailee glared at the stocky man, half a century old and almost naked in front of her with a look that would make anyone think twice about approaching her, but not with this bastard old fogey.

With a grin at the corner of his thick lips, he was staring at Hailee with the gaze of a hunter that was chasing his prey.

Hailee couldn't believe something like this would happen to her. Just a week ago she mourned the death of her parents due to a failed robbery attempt in their house, but now she was in a hotel room with a middle-aged man because of Aileen, her step sister.

As Hailee remembered that very name, she could feel her own blood boiling with rage. How could the sister who grew up with her sell her own sister ?!

A week ago Hailee might have thought that selling a woman for prostitution was news she would never take seriously and only read casually.

But a week later, here she was, with the man who had made the bid, at the auction that had taken place less than two hours ago, with the highest price to be able to spend the night with her!

"Shit!" Hailee cursed while gritting her teeth as the man moved closer.

"Come here, don't make things difficult for yourself." He walked swiftly, approaching Hailee who is now standing in the corner of the super luxury hotel room that he has rented. "I've paid you very dearly."

Hailee's eyes were wildly flicking all over the room, trying to find something she could use to defend herself or against this rotten man.

"You think I want to be bought?!"Hailee shouted, throwing small displays of hotel decorations to keep this man away from her.

But, of course all that stuff wouldn't stop him.

"Don't you know that your sister has been in this business for a long time?" The man grinned when he saw Hailee's shocked expression.

Hailee blinked her eyes in disbelief when she heard this new information. How could her meek and timid sister have such a rotten history? How could she be involved in a dirty industry?

But then reality hit Hailee so hard that she wanted to laugh hysterically.

Of course it is possible. Hailee wouldn't be here if it weren't for Aileen.

"That sly b*tch!" Hailee again cursed her step sister silently. She vowed to repay all of this at the first chance she was given. Aileen will have to face something far more terrible than this! Hailee gritted her teeth furiously while promising to herself.

However, her anger at Aileen managed to distract her for a moment and gave an opportunity to the man who grabbed Hailee's wrist and pulled her hard.

His grip on her hand was so tight, Hailee felt that her arm was about to break before she fell on to the cold floor, face first.

Hailee groaned in pain, but had not yet recovered from the dizzy feeling because of what happened next, the man was already squatting in front of Hailee and started kissing her long neck.

Having no time to groan in pain, and disgusted by the man's touch, Hailee raised her hand and pointed her sharp nails at his face, sticking them so deep that she heard his angry howl within a few seconds.

The man stopped kissing her and Hailee used this opportunity to crawl away from the man, but one crushing blow landed on Hailee's face, breaking up her mindless plans and making Hailee fall back on to the floor while hitting her head against the corner of the table in the process and dropping the vase on it, this time she didn't move. She couldn't move.

Shards of glass from the broken flower vase were scattered on the floor around the woman, whose face was covered with her own long black hair which added to her disheveled appearance. The bathrobe she was wearing was slightly parted and revealed the smooth skin of her thighs, unfortunately she didn't get a chance to move her hands and cover her body from the wild sight of the predator before her.

"B*tch!" the man cursed, rubbing his face, which was stinging from Hailee's fingernails attack. There was blood on his arm, not quite much, but of course this wound would raise question marks from his wife at home. "I'll finish you tonight!" he howled with a snarl as he moved forward to grab Hailee's limp body.

However, before his chubby fingers could touch the girl again, there was the sound of the door opening and rushing steps entering the room can be heard.

"Boss! Are you okay ?!" it was Alex's voice, the rotten old man's bodyguard.

Alex heard a commotion followed by a series of screams from his boss, and so, he entered this part of the room, worried that something bad might happen to the old man.

"LEAVE! LEAVE!" The old fogey shouted angrily as he waved his hand, "DON'T YOU DARE ENTER THIS ROOM AGAIN, EVEN IF YOU HEAR ANYTHING SUSPECTFUL!"

Seeing the rage on his boss's face, Alex immediately walked out of the room along with two of his men.

He vowed not to go in to check on the situation again whatever he heard later, otherwise… the bad mood of his boss will inflict new torture while carrying out his duties.

After the man had confirmed that the door was closed, he turned his attention back to Hailee, looking at the girl with eyes filled with lust and anger.

"It will be a long night and you will beg for mercy all night," the man moved closer, rubbing his rough palms on Hailee's smooth thighs before moving them towards her stomach and then…

But, before his filthy hand could touch Hailee's ripe chest, the girl suddenly opened her eyes and everything happened so fast, that the man didn't even have time to blink or realize what had happened.

When the man could think again properly, he willed his mind to process what just happened to him. That was when the man had realized that; he himself had fallen face down on to the floor and to top it, he was feeling a searing pain in his throat that made it difficult for him to breathe and make a sound.

A moment later he could feel the warm liquid flowing under his body, touching his face, staining the floor and seeping into his expensive clothes, but the warmer the liquid was, the colder his body got until the last thing he saw was the girl who had been lying stiffly motionless a moment before, was now staring at him coldly. A broken piece of vase was in her hand which is also stained with blood; his blood.

There was pin-drop silence in the room as the old man before her went motionless, having given up on his attempts to utter words or even exhale.

Hailee was silent for a long time, frozen, in the same place as she tried to process the scene in front of her: she had killed someone!


Her entire body trembled and her head was spinning at this fact, but only one sentence continued to rumble in her mind; she must run away!