Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 65

When Han Xueyou finally left, Shen Qiao gave her a gift. However, she found that her whole mood seemed to be very low, so she asked, "what's the matter?"

Listen, Han Xueyou lowered his head to think what, did not hear her words.

Shen Qiao steps to stop, "snow you?"

Han Xueyou came back to herself. After looking at Shen Qiao's concern, she laughed awkwardly: "I'm sorry, Qiao Qiao. I was just thinking about something, so I didn't hear it. Did you say anything to me?"

"What's the matter with you?" Shen Qiao asked anxiously.

Han Xueyou farfetched to show a smile to her: "I am not how ah, by the way, you and night Mo Shen very close?"

Shen Qiao thought that the question was a little strange. She twisted her eyebrows and Han Xueyou quickly explained, "I just asked. There was no other meaning."

Shen Qiao stopped talking and looked at her quietly.

Han Xueyou was a little flustered by her quiet eyes, "that Qiao Qiao, I really have no other meaning. I just care about you. If it's OK, I'll go first. "

"Well, then drive carefully."

After seeing Han Xueyou off, Shen Qiao returns to the room with a complicated mood. When she holds the door handle in her hand, she remembers Han Xueyou's appearance just now. She sighs in her heart. It seems that Xue you is really for her Broke a heart.

Having such a friend is really her lucky life.

Think of here, Shen Qiao smile slightly, then push open the door to go in.

After entering the room, Shen Qiao accidentally bumps into night Mo Shen's calm and deep eyes, so Shen Qiao closes the door for a moment and then closes the door again because of the interaction on the dining table.

So Shen Qiao felt that her relationship with ye Moshen had changed a little. Seeing that he was the only one in the room, she bit her lower lip and walked towards him, standing behind him to push the wheelchair for him.

"Xiao, where is Xiao Su?"

Mo Shen sat there indifferently with a sharp voice.

"Woman, what do you want?"

Listen, Shen Qiao's action is stunned, don't know why to look at the back of the night Mo deep.

What do you mean?

"Bring your friend to the night house without authorization."

Shen Qiao understood what he meant. She opened her lips and explained, "I'm just bringing her here. If you don't like it, I'll do it next time."

"Next time?" The night Mo Shen suddenly sneers, "you want to come that night?"

Shen Qiao bit his lower lip: "I really didn't mean it. Today is because..."

As soon as the voice fell, ye Moshen, who had been sitting still, suddenly raised her hand and clasped her thin wrist. Shen Qiao glared at her eyes. Before she could react, she was dragged by yemoshen, and then sat down on his leg.

Ye Moshen is tall and slender. After sitting on his leg, he feels that the big hand of yemoshen is encircled and her petite is confined in his arms.

Shen Qiao's pupils trembled.

Her chin was pinched, and the man's breath came close to her and surrounded her.

Shen Qiao looks at night Mo Shen's handsome face in front of his eyes gradually enlarge, before she reacts, night Mo Shen's face enlarges in front of him, and then close to her eyes lose focus.

Shen Qiao felt that her brain was dead for a while, and her body trembled gently.

He Kiss her again.

Is that a kiss?

The man's lips were cold and dry. They were close to her, slowly describing the shape. Suddenly, he stretched out his tongue to tease him. Shen Qiao suddenly widened his eyes. However, the deep palms of the night suddenly came over and clasped the back of her head. The other hand clasped her waist and pressed her towards him.

He was forced to seize the area of her head, and was forced to open his mouth with a strong kiss.

"Well..." Shen Qiao involuntarily calls out a voice, eyes slowly closed.

Never bear such a hot, breath and wild kiss, Shen Qiao's memory seems to go back to that rainy night more than a month ago, the kiss of the man who can't see his face is so hot and wild.

No, they're not the same person

But why does she always think of the man before when she kisses her deeply in the night? Is it because Lin Jiang never kisses her before?

Shen Qiao heard that ye Mo Shen asked her in a sarcastic tone.

"Don't you think you're weak enough to tempt me and ask your friends to join me?"

Listen, Shen Qiao is a little confused. What is he talking about?

The night is deep, the voice is deep and hoarse, like the wine that has been treasured for many years, glides through the throat, and is intoxicating.

A moment later, Shen Qiao suddenly reflected what he meant by his words. There was a look of shame in his eyes. Shen Qiao reached out and tried to push him away, but he was more tightly bound by Yemo, and his breath hit her wildly.

"What? If you don't try it yourself, let your friend ask me for my opinion? ""Well Let go Shen Qiao was so angry that she reached out to his chest. Her beautiful eyes were touched, with intoxicating luster. Her lips were red and swollen, but she said obstinately: "you don't think people are too dirty. Xueyou is just a guest. It's not what you think!"

"Is it?" The night Mo deep low laughs out the sound, the eye tightly grasps her lips.

Her lips are small and round, the middle of the lip bead is particularly prominent, because of the relationship between redness and swelling, so the surrounding white skin also took a little light pink, just looked for a while, the night Mo Shen's eyes have already been a bit deep.

"Are you sure she's just here to be a guest, not to plot against me?"

Shen Qiao stares big eyes, can't believe looking at the man who is close at hand and has a bad smile.

"How could it be? Snow you can't plot against you

Shen Qiao bit the lower lip to explain.

"Oh, are you sure she's not really plotting against me? Or do you think your husband can give up his hand? "

Shen Qiao:

What does he mean by that?

What is a husband can give up.

Yes, she and he are husband and wife, but Isn't this marriage not recognized? What does he think of this sentence now? Shen Qiao found that his heart beat very fast, and he felt that the eyes of Mo Shen at night were too deep, so dark that he could not see his emotions clearly and bit his lower lip.

"I didn't think that, but I can guarantee that Xueyou has no idea about you. She is just a guest today. I know you may not like it, but... "

"Oh, how can I not like it?" Ye Mo Shen pinched her chin and breathed heavily: "my wife is so generous to send her friend to the door. I should thank you, don't I?"

Shen Qiao stares with consternation, "what does this mean?"

"Again, I'll treat her well."

Shen Qiao: How late is the night? "

"So, as you wish?"

Shen Qiao a small face gradually white, can't believe looking at the beautiful man in front of him, but smile very evil charm.

Suddenly felt that the night is more terrible than she imagined.