Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 61

After ye Moshen came in, Shen Qiao began to be nervous. She bit her lower lip, because she had just talked about his inhumanity. As soon as he finished, he appeared at the door of the ward. She didn't know whether he heard it or not.

If she heard that, what would she do?

Or, did he hear anything more than that? At the thought of this, Shen Qiao's face turned white and squeezed the sheets in his hands.

After the night Mo Shen came in, his eyes swept around him and finally fixed on Shen Qiao's body.

"Why is the door locked?"

Listen to words, Shen Qiao suddenly nervous up, small face a white.

Night Mo Shen narrows her eyes dangerously. Oh, this woman is really stupid. She can't hide anything at all. It's almost just a question that can make her break the law.

Han Xueyou, by the door, hears it. She goes quickly to explain to Shen Qiao: "she just changed her clothes, so she locked the door for a while. Is that ok?"

Night Mo deep eyes still cold lock Shen Qiao, seems to be in the debate.

Shen Qiao didn't dare to look at his eyes. He could only lower his eyes.

I can't help it. She's too guilty.

Shen Qiao has a problem, that is, when she is guilty, she doesn't dare to have eyes with others, otherwise She's easy to show off.

The ward seems to be in a stalemate, the night Mo Shen came in, the temperature dropped here, Shen Qiao sat there like a prisoner did not dare to move, Han Xueyou looked at all for her heartache, a light cough came forward.

"That Qiao Qiao has always been sensitive, and we are only two girls. There is no one else here. For the sake of safety, we lock the door. At night Two little? Will you understand that? "

Han Xueyou blocks in front of Shen Qiao and breaks into the sight area of Mo Shen at night.

Ye Mo looks at the woman in front of her. Different from Shen Qiao, she is dressed in exquisite makeup and wears famous brands. Moreover, she has a hot body and looks very energetic.

Shen Qiao, who was blocked by her, was wearing light colored clothes, her small white face and even her lips were pale, and her hair was messy.

This sharp contrast suddenly appeared.

The night Mo deep takes back the vision, did not answer Han Xueyou's words, but looked at Shen Qiao in a cold voice: "where is Chen ma?"

After listening, Shen Qiaodun for a moment and raised his head.

"Chen Ma, she Go back and have a rest. "

Never frown at night.

"I have Xueyou with me today, and I have nothing to do, so..."

It turns out that he's here to find Mrs. Chen. No wonder How could he have come to see himself?

"Well." Night Mo deep next Hubei slightly lift, signal Xiao Su to leave here. Xiao Su was speechless and put his bag on the table: "assistant Shen, this is the toiletries I prepared just now. I put it here. The doctor said that you will be hospitalized for observation for two days, so you must stay in the hospital for these two days."

"Oh, thank you."

"If it's OK, I'll go with yeshao first."

With that, Xiao Su went to push yemoshen to leave. After leaving the ward completely, Xiao Su couldn't stand it. He said directly, "night is little. Aren't we coming to see her? Why did you leave so soon? "

Smell speech, night Mo deep, eyes cold a few minutes: "did not die become, you still want to stay?"

Xiao Su: "it's But yeshao's question will obviously make assistant Shen feel that you are looking for Mrs. Chen. "

"Didn't I come to see Ma Chen?"

Xiao Xiao said:

Forget it. Just be happy.

After they left the ward, Han Xueyou sat beside Shen Qiao and said, "I heard that man call you assistant Shen. What's the matter? According to your status in the night house, shouldn't he call you little grandma? "

Listen to words, Shen Qiao wry smile: "what do you think? I'm not a real little grandmother in the night house. I'm going to get divorced in the future. "

Inexplicable, Han Xueyou tight heart at this moment loose, she laughed: "yes, you are going to divorce."

She knows the half year agreement between Shen Qiao and ye Moshen. After half a year, Shen Qiao will leave home and stay at night, and ye Moshen will be alone again.

I don't know why, Han Xueyou just depressed mood, now see clouds.

Thinking of this, Han Xueyou held Shen Qiao's white wrist and whispered, "don't worry, I will try my best to find the father for you and let your family get together."

Shen Qiaodun for a moment, is the family reunited?

"I don't know what they are like. I sometimes think Was it a hasty decision? What if he's a married man? Or what's on his back... "

After all, it's just a one night stand.

How can this kind of thing be accurate one night? In such a dark situation, you don't know whether the other party is a person or a ghost.

"I don't think so. The other party should be a man of good taste. As for whether the other party is a married man, it's time to have a look. If you can't, you're pregnant anyway. Even if you're married, you can take him over! "Hearing this, Shen Qiao couldn't help but stare at her eyes, "snow, snow you What are you talking about? "

Han Xueyou raised her lips, "what's the matter? Am I wrong? What you want is bound to get. Do you want the baby in your stomach to be the child of a single parent family

Shen Qiao:

Han Xueyou said this for the first time, which she couldn't accept.

"What's the matter? Why look at me like that? " Han Xueyou looked at her and asked.

Shen Qiao bit her lower lip, "Xue you, you know why Lin Jiang divorced me, right?"

Hearing this, Han Xueyou's smile on her face gradually disappeared and her eyes were replaced by panic.

"I'm sorry, Qiao Qiao. I didn't think that much just now. I didn't let you I just feel that it is the man who made you pregnant. If you find him, you must be responsible for it. I don't mean that. Don't be angry with me. "

Shen Qiao couldn't speak for a moment.

"Lin Jiang's affair was originally his own scum man. You see, he clearly had a woman outside, but he told you that he was impotent and didn't touch you after so long marriage. After winning the lottery, he dumped you. This was originally a negotiation. You and that little three can't be regarded as of the same nature. Can you understand my words?"

Shen Qiao nodded: "I know."

"Qiao Qiao, you have to believe me. I'm on your side. All my thoughts are based on your interests. If I accidentally said something wrong. Don't be angry with me

Seeing her pathetic expression, Shen Qiao realized that he might be too serious, so he took her hand: "OK, I know you are considering it for me, but I can't say that in the future. If the other party really has a family, we'll take it as if it didn't happen at all, OK?"

"Mm-hmm." Han Xueyou nodded: "I listen to you, you can rest assured, I will find that man for you