Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 567

After the doctor left, Xiao Su looked back at the room.

On weekdays, Mo Shen stayed by the bed, his black eyes staring at Han Muzi lying on the bed. In his eyes and face, there was no place that could not show his deep concern for Han Muzi.

It seems that yeshao was really eaten to death by his grandmother.

I've been looking for her for five years. Maybe it's because the Han family has deliberately hidden her, but she hasn't been found. So I'll see you again five years later.

From that moment on, the night was probably crazy.

Forget it, let him be crazy, life has a few five years, he still don't do anything to stop the night.

Xiao Su walked in and said respectfully, "yeshao, the doctor just said that it will be OK when the young grandmother's fever subsides. If there is nothing else here, I will go back to the company first."

After all, there are still a lot of things to deal with in the company. Yeshao has been slack on the company's Affairs recently. Although there are still several important things to deal with, Xiao Su will naturally shoulder the big and small things of the company.

Xiao Su naturally wanted to support all this.

"Go ahead." The night Mo deep light spot head, by the way reminds him: "that thing don't forget to stare at."

"Good night, I'll keep an eye on it, and I'll tell you the result if there is any disturbance."


After Xiao Su left, night Mo Shen is still at Han Muzi's side, changing wet sweaters for her from time to time, all kinds of physical cooling.

With the drug cooling together, Han Muzi's body heat soon faded down.

Night Mo Shen leaned forward to her forehead and her forehead against each other. After a long time of feeling it, she found that Han Muzi's body temperature had returned to normal.

He just breathed a sigh of relief, but the body was not in a hurry to retreat, but his hands on her sides, looking at Han Muzi who was still in a coma.

"Is it a fool? How can you take care of others even if you can't take care of yourself? "

Speaking of this, night Mo Shen sighed again, slightly bowed his head and pressed a light kiss on Han Muzi's lips. Finally, he moved to her soft lips and sucked it gently. Finally, he restrained his desire and got up again.


in a western restaurant,

"what did you say? Have you been informed to leave temporarily? When did I inform you to leave? Didn't I ask you to follow her? "

"Oh, what do you mean by that? Take the money and do nothing, do you? "

Angry female voice spread out in the dark corner, a girl working in a western restaurant hid there, covered her mobile phone and lowered her voice.

"Employers, it's not that we don't take money and don't do things. The situation is like this..."

The other side told her again, but she still felt puzzled.

"Fart, you, I asked you to follow someone else, you took my money, and now you tell me that you have received orders from others, so you have returned? This is a breach of agreement. "

"Refund? Do you think I'm so easy to offend? "

A waiter came over and looked at the woman who was hiding in the corner and called angrily: "Meng Xueyou, don't think you can get together with the manager and you don't have to work. You hide here every day to be lazy!"

Meng Xueyou also wanted to scold the people on the other side. She suddenly heard someone calling her name. Her face changed. She quickly reached out to cover her mobile phone, and then swore loudly to the visitors.

"I thought it was who, you poor man."

Meng Xueyou sneered and hung up her cell phone. Then she got up and walked to her.

"Shen Yiyi, if you have the ability, you can show me the manager."

"You Shen Yiyi was infuriated by her complacent eyes and swore: "I don't know where your face comes from. I'm still proud of such an old man."

"What do you say?"

Shen Yiyi sneered: "am I wrong? The manager is so old that he can be your father. You don't feel sick to others. What a disgusting woman

Pa -

a slap in the face of Shen Yiyi.

The strength of this slap in the face is very strong, Shen Yiyi was beaten straight back, covered his cheek and raised his head resentfully: "how dare you hit me?"

Meng Xueyou put the bracelet in front of her chest, "if you don't beat you, how can you know my strength? Even if the manager is an old man, so what? Whether I am disgusted or not, it's all my business. It's not up to you to comment. What's more, what I'm getting now is my own strength, even if it's dirty? I'm willing to give, will you? "

Shen Yiyi stares at her in shock.

I didn't expect that she said her dirty event so fresh and refined. Originally, she thought that she would be angry if she said that Meng Xueyou did everything.

She was really angry, but she was still very proud to tell herself that she had paid!"Shameless. I haven't seen anyone more shameless than you."

"Oh." Meng Xueyou walked forward with her arm around her: "you're really disappointed, because I will only be more shameless. "

After she had gone from cloud to dust, what could she not do?

She used to be a big miss of the Han family. She could be a bully, but now?

A gambler's daughter, a woman who can be beaten to death by her father at any time when she comes home, and will be gambled at the intersection by the debt seeker at any time. What else can she not do?

All this was given by that woman.

She wants to give it back to her little by little!

Shen Yiyi covered his face and went outside. When his colleagues saw him, he asked her with concern: "what's the matter with you? The face is swollen

Shen Yiyi was so asked, immediately hate can't, angry way: "just that Meng Xueyou was lazy inside, I said her a few words, she started directly."

Colleagues a listen, can't help but stare big eyes, "what's the matter with you? Who's wrong with you? What are you doing with her? She is a popular woman in our restaurant. Don't you wait until you can't find yourself a good time to trouble her? "

"I just can't stand her. Why can she do this?"

"Why? How dare you go out with her? Do you dare to sleep with the old man and coax the old man? "

"Me Shen Yiyi was said by her, suddenly found that he could not reply.

"People pay their body, so she can be so rude in this restaurant. Although she looks shameless in our eyes, she thinks it's amazing. Let's leave her alone and do our duty well. "

After that, the colleague patted her on the shoulder and advised: "this time you have a flash loss. You should teach a lesson for a long time. Don't fight against her next time. People in our restaurant are afraid of her!"

Shen Yiyi is still unconvinced, biting his teeth to cover his cheek, is it so white by a slap in the face?

No, she can't just be bullied.

What she said on the phone just now, she must find out!