Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 570

He really regards her as a three-year-old child? Make up a reason to cheat her?

No matter what she said, ye Mo Shen's expression did not seem to have much change. Han Muzi went to his door to observe for a long time, but still did not see the camera he was looking for.

After searching for a while, Han Muzi suddenly felt that it was ridiculous to look for him like this in front of him. He dared to tell himself that he had a good heart and denied that he had installed a camera at the door of her house, which showed that he had a successful mind.

Maybe it's just a tiny camera. If she relies on the naked eye to find it, she can't find it.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi then looked at the night Mo Shen leaning on one side, "is it a micro camera?"

Night Mo deep stare at her, thin lips pursed into a straight line, did not answer her words.

Han Muzi also staring at him, two people confrontation for a long time, Han Muzi suddenly turned around, "forget it, I can't expect to ask from you, since you don't want to say, I won't ask."

With that, Han Muzi reached out to press the down button of the elevator. After waiting for a long time, the door of the elevator opened slowly. Han Muzi went directly into the elevator.

After entering the elevator, she did not look at the expression of the night, but directly went to press the close button.

Seeing the elevator door slowly closed, Mo Shen, who had been leaning against the wall, suddenly moved, and the tall figure broke in directly.

As he broke in, the door of the elevator just closed.

Han Muzi is surprised and stares at him.

"What are you going to do?"

"It's too dangerous out there now." "You can't go out alone," he said in a deep voice

He frowned and seemed to be worried about her, but Han Muzi felt that he had been clinging to himself, so he opened his mouth in a funny way.

"You think too much? You always follow me like this, even if there is danger, it will not happen at all

The night is not deep

This sentence seems to be quite reasonable. He found that he had no way to refute it. He moved his thin lips. A moment later, Korean Muzi leaned over and said with a low smile, "that's good."

Han Muzi:

Does he mean to follow himself to the end?

A moment later, Yemo Shen asked, "where are you going?"

"It's none of your business."

Han Muzi is leaning against the elevator and standing with her hands around her chest. She stood there with a pale face. She had a high fever. She felt that she had some energy before she went out. However, after the tossing and turning, she felt her head was a little dizzy, and some could not stand on her feet, so she could only rely on the wall of the elevator.

Can never in the night deep in front of the show tired or fragile appearance, or he will follow his own.

Thinking of this, she took a deep breath of me, and then added: "I have something to go out, you don't follow me."

Night Mo deep side eyes, see her almost all the weight of the body are entrusted to the wall behind, eyebrows will not consciously frown.

What is this stupid woman stubborn in front of him?

But think about it, she has always been so stubborn.

Think of here, night Mo deep thin lip hook, "I send you over."

Hearing this, Han Muzi naturally refused him in a cold voice: "no, I have my own car. I don't need you to send it."

The night was silent, and the elevator was silent again.

After a while, the elevator arrived.

After the elevator door opened, Han Muzi straightened up and walked out with some reluctance.

After a few steps, she found that her head was dizzy, probably the sequela of a high fever.

Last night, when she came out from the bath, she had been in a daze on the balcony. After a long cold wind, she went back to sleep. After all, she was absent-minded last night, so she didn't even dry her hair.

How did you know she was so confused when I woke up.

Han Muzi doesn't know what happened later, but she can still remember some fragments, that is, Xiaoyan called her, and she opened the door to yemoshen, and then yemoshen directly carried her upstairs to cool her down for various physics.

The next thing she knew was when she woke up.

Of course, she knew that she couldn't force herself to drive like this, but if she hadn't been here at night, she might have gone straight back.

After all, she took her life seriously.

But night Mo deep here, she is inexplicably do not want to show weakness in front of the night.

Even if you want to go back, you have to let the night go.

Think of here, Han Muzi's step stops, and then she turns her head to see the night Mo Shen that follows up behind her.

"You go back." It's rare that her voice is lighter, so don't go to her at night.

"So you don't want to see me? You don't want me to be with you even though you know the danger? "Han Muzi: "the night always manages everything. The company is so big that you can't stay with me 24 hours a day, right? If such a thing were put in ancient times, would I not have become a beauty disaster? "

Words fall, night Mo deep lean over, black eyes like suction in general, low voice.

"Don't question, you do have the qualification of beauty disaster."

This looks, casually dressed up, others night Mo deep did not know, but he loved her this appearance.

Breathing blend, Han Muzi heart missed half a beat, subconsciously back a step back to open with the night Mo Shen distance.

She was a little feverish behind her ear. She did not open her face and said, "I want to go to the company to deal with some things. You must have a lot of things to deal with in your company, so Shall we go our own way? "

He did not answer and stood staring at her.

Han Muzi thought about it for a moment. As soon as he acquiesced, he took the car key and went to his car. As soon as he opened the door, a figure flashed over and took away the car key from her.

Without waiting for Han Muzi to react, yemoshen has already sat in the driver's seat.

Han Muzi said What are you doing? "

"A man who has just had a high fever and can't even walk steadily, still wants to drive? Is it all over? "

Han Muzi: "is this my business? Besides, I know if I can drive

Listen, night Mo Shen raised his head, eyes full of a cold cold, his thin lips moved.

"Do you want an accident?"


"If you want to die, let me accompany you. You can drive and I will take the co driver."

Han Muzi: "it's just

Her eyes widened, and the blood on her lips faded, frightened by his insane words.

"What are you talking about?"

Night Mo deep cold sneer: "it seems that you still know fear of death, get on the bus."

She stood where she was and did not move. After a moment, she said, "are you going to take me to the company?"

"Did I watch you drive by yourself?"

Don't ask me in the night.

After thinking about it, Han Muzi finally went around to the other side and drove in.