Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 568

Han Muzi had a long and long dream. In the dream, she seemed to be in a sea of fire. The fire made her skin burn and hurt, but no matter how she struggled, she couldn't get rid of it.

Even, the body is still sinking, as if to be swallowed by the sea of fire.

In the end, I don't know where the coolness came from. She was surrounded by the fire. Finally

The sea of fire disappeared, and then she fell into darkness.

She was attracted by the smell of rice. Before she opened her eyes, she seemed to smell the smell of rice fragrance. Her stomach was hungry and a little hungry.

Han Muzi trembling hair moved, and then slowly opened his eyes.

In the eye, is the familiar decoration, Han Muzi looked around and confirmed that this is his room.

She closed her eyes again and took a little tired breath.

How to feel as if the head has been hit hard, very uncomfortable.

Rice fragrance

Didn't Xiao Yan go to work? How does she feel when she wakes up in the morning when Xiaoyan knocks on her room door, and then she asks Xiaoyan to go to the company first, and then she rushes there later.

What time is it now?

Thinking of this, Han Muzi suddenly opened his eyes, then sat up and reached for the mobile phone on the bed.

Probably because she got up too quickly, Han Muzi felt a dizzy attack. Her eyes were dark and she fell back uncontrollably.

The head fell on the soft pillow, and it took a while to recover the Qingming.

At the same time, a deep male voice sounded, with a little anxiety: "wake up?"

The voice

Deep familiarity.

Han Muzi opened his eyes again, and his beautiful face appeared in front of him.

How is he?

Han Muzi thought that he had seen him in his dream and drove him away.

Isn't it a dream?

Night Mo deep see her face is not very good-looking, pursed thin lips, reached out to help her up, and then put a pillow behind her, helplessly said: "stupid? I wake up in such a hurry. "

It's such a thoughtful night

Han Muzi's pale lip moved, and when he wanted to say something, night Mo Shen took the prepared water cup and handed it to her: "drink water."

Han Muzi: "it's just

She took the cup, feeling helpless.

Although it is considerate, but let her drink water, this tone still belongs to command type.

The man was born a general.

Han Muzi also dry mouth, drank a small half cup to moisten his throat and lips, and then handed the cup over.

He took it as usual, then put it to one side, and then got up to serve her porridge on the table next to him.

I was dizzy just now, but I can't. Han Muzi picked up the mobile phone to have a look, this time has not arrived at noon off work time, Xiaoyan should not have come back.

Where did that pot of porridge come from?

He cooked it?

Han Muzi looked at the night with doubts. Mo Shen took the porridge toward him and sat down in front of him. He took a spoon and scooped out a mouthful of cold to his lips.

“……” Han Muzi did not dare to eat, looking at him with doubts.

Ye Moshen was very smart, and soon received a message from her eyes. He said, "this porridge was sent by my cook, so you don't have to be afraid that I will poison you."

Han Muzi: "it's just

"Come on." He put the spoon and bowl to her lips, "open your mouth and eat."

Han Muzi: "I'm not a child!"

"But you are sick." Night Mo deep eyes and actions are persistent, it seems that Han Muzi said nothing will change the same.

For the first time, this was the first time he had fed her by hand.

How do you feel so strange? Han Muzi did not feel used to it. She turned her head and didn't want to contain that porridge.

See her stubborn, night Mo dark dark eyes appear a touch of anger, directly reach out to pinch her chin, forcing her to turn her head.

"Be obedient."

The chin is pinched, and the strength is quite big, Han Muzi struggled for a while and failed to escape, Han Muzi airway: "you let me go, I don't need you to feed."

Night Mo deep thin lips tightly pursed into a straight line, eye color is all cold.

"You have to be stubborn with me, don't you? You don't want to eat because I fed it? "

"No Han Muzi shook his head: "I'm just not used to being fed food. I'm not a child. I have my own hands."

However, ye Moshen felt that she was resisting herself, because from the beginning to now, all her actions were against herself. So it's the same now, but she's so fragile.

"Not used to it? Get used to it from today

"The night is not deep. Are you sick? Why should I get used to it? " Han Muzi is a little angry, and her eyes are filled with anger.The night Mo deep sneers a, the hand that pinches in her next jaw gradually tightens a few minutes, the sound line also follows to sink.

"You think I'm sick? Who is the sick person in bed now? Even their own body can not take good care of the fool, but also mean to say that they are not children? How can you take care of your son just like you do? "

Han Muzi, who was still furious just now, suddenly changed her face when she heard this. She stared at the night.

"You, how do you know?"

How do you know she's a son

Thinking of what, Han Muzi's face was even whiter: "did you investigate me? It's a night when you don't keep your promise

Listen, the light in Mo's deep eyes was dimmed a little bit, and his smile was a bit self mockery.

"Sure enough, in your eyes, I'm the kind of person who doesn't keep my promise. Muzi, when can you trust me a little

"And you?" Han Muzi's voice was loud, "you want me to trust you, what have you done to make me trust you? What harm did you do to me at that time? Didn't you count it in your heart? Clearly promise not to investigate me, you now investigate me! You dare to tell me to believe you

Her mood is very excited, the mood of the night is not much better, refute her.

"I only found out when I went in to change my shoes. They were all boys' shoes. What, do you think I'm a fool, or do you underestimate yourself? "

Originally the upsurge of anger, after hearing ye Moshen said that she only found her son when she saw the shoes, the anger was quenched by a basin of water.

She froze in place, looking at the eyes and expressions are quite injured night Mo Shen.

This moment suddenly silent, Han Muzi can only hear his panting voice.

After a long time, don't be defeated deeply in the night, drooping your eyes.

"Don't be angry. I said I would not investigate you, so I will never. I wouldn't read the survey even if someone sent it to me. So, can you eat now? "

Such a low brow

Han Muzi's eyes were suddenly red, and then she angrily patted the night deep's hand, and with anger, she knocked over the bowl in his hand.

"Get out of here, you get out of here!"