Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 75

Night Mo Shen's sight fell on her like a sharp knife. Shen Qiao was speechless for a moment, and did not know how to explain it.

So she can only bite the lower lip, looking at the night, not ready to explain and speak.

Night Mo Shen slightly narrowed his eyes, fingertips gently buckled the metal holding hands of the wheelchair: "it seems that I don't intend to explain?"

Shen Qiao stubbornly bit his lower lip tightly.

"Assistant Shen, how did you come here?" Xiao Su is surprised to see Shen Qiao appear here, but he is very happy. Assistant Shen will not know about the night, so he is jealous?

Thinking of this, Xiao Su couldn't help but take a deep look at the night.

See him tightly frown brow, the body temperature is low to frighten a person, Xiao Su just put away the mind of random thought.

"Since I don't intend to explain it, I'll treat it as if I didn't see it. I'll do what I can." Finish saying, night Mo Shen rolls wheelchair to turn around, Xiao Su stares big eyes, "night little..."

But the night is not deep, as if did not hear the same, quickly re-enter the room.

Shen Qiao looked at his back and realized what she wanted to call him, but his cold eyes crossed his mind, so Shen Qiao stopped when he reached his lips.

Xiao Su couldn't help looking at assistant Shen and whispered, "are you really not going to explain it?"

I'm sure I'll tell you something when I follow you here.

Shen Qiao drooped his eyes. "Will he believe me if I say so?"

Anyway, he has always looked down on her, it is better not to say, anyway, the results are the same.


"Assistant Xiao, this man How to deal with it? " The conversation just now let several subordinates understand. Shen Qiao and ye Mo knew each other deeply, and Xiao Su's attitude towards Shen Qiao was not ordinary. This shows that Shen Qiao has a good relationship with them, but I don't know what it is.

Xiao Su thought for a moment and pursed her lips: "yeshao didn't make a clear statement, but her identity is not ordinary. You Take it easy. "

It means, don't abuse her.

The men looked at each other and nodded.

Shen Qiao was quickly taken down, and the questions in the room continued.

Xiao Su soon came back and stood behind Mo Shen at night.

"Go on!"

The woman looked outside and asked in doubt, "what happened?"

Xiao Su said: "it's nothing. It's just a small episode. It won't affect you. Please tell me quickly. Where did you go and what did you do that day? Did anything special happen? "

The woman pauses for a while, then raises the eye to see to the night Mo deep, canthus slightly pick up: "special thing, what is it to point to?"

Xiao Su was stunned for a moment and was about to open his mouth. Night Mo deep thin lips light open, the voice is cold: "allow you to ask?"

The woman was awed by his powerful aura, and it took a long time for her to recover. "I just want to know what you mean by the special thing. There is no other meaning."

Xiao Su also responded quickly. If it wasn't for yemoshen here, he almost fell into the trap of this woman: "let people talk about things. If it's special, we'll know if it's special."

The female master bit her lower lip and didn't speak. She looked down at the ground.

"Say it?"

"Why should I tell you this?" The woman suddenly laughed, and then whispered, "that's my personal business. Even if you bring me here, I also have the right to choose silence?"

Ye Moshen narrowed her eyes slightly, staring at the woman in front of her, and suddenly turned the wheel towards her. As he approached, the powerful aura enveloped her. The woman's lips trembled, but her heart was excited. She subconsciously got up and wanted to get close to yemoshen.

's results were not yet close, and the pungent perfume on the body made it three feet away.

"Take her out!" The night is not deep, suddenly cold voice.

"Little night?"

Xiao Su did not know why to look back at the night Mo deep one eye, what happened? Isn't it self-report? Just let the other person leave? That's the right person to be found!

"Take it out!" The night Mo deep tone aggravates, the voice has obviously contained the anger!

Xiao Su didn't dare to hesitate any more, so he asked someone to get her out! After

and others left, Xiao Su turned around and found that the perfume that the woman had just stayed was very strong. She had not seen it before.

"less night, is it not good to smell perfume?" Xiao Su came forward to inquire, and pushed him to the window by the way. There was ventilation and there was not so much strange smell.

Night Mo deep pursed lips do not speak, eyes droop, long eyelashes covered his dark eyes, people can not see the mood of the fundus.

That night, the woman did not have any extra breath, especially clean.

Therefore, was under the drug night Mo Shen will be unable to control himself to take her.

In the whole process, the woman's green and tight make him crazy, and she belongs to that kind of little white rabbit type woman, absolutely not like the people just like that, who want to seduce him at the moment of eyebrows and eyes. And the perfume on her body is very strong.Night Mo deep squint eyes, recall that heavy rain night.

"Sir, sir, are you all right?"

Later he locked her in his arms. She was so scared that she just wanted to push her away, but where could he let go? Her clean breath entangled people to death, he was like a wolf who had been unsealed, completely wiped her dry, even the bones were too good.

I just didn't expect that the woman would escape completely after waking up, leaving him no information.

However, you can see that the other party is a very counsellor. If you encounter something, you dare not face it directly. Maybe It was because of the first time that I ran away.

Suddenly, night Mo deep raised his head, thin lips hook up a sneer.

As long as she is in this city, he can certainly find her.

"By the way, the night is short, our staff are only all over Beicheng. Can this woman you mentioned be from other cities?"

Xiao Su's question makes night Mo deep frown.

Yeah, that woman Can it be from other cities? What if she's not from this city?

Thinking of this, the night Mo deep, eyes suddenly sharp, voice ice a few minutes.

"Then send more people and go out and look for it!"

Xiao Su nodded, "Oh, I'll send more people. It's just that there are few nights I'm still thinking, are we going to check those who have abortions? I don't think any girl will leave a stranger's child behind? What kind of woman must this be to be so wonderful? "

Speaking of this, Xiao Su also associated with one thing: "there is another thing, we can't just check in the hospital, right? After all, the woman may not be pregnant yet... "

Hear behind, night Mo deep forehead blue veins suddenly jump, suddenly a punch toward Xiao Su hit over.

"Damn it, you should have thought of that, didn't you? Do you dare to mention it in front of me