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Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 87


With the door closed, there was only two people breathing in the huge conference room.

Shen Qiao in particular, she was frightened just now, so her breathing was extremely unstable.

They kept their original posture for a long time. Shen Qiao heard a vibration from the chest of Mo Shen at night, and his cold words also went into her ears.

"How long do you want to sit?"

Shen Qiao gives a meal and suddenly reacts and raises his head.

The night is not deep, but it's time to bow down.

Shen Qiao was covered in his wide clothes. When he raised his head, he only showed a small face, and the corners of his eyes were red, looking at the poor.

Night Mo Shen's heart seems to be clenched by a pair of hands, his thin lips tightly pursed, after a moment cold voice way: "good looking?"

Shen Qiao suddenly came back to her senses. Her anger had already been scared away by those people. Now she was afraid that someone would come and open the door of the meeting.

And night Mo Shen seemed to be able to find out what she was thinking in her heart, and whispered, "Xiao Su will be watching outside. If you don't dress again, we will continue?"

Shen Qiao:

Silence for two seconds, she quickly tightened the suit on her body, and then got up from him, because she had to protect the suit with one hand to prevent herself from walking out in the dark of the night, so her action was extremely clumsy.

The weak boneless hand pressed on him for a long time before he got up.

Then he turned around and trotted to the door barefoot.

Night Mo Shen's suit was worn on her body as if a child had stolen the clothes of adults. It was so long that it almost covered her knees. When she bent down to get the clothes, her clothes collapsed and she couldn't bear to look directly at them.

“……” Night Mo Shen closed his eyes slightly and stretched out his hand to wring his eyebrows.

What the hell is going on with him today?

Shen Qiao picked up the clothes, only to find that the inside is a light orange color skirt, delicate and lovely, but not vulgar.

It's just that there is no shelter in this huge conference room. Where does she go to change clothes?

Think of here, Shen Qiao then stopped in place.

Behind him came the voice of Mo Shen's displeasure.

"If you dally again, I don't mind opening the door and letting others watch you."

Shen Qiao grasped the clothes in her hand and bit her lower lip tightly.

He was a bad man.

Far away from the other skirt, Mo's back is far away from her.

After she changed, she went back to night Moshen with her suit in her arms.

"Give it back to you."

The night Mo deep sneer, the eye light coldly glaring at her: "this suit was worn by you, do you think I will want it again?"

Hearing this, Shen Qiao subconsciously grasped the suit in his hand and bit his lips and said, "I'm not dirty."

"You want to say you're clean?" Night Mo Shen is still thinking about her and night cold things, also wearing clothes he bought.

But now I see her change into a new skirt, light pink orange will her skin lining crystal clear, looks very delicate and delicious, and the waist of the skirt will her waist line more chic.

Night Mo deep see throat a tight, in the heart secretly scold oneself a, and then roll the wheelchair to walk outside, side depressed to drop a sentence: "no three no four woman."

Shen Qiao blushed and turned to stare at his back.

"I don't have no three no four!"

He ignored her.

Shen Qiao said again, "do you really want your suit?"

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"Throw it away!"

Ruthless words like ice hit, the door of the meeting room opened, Xiao Su stood at the door, came forward to push the night away.

Shen Qiao was left alone in the conference room. She looked down at the suit in her hand, and her strength was a little heavier.

This suit looks very expensive, but he said not to.

The reason is that It was worn by her.

He thinks she's dirty, right? Shen Qiao's face turned pale.

If she was really dirty, why did he have to

Thinking of this, Shen Qiao stopped his idea in time.

"Shen Qiao, you can't think about such a bad man any more. He can't do anything but tease you!"

Since you don't want the suit, just throw it away as he wants.

Shen Qiao was in a hurry and threw his suit in the garbage can next to him.

It's not just a trash can.

Shen Qiao put on her shoes and left the meeting room.

Five minutes later, the petite figure came back again. She walked hesitantly to the dustbin. She looked at the suit and jacket that had been left in it. Silent or she bent down to pick up the suit again.

Forget it. If he doesn't let her be seen by others, just keep it for him.

Shen Qiao left the meeting with her suit in her arms.At the same time, night Mo Shen saw this scene in his office monitoring, and his eyes were a bit cold.

Xiao Su, who stood behind him, spoke for Shen Qiao in a voice: "assistant Shen seems to be very precious. The night is short of this suit. Although she lost it, she thought about it and came back to pick it up."

Night Mo Shen did not answer.

"Little night, that suit is unique. Do you really want it?"

Night Mo deep fingertip moved, voice cold arrogant: "dirty dead, who wants?"

Xiao Su: "the garbage can in the meeting room is cleaned every day, and it's just the paper that is thrown away. Isn't it dirty?"

"Damn it, the trash can is the trash can, and the trash can is clean?"

Xiao Su:

Yeshao, what you say is what you say.

But it's also true that night is a super clean person. The suit is thrown into the garbage can. How can it be worn again?

On this side, Shen Qiao returned to her post with her suit in her arms. Then she opened the cupboard and took a bag out of it. She folded the suit and put it in. If it was dirty, she would wash it for him and return it to him at that time to see what he said.

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The time of the day passed quickly. Shen Qiao came downstairs with the bag when she got off work. When she got up, she happened to follow the night Mo Shen who came out of the office. She probably had a guilty conscience. She hid the bag behind her subconsciously.

All these movements fell into the deep eyes of the night. He gave her a cold look and withdrew his eyes.

"Assistant Shen, off work?" Xiao Su's brain seems to be suddenly short of a tendon, smiling and greeting Shen Qiao.

Hand out not to hit smiling face person, moreover Xiao Su also did not offend her.

Shen Qiao saw that he was smiling all over his face, and then he also picked up the corners of his lips and nodded.

"Let's go down the elevator together." Xiao Su said again.

Sitting on the wheelchair night Mo deep frown, this Xiao Su is taking the wrong medicine? Forget what happened before?

"No, no, I'm not..."

"Come on, assistant Shen. If you don't come and wait for us to go down, you'll have to wait a long time."

It's difficult to be gracious. Shen Qiao has to go up and follow them into the elevator.

After the elevator door closed, Shen Qiao stood alone in the corner, the bag tried to hide behind his back, the deep, cold voice of the night suddenly rang: "I didn't let you lose the suit?"