Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 564

"I'll protect you until I find out who's behind it."

Han Muzi washed dishes, she suddenly thought of what, stopped to look at the night Mo Shen.

"You mean you're going to live in my house?"

Night Mo deep close to a few minutes, the body's breath pressure over.

"If you agree..."

"No way." Han Muzi did not want to directly refuse him, "you see, I am not living alone, very inconvenient."

Night Mo Shen from her words to find a loophole drill: "you mean, you can be alone?"

Han Muzi said You don't drill the loopholes in my words. Anyway, you've eaten your meal. It's not early today. Go back quickly. "

Seeing him standing silent, Han Muzi added: "don't let me hate you more."

Perhaps this sentence touched the deep point of the night. He stood by her side and was silent for a long time. Then he slowly opened his mouth and said, "I'll wash the dishes for you and I'll go."

"What you say is what you say."

This time, night Mo Shen really said what he said. Han Muzi washed the bowl and directly sent him to the door. Ye Moshen did not ask to stay.

Just before leaving, when Mo Shen opened the shoe cabinet at night, he saw the children's shoes in the shoe cabinet again. He was surprised by his dark eyes and looked into the room again.

"Come on." Han Muzi urged him, "what are you dallying about?"

Listen, the night Mo Shen put on the shoes, walked to the door when the eyes fell on her face.

To stop, Han Muzi interrupted him in time: "you go back to pay attention to safety."

Then with a snap, the door was closed.

After closing the door, Han Muzi leaned against the door with her back to the door. Her eyes moved back slowly. She lowered her eyes to hide her eyes, making people unable to see what she was thinking.

In front of her, Xiaomi opened the door and put all the shoes in front of her.

After coming out, she directly locked Xiaomi Dou's door.

When she was ready to go back to her room, she met Xiao Yan leaning against the door.

"He knows where you live now."

Han Muzi stood, did not pick up the words of Xiaoyan.

Xiaoyan continued: "I think, paper is always not wrapped in fire."

"One day, one day." At this time, Han Muzi is more calm.

Perhaps for her, she knew for a long time that after returning home, she met ye Moshen and saw that he was so powerful to himself that he would find out one day.

As long as millet beans are exposed in front of the night.

His life experience will also be revealed.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi smiles and says in a soft voice: "in short, now, you can protect every day, and Even if the paper can't wrap the fire in the end, I won't let the fire spread. "

Hearing this, Xiaoyan was slightly surprised. Her lips moved. Finally, she couldn't help asking, "you mean, even if they meet, you will Won't admit it? "

Han Muzi did not nod, but silence has indicated acquiescence. Xiaoyan had to skim his lips, "I think the total character of the night is not so easy to give up."

"Do you think he will rob the child with me?"

"No!" Xiao Yan shook her head and looked at her carefully.

Han Muzi was a little surprised: "no?"

"I mean, not just the kids, but you."

Han Muzi: "it's just

"You are the one he will win. If Xiaomi Dou is found to be his child, then he must be a must along with you and Xiaomi Dou. "

Listen to words, Han Muzi was stunned, pink lips slightly open, but a word can not be said.

Is it because of the players?

Why did she not see Xiaoyan clearly?

She has always been afraid that ye Moshen will find her child, and then the night family will come to snatch Xiaomi Dou. That is her only dependence. If she is robbed by the night family, then what will she rely on to live on?

But what Xiao Yan said to her tonight, she suddenly woke up.

She always thought that the night would only take away the children.

But Xiao Yan said clearly that it was her that night Mo Shen wanted.

"And according to his character, I guess he doesn't want children even if he wants you." Xiaoyansheng was afraid that she could not understand, and added another sentence.

Han Muzi is completely speechless, his mind is in a mess.

She never thought about it.

"So think about it carefully." Xiao Yan advised: "I know you still have him in your heart. I know what you did abroad before. Muzi, as your friend, although I should be on your side, I think What ye Mo Shen has done for you now is not much, but it is definitely quite a lot. He is very humble in front of you now, just like I'm the same in front of your brother. Can you understand what I mean? "When did she have to turn to Xiao Yan to teach her how to feel.

Clearly, the other party has never experienced anything.

Han Muzi was a little angry and said angrily, "did you see him do this and pity him? Or do you think I've done too much to him? "

"No, I don't think you're too much. After all, what he did five years ago, even if he lost his life to you, as your friend, I would not think it was too much. But I can't bear to see you torture yourself. Do you think I'm telling you this for him? I did it for you. "

Xiaoyan stepped forward, feeling a little excited.

"I know you still like him. Over the past five years, you seem to have forgotten this person, but I know you are in your heart..."

"Stop it." Han Muzi cold voice interrupted her words, and then back to Xiaoyan, looked at the front, red lips tightly pursed.

"Muzi, what I said is serious!"

"I told you to stop talking about it." Han Muzi said, no longer take care of Xiaoyan, but take a step to their own room.

Xiao Yan looked at her back, some disheartened down his head, the whole person became dejected.

She didn't want to set up night Moshen and Han Muzi, but she couldn't see her good friend tossing around like this.

As long as As long as she can put down everything before, now with night Mo Shen together, with millet beans.

Is it not good for a family of three to be happy together?

But Her heart knot is really too deep, and I don't know when ye Moshen can untie her heart knot.

After splashing sulfuric acid, Xiaoyan knows that Han Muzi has been soft hearted, but in the end

We can see how deep her heart knot is.

After Han Muzi returned to the room, she directly took the clothes to take a bath. She opened the shower, and the whole person stood below, letting the hot water wash from head to bottom.

Xiao Yan's words have been playing back in her ears, but the fire in her heart is burning more and more prosperous.

How can we forget what he did to himself five years ago?

How can you??!