Global Transmigration: Receiving God-like Talents!

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Weapon, Electric Arc Star!

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The moment he saw Lightning’s shuriken, Enoch decided to buy the weapon!

Although he did not know why the owner of the Shuriken would choose to sell the weapon.

But from the weapon rating, it could be seen that the owner of the Shuriken had at least a B class talent!

Otherwise, it would be impossible to obtain the first weapon in such a short time.

Long-range weapons were also more in line with Enoch’s psychological expectations. After all, the more stable when he fought against the monster, the better!

Thinking of this, Enoch immediately applied for trade and placed an energy fruit on the trade interface.

The purpose of this was to show the effect of the elementary energy fruit on the other party.

Otherwise, even if it was only 20 elementary energy fruits, it would definitely be a loss to exchange for this sword!

[Ding! Trade begins!]

[Trade opponent: Kane]

[Trade item: Lightning Hand Sword]

“Brother, don’t tell me you want to use a basic energy fruit to exchange for this weapon?”

Kane was the first to send out the message.

Originally, after seeing that the other party only took out one basic fruit, he wanted to give up on this trade.

Ever since the lightning hand sword was put on the shelf, he had received too many similar trade applications.

But when he saw the effects of the elementary energy fruit, he still decided to have a chat with Enoch.

After all, the elementary energy fruit that Enoch took out could be considered as having outstanding effects among the basic fruits.

“Of course not, but you’ve also seen the effects of the primary energy fruit. Start bidding again.”

Seeing the other party’s reply, Kane did not hesitate.



After Enoch sent out the message, he directly increased the number of energy fruits in the trading interface to ten, and then confirmed the trade.

After a series of operations, Kane was dumbfounded.

Seeing the other party take out ten elementary energy fruits at light speed, Kane chose to confirm the trade somewhat dully.

It was not until the ten elementary energy fruits that emitted a fragrant smell appeared on the grass in front of Kane that he finally reacted.

What’s going on!

Am I going to lose them?!

Kane also didn’t expect Enoch to be so straightforward. He actually traded the ten primary energy fruits without the slightest hesitation.

“This person can’t have dozens of such fruits in his hands, right?”

Kane muttered as this somewhat absurd thought appeared in his mind.

Wasn’t this Divine Tree Space only opened for three days?

Those ten energy fruits should be the player’s entire fortune!

How could he trade so readily?

Kane himself had two B-class talents and a C-class talent!

He had only harvested two B-class weapon fruits in two short days!

After leaving one weapon for backup, Kane chose to sell the other one. After all, Kane had basically spent the past two days eating grass and drinking rain.

Now that he planned to explore the Black Fog, he naturally had to make ample preparations.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the trade platform’s introduction couldn’t be faked, he would even suspect that these ten fruits were fake!

Could it be... that Enoch was a class-A talent boss?


Enoch casually asked, thinking that it would be best if this weapon could be cheaper. After all, he had a lot of fruits, so he didn’t care about these few.

Since the other party asked for ten, then it would be ten!

He can definitely afford it. After the transaction was completed, a shuriken that was Flashing with lightning appeared in front of Enoch, floating in mid-air.

“It’s pretty cool! I’ve only seen this kind of weapon in anime and manga before!”

Enoch sighed in admiration.

At the same time, the voice from the Divine Tree Space sounded.

“Obtained weapon — Lightning Shuriken Sword. Do you wish to bind it to your soul?”


Was this a B-class weapon? It actually required a soul binding before it could be used.

Enoch did not hesitate and immediately chose to bind this shuriken.

The Divine Tree Space did not say that a person could only bind to one weapon.

Since that was the case, what was there to hesitate about.

“Congratulations, Divine Tree Master, the binding of the weapon was successful!”

At the instant, the voice of the Divine Tree Space sounded.

Enoch seemed to feel an inexplicable connection from the sword in his hand!

It was not much different from the connection with the Divine Tree after the breakthrough of the Source-Heart Physique.

At this moment.

The lightning hand sword seemed to have become an extension of Enoch’s body!

It was like an arm and a finger!

With a thought from Enoch, Lightning’s shuriken instantly disappeared into the air in front of him!

The next second!

It still appeared in Enoch’s hand!

This cross-shaped shuriken was slightly different from what Enoch had imagined.

It was actually the size of two palms of Enoch!

“Shouldn’t the shuriken be a hidden weapon? It seeks to conceal itself.”

Enoch was a little helpless. Although the Shuriken had a cool appearance, it was a little too big to be used as a hidden weapon.

Forget it, I’ll just use it as an ordinary long-range weapon.

[Ding! The weapon has completed its soul binding. Divine Tree Master, please name it!]

“Is there a naming segment? Lightning attribute... Let’s call it electric arc star!”

[Naming successful — Electric Arc Star!]

[Weapon: Electric Arc Star]

[Status: Soul Bound]

After naming it, the control of the electric arc star seemed to be more convenient.

Originally, in the introduction of the electric arc star, it said that the user would throw out the lightning hand sword, and after hitting the target, it could return to the user’s hand.

However, at this moment, Enoch could freely control the electric arc star to make any movements!

Now, the arc star was under Enoch’s control.

It would draw an F shape in the air.

It would draw a U shape in the air.

It would draw a C shape in the air.

It would draw a K shape in the air.


In short, it was very handy. Enoch roughly experimented and found that the arc star’s control range was about 50 meters.

Within this range, Enoch could completely control the arc star’s movement trajectory!

Moreover, the attack power did not decrease in the slightest, and the speed was just as fierce.

The recovery function of the arc star should be the weapon’s characteristic.

As long as Enoch had the thought of retrieving the arc star within a 50 meters range, the arc star would instantly be transported back to his hands!

Enoch felt that the reason why the arc star could be controlled by him at will.

It should have something to do with his own spiritual power.

It could be said that in Enoch’s hands, the electric arc star should be able to play a role close to an A-class weapon.

Although Enoch currently did not have an A-class weapon to compare to, the electric arc star in Enoch’s hands was undoubtedly stronger!

Moreover, controlling the electric arc star was much more fun than drones!

Anyway, they would have to wait until nighttime to harvest the Fruit of Life, so it was not bad to use the electric arc star to kill time.

Enoch glanced at the information on the fruit tree.

There were only five hours left until the Fruit of Life was harvested.