Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 559

Han Muzi's face was hot. He lowered his eyes and bit his lower lip. He said angrily, "who knows what virtue you have?"

Listen, the night Mo deep eyes slightly deep a few minutes, he stepped forward, put out his hands to catch her chin, scared Han Muzi quickly back a few steps.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't you know?" Night Mo deep pursed lip: "help you recall."

"No need!" Han Mu purple gas fiercely glared at him, and then pointed to the ice water on the table: "drink, hurry to go."

Ye Mo took a deep look at the ice water on the table. After thinking about it, he sat down on the sofa. He stretched out his hand to twist the ice water off, and pretended to drink two mouthfuls.

In fact, he is not thirsty, but hungry.

After all, he hasn't eaten since he left work.

Seeing him sitting down, Han Muzi's heart gradually calmed down. After calming down, she remembered what she had called him into the room for. She sat down opposite him.

"You should not be here for no reason today." She said calmly.

The night Mo Shen puts down the ice water in the hand, the deep vision falls on her face, also does not answer.

"If you don't speak, I'll take it as your acquiescence."

He still did not speak, Han Muzi knew that he was admitting, and then said: "did you guess that someone would follow me? So I came here on purpose? "

Night Mo Shen put his hands on the back of his head and adjusted himself to a comfortable position to lean on her sofa.

At this time, Xiaoyan went back upstairs and changed clothes. Right hid at the top of the stairs and secretly looked down at the bottom. How could Muzi bring him back?

She was really scared just now.

What happened? Actually let Mu Zi take night Mo Shen home?

Thinking of what, Xiao Yan suddenly happily covered her heart. Fortunately, during the day today, she sent Xiaomi Dou home.

In this way, Muzi really has foresight.

If Xiaomi Dou was still here when I was a child, Mo Shen came that night. Wouldn't they face each other directly?

Thinking of this, Xiao Yan covered his heart with a frightened face.

the conversation continued downstairs. Han Muzi saw that yemoshen had not answered, and felt that he was right.

"You had guessed that they would follow me, and you know what happened in the morning?" After asking this sentence, Han Muzi suddenly thought of something. She suddenly changed her face, staring at the night deep, "is that thing you asked people to do in the morning?"

"Well?" The night Mo deep sees her to change facial expression, this just had to open a mouth.

"You know, in the morning." Han Muzi pursed her red lips, and her face was stubborn, as if she had identified something.

At night, Mo's dark dark eyes were full of anger. He narrowed his eyes and said, "you mean the dead man? Do you think I made it? "

Han Muzi did not answer the words, indicating default.

"Oh." Night Mo Shen suddenly mocked himself: "Han Muzi, in your heart, I am so unbearable person?"

Han Muzi was stunned and his lips moved.


"Do you think I knew about the rabbit he sent you, so I forced him to commit suicide? Oh, even if you refuse my intimacy, now you think of me as such a person? "

Han Muzi: "it's just

She wanted to say that she didn't, but seeing his disappointed expression, she didn't know where to start. If she said too much, she would give him hope.

In that case, she had better not explain.

"What you think is what you think." Finally, Han Muzi broke the pot and said something.

Suddenly, what's the idea of raising her legs from the couch now? You think I'm the kind of person who can't be forgiven. What are you going to let me in for? "

He put his hands on the sofa behind Han Muzi, and almost put Han Muzi in his arms. The masculine atmosphere shrouded her without reservation, which made her stutter.

"You, you go back first."

"Answer me."

Han Muzi bit his teeth, "I said you can think what you like."

"Why did you let me in? I'm not afraid I'll make you commit suicide

I'm afraid I've been irritated, so I'm a bit tongue tied.

Han Muzi saw that he didn't retreat. Instead, he said some words to irritate him. He made him lose his temper. He simply straightened his back. "Then you killed me. Can I still be afraid of you?"

Originally extremely arrogant arrogance, after Han Muzi said this sentence, night Mo Shen was stunned.

Maybe this was a word she didn't mean to say, but when she heard it in the ears of Mo Shen at night, she felt that there was another meaning

He looked at the delicate and beautiful face in front of him. Her facial features were really three-dimensional, and her eyebrows were not thick or light. The natural eyebrow color made the whole person look soft and charming.I thought of another way to die

Kill her

In my mind, I have automatically remembered some restricted pictures. Because of the different breath of his whole body, the surrounding atmosphere has also changed a little, becoming inexplicable and ambiguous.

Han Muzi clearly felt the anger in her beautiful eyes and kicked him directly.

"What's in your head, dirty?"

Being kicked by her, it is not light and heavy for ye Moshen, but it kicks him in the heart, which makes the desire of Ye Moshen deeper.

His throat rolled and he opened his mouth in a deep voice.

"It's not that I think, it's you who say it."

"What did I say

Night Mo deep eyes color a dark, the body dropped a few minutes: "you let me Kill you. "

Han Muzi: "it's just

Silence for a few seconds, Han Muzi finally can't help but break out, directly push the night Mo Shen away: "dirty and shameless!"

Night Mo deep to stagger a few steps to stabilize his body, he covered by Han Muzi pushed away, eyes color is still very heavy, and then he returned to his position and sat down.

"I just let you in just now, your brain is hot, and now you can get out of here."

She pointed to the door and let the night go.

However, Mo Shen sat there motionless and did not intend to leave.

Han Mu purple gas pole, directly went forward to pull his collar: "you give me out, this is my home, I have the right not to let you stay here."

"Wait a minute." Night Mo deep backhand clasped her thin white wrist, voice low way: "I am not convenient to go out now."

Hearing this, Han Muzi sneered: "are you inconvenient? It's not convenient for me, get up

Night Mo Shen is like a huge stone, no matter how she pulls or pushes, Han Mu Ziqi is not good, has not given up, trying to pull him away.

Perhaps she was annoyed, night Mo Shen hand a force, will Han Muzi pulled to his arms.

"Ah." Han Muzi did not expect that, the whole person fell into his arms.

Just when she wanted to scold him, she felt his desire