Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 562

Stupefied for about three seconds, Han Muzi only knew what it was. She reached out in horror and wanted to push the night deep away.

But this action seems to have produced stimulation to night Mo Shen, originally hoop in her waist hand tighter, the strength is big to seem to want to strangle her waist.

He suppressed her in the back of the closet door panel, the strength is very heavy, Han Muzi felt that he was a little out of breath.

She wanted to push him away, but his strength was heavier. His cold thin lips became hot and hot, and fell on the top of her hair. Though separated by green silk, Han Muzi actually felt the temperature on his lips.

She kept her will and tried to push him away.

The hand is held by the night Mo Shen, his hoarse voice with a low appeal.

"Don't push me away, Muzi."

Han Muzi originally wanted to resist with it. After hearing his words with appeal, he found that his strength had disappeared slowly.

Mo Shen's action continues.

"The night is deep, you let go..."

Finally, Han Muzi could only reach out and grasp his collar conditionally.

Night Mo's dark eyes are no longer a cold color, like burning two groups of fire, his thin lips slightly hook to hold Han Muzi's chin.

"Your body is much more honest than your mouth."

Han Muzi: "it's just

She didn't want to.

It was clear that he should be rejected, but he still showed this way in front of him.

Han Muzi bit her lower lip, and her eyes were filled with embarrassment.

He said he had been abstinent for five years, but she didn't?

Although she had been pursued abroad in the past five years, she always thought of a person in her heart. Although later, when her situation improved, she did not put her emotions on her face.

So when she was abroad, few people could see through her ideas.

Although on the surface is resistant, but Han Muzi knows that he is actually eager.

In addition, the night is not so deep.

In her daze, night Mo Shen suddenly close to her ear blowing, so that Han Muzi more untenable, and then the whole person can be said to be completely attached to his body.

The night Mo Shen follows the trend directly to beat her to hold up.

A bedroom, a room where you can see the bed as soon as you go in.

And this room also has his beloved woman, which for a man, is undoubtedly an invitation.

In addition, Mo Shen was very impulsive this evening.

Han Muzi's coat was taken off, only the inner garment was pressed by the night Mo Shen under the body, she did not return to God.

Maybe she was confused, or maybe she was wrong.

When it came to the critical moment, the sound of knocking on the door suddenly rang out in the room, waking up Han Muzi, who was in a confused mood.

"Muzi, I'm ready to eat. I'm out to eat..."

It's Yan's voice!

She suddenly opened her eyes. When she saw the scene in front of her, she widened her eyes and pushed the night away. Then she quickly jumped out of bed, grabbed the clothes thrown on the ground and put them on her body.

The people outside did not get a response, so they were puzzled.

"Muzi, are you in there?"

With that, Xiaoyan reached for the doorknob.

Hearing the sound of the doorknob turning, Han Muzi's face changed greatly. He said nervously, "don't come in. I'll go down right away. You wait for me."

As she spoke, she dressed faster.

After the night Mo Shen was pushed away, he sat there with a gloomy face and watched Han Muzi coax her to take off the clothes one by one.

I feel very depressed.

It's like a dog in the sun.

Clearly Just one last step away, he can have her successfully.

Who knows, kill a Cheng Yaojin on the way.

And here, Han Muzi nervously put on her clothes. When she heard that Xiaoyan really twisted the doorknob, she looked back in panic and found that yemoshen was still sitting there without clothes.

If Xiaoyan comes in, doesn't it mean to see

She didn't think much about it. She turned around and rushed to pull up the quilt and cover her body at night.

Click -

"huh? Muzi, why did you lock the door? You're poisonous. You're the only one in this room. You're going to lock the door, too? Can I still peek at you... " Xiao Yan clapped the door outside and yelled loudly. Half of the time, she seemed to suddenly realize something was wrong and stopped talking.

Han Mu purple face embarrassed stiff in place, she has for the night Mo Shen will cover the quilt.

The night Mo Shen is interrupted, the face is very gloomy, see her flustered not to be able to, in the heart is more angry, then cold voice way: "I come in when lock the door."

Han Muzi: "it's justSo, his intention was clear from the beginning?

Outside, she fell into an awkward silence. For a long time, Xiaoyan coughed: "then I'll go down first, you Are you still out to eat? "

Han Muzi said Of course

"Well, I'll wait for you."

Finish not wait for Han Muzi to reply again, small Yan then slip away.

Hearing the sound of the footsteps getting far away, Han Muzi breathed a sigh of relief, reached out and rubbed her aching eyebrows. Then she looked up to see the culprit. She was still sitting there. She said in a cold voice, "when are you going to sit here? Get up and get dressed

Ye Mo Shen stares at her with desire and discontent.

See her neck is full of his left blue purple flower mark, unconsciously licked the dry lip: "inconvenient."


Ha ha!

She's really crazy to let such a man in.

You shouldn't have pity on him!

"It's inconvenient, isn't it? Then you can stay in this room until it's convenient for you. "

With that, Han Muzi shook her hand and turned out of the room.

When she went out, she pulled the door on.

After going downstairs, Han Muzi sees that Xiaoyan has already brought the dishes and chopsticks to the table, but She frowned.

"Why is there only one set of chopsticks? Didn't I say I would come out to eat? "

Xiaoyan took a look at her, then widened his eyes, curled his mouth and said, "I, I thought I thought you didn't come out. Why are you so fast? "

Han Muzi: "it's just

"It's not like I said, I'll cook a meal time, you'll come down, so fast Is it really good? " Xiao Yan came over and whispered in Han Muzi's ear and said, "the night is so little Not lasting? "

Han Muzi: "it's just

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and then opened them again.

"What kind of mess is on your mind?"