Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 561

When Xiaoyan rushed downstairs, she found that they were not together. In the living room, there was only the figure of Mo Shen at night, and Han Muzi was not seen.

Han Muzi is not in, Xiao Yan sees the night Mo Shen to change suddenly.

I don't know if it's because of his cold breath, or because he used to be his top boss before, so Xiaoyan has always been in a state of fear for him.

Now seeing him sitting alone in the living room, Xiaoyan came forward with some fear, "you..."

Night Mo Shen, a sharp eye peak swept over, Xiao Yan was scared to stand a little straight, but Think that he is now in the pursuit of Muzi, and he is a good friend of Muzi, then in the end, Mo Shen has to look at his face?

Thinking of this, Xiaoyan coughed gently, and felt that he was not so afraid of the night.

Night Mo Shen's eyes only stayed on her for a few seconds and then left. He sat there with his legs folded. His handsome side face was full of cold, and his fierce eyes were particularly attractive.

Xiaoyan looked at the night, quietly narrowed his eyes, this man is really not generally good-looking.

How did she escape the temptation of this man? Is it because his breath has been too cold, so he never thought to like this man?

Thinking of those injuries that Han Muzi suffered, Xiaoyan unconsciously shivered. Fortunately, she didn't like to go to night, otherwise she would become the same person as Han Xueyou?

Xiao Yan thought about it, went over and asked, "where is the Mu purple man?"

Night Mo deep eyes do not move, cold voice way: "kitchen."

The voice just fell, Xiaoyan just heard the noise coming from the kitchen, she quickly slipped away from the front of the night, into the kitchen.

Han Muzi just turned on the fire, ready to stir fry when Xiaoyan came in.

She turned her head and saw that Xiaoyan stealthily closed the kitchen door to the backhand. She looked at her in a funny way and said, "you are a thief."

Hearing this, Xiao Yan turned her head and glared at her as if frightened.

"You are a thief."

"If you don't become a thief, why are you so sneaky at home?"

"You think I want to be furtive. I'm not the one who suddenly brings a man home." Small Yan hands ring chest to her in front of Han Muzi will pan heat, side way: "help me open the smoking machine."

Xiaoyan raised her hand and turned on the cigarette machine for her. By the way, she asked, "what's the matter with you? Don't you want to be with him? How can you go out and buy some salt, and you'll take people home? "

Han Muzi said I don't want to. "

"But you did it in the end."

Yes, she finally opened the door to let the night come in.

She bit her lower lip. Seeing that the bottom of the pot was almost hot, she poured the cabbage in. The smoke suddenly came up. Xiao Yan quickly hid behind and said, "you answer me quickly. Why is he here? Why do you bring people back?"

Han Muzi is frying vegetables, thinking about whether to tell Xiaoyan what happened downstairs just now. But when she thinks about it, she will be afraid to sleep according to her personality.

After all, what happened in these two days happened together, and a person died in the morning.

If she says she's been followed, then

Think of here, Han Muzi smile: "just happened to meet downstairs, he is shameless, I took him back."

Hearing this, Xiao Yan squinted suspiciously, "did you bring the other party back? Why don't I know when you've become so talkative? "

Han Muzi stopped the action on her hand, and she looked at Xiaoyan with some bad breath.

, "are you free?"

Xiaoyan blinked her eyes, Han Muzi then pulled her to her, and handed the spatula to her hand: "give it to you."

"Oh." Xiaoyan looked at the spatula in his hand: "I thought you were going to cook for him. You asked me to do it for a long time?"

"I hope you can talk so much when you eat later."

When Han Muzi came out of the kitchen, Xiaoyan suddenly remembered that if she wanted to stay for dinner, she would surely be sitting at the same table with them.

Sitting with that cold faced Yama, I can't even think about it.

After Han Muzi came out of the kitchen, he didn't go to see the night in the living room. Instead, he went upstairs.

When she went back to her bedroom and opened the closet to find her pajamas to wash, she suddenly felt that something was wrong. After all, yemoshen was still here.

He is a normal man. If he appears in front of him in his pajamas, isn't he going to have to?


Han Mu purple eyes hang down, abstinence for five years, is it true?

Or is it that, in order to get her forgiveness, he deliberately arranged it for her?

No.Han Muzi shook her head suddenly. What was she thinking about?

Even if he had been abstinent for five years, it wasn't her who made him abstinent. It was he who had a habit of cleanliness and didn't want to touch other women

However, other women can't, why can she?

The more you think about it, the more tangled in Han Muzi's brain, the more you feel trapped in a dead circle.

Han Muzi was very upset and wanted to close the cabinet door with one hand.

"Good taste."

The deep male voice suddenly came from the ear, which made Han Muzi almost jump up.

Panic, she subconsciously pushed to the side, but was night Mo deep pressure on the other side of the cabinet.

Han Muzi glared at her big eyes and exclaimed, "what do you want to do

The fragrance of her body, as well as the softness of her limbs, make the night more difficult to control.

I don't know what happened to him tonight. I've seen so many times before, but tonight Because of her words, he was hot for a long time.

Until now His heart is full of restlessness.

I really want to

The night Mo deep raises the hand, the fingertip touches her face, moves down slowly, finally falls between her neck.

Han Muzi is very sensitive, such a touch makes her suddenly can't stop shivering, even the red lip flap trembles for a while, Han Muzi's eyes move down slightly, and feel the burning heat from the night's deep fingertips.

She can see that the night is deep. It's very Not calm.

"You..." Han Muzi also wanted to say that he, night Mo Shen but suddenly raised eyes, deep eyes like suction, will her soul are sucked in, and then arrested.

"Hold it, will you?"

Han Muzi: "it's just

She gritted her teeth. "You're talking about this. How could you..."

However, before she finished her words, Mo Shen at night bent down and held her in her arms and tightly hooped her waist.

Han Muzi Leng in situ.

Then she felt a damp heat coming from her neck.