Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 558

This is the first time ye Moshen went to Han Muzi's place.

He listened to the results of Xiao Su's investigation that the house was directly hung in the name of Han Muzi and was her private property.

Although at that time, she was impressed by her ability to handle affairs in her own company. She also guessed that if this woman did things seriously, few people could match her.

After that, the most important person she had built up was her lack of confidence.

Therefore, ye Moshen is not surprised by her achievements. It seems that all these are in his expectation.

He took off his shoes in the porch. Seeing that Han Muzi ignored him, he went straight inside. His thin lips were hooked. Then he bent down to open the shoe cabinet in the porch and put his shoes in.

After sweeping around, when I saw a row of children's shoes on the top, I was stunned.

Is this her baby? That Someone who calls her Mommy on her cell phone.

I didn't know whether it was a boy or a girl before. Now after seeing these shoes, yemoshen can determine the gender of each other.

Looks like a boy.

Night Mo deep eyes droop down, did not expect that she is still so silly, unexpectedly for that slag male ex husband, gave birth to the child.

The corner of the eye suddenly caught a glimpse of a pair of large men's indoor slippers at the bottom of the shoe cabinet. His face sank immediately at night, and his fundus became cold at this moment.

He was silent for a moment, closed the door of the shoe cabinet with his backhand, and walked in barefoot.

Just at this time, Xiao Yan came down from downstairs while wiping her hair.

When Han Muzi went out, she took a bath. Now she was wearing cartoon pajamas and her hair was wet and messy. She said, "Muzi, didn't you just come back? I heard the sound, why... "

After the words immediately stopped, small Yan stare big eyes at the people behind Han Muzi.

Tall figure with the force of strong, his eyes of the cold diffuse, the moment will be covered around.

"I, I, am I wrong, Muzi?" Xiao Yan looked at the beautiful night behind her and stammered.

If there is no mistake, Han Muzi went to the supermarket and brought a man back.

And this man is not other people, but she has been avoiding the night is not deep.

Han Muzi pursed her red lips and said in a low voice: "there is no mistake. You should go back and blow dry your hair first. Don't catch cold."

Being reminded by her, Xiaoyan realized that she was wearing pajamas. She bent down subconsciously, and then said, "I'll go upstairs first, you talk!"

With that, Xiaoyan turned around and went upstairs in a hurry.

Han Muzi looked at her back in a hurry, slightly back with a side face and said, "what to drink?"

A cold echo came from behind.


Tone with a thick sense of cold, so that Han Muzi can not help frowning show eyebrows, this guy is how to return a responsibility? When Ming Ming opened the door to let him in, his eyes were still very narrow, and his face changed when he entered the door?

Or is it restored?

Forget it, whatever. He's got an iceberg face.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi dropped a sentence: "you find a place to sit by yourself." He turned straight to the kitchen.

She opened the refrigerator in the kitchen and looked at the half filled food. She sighed when she thought that he had arranged all the food for herself in the dark and then brought it up with her.

However, thinking that he was frightened by him, Han Muzi was so angry that he directly took out the ice water at the bottom and then went out of the kitchen.

The night Mo deep still stands there, maintains the original posture not to move, moreover barefoot Ya son.

The boy's feet are big and it's weird to stand on the carpet in her house.

Han Muzi walked over and glanced at his feet. "Why don't you wear slippers?"

The night Mo deep is full of fire, the bottom of the eye is a cold, sneering back: "here are my slippers to wear?"

Hearing this, Han Muzi was stunned and subconsciously replied, "is there a pair of shoes you can wear at the bottom of the shoe cabinet? I heard you open the shoe cabinet door just now. Didn't you see it? "

Is it okay for her to mention it?

The night is deep, and the breath is colder and deeper.

Han Muzi twisted his eyebrows and still couldn't stand his feet. He didn't answer. She thought he didn't see it. After putting the ice water on the table, he walked around and said, "I'll take it for you."

When passing by, he was caught by the wrist by the night.

"What are you doing?"

Han Muzi looked up at him with puzzled eyes, subconsciously trying to shake off his hand.

Night deep thin lips pursed into a straight line, dark eyes a fierce color, he looked at him fiercely, a moment later gently opened thin lips.

"No more."

As if to answer her doubts, he sneered at the corners of his lips: "I don't wear shoes worn by others."Han Muzi: "it's just

At first, Han Muzi thought that he was a cleanliness addict, but he thought about it and felt something was wrong. When she looked at the night, Mo's anger in the bottom of her eyes finally eased, she found that This guy is jealous.

When he opened the door to let him in, he was fine, but as soon as he opened the shoe cabinet, the breath in the back suddenly cooled down. At that time, Han Muzi wondered what was going on. He thought how this man changed his face so quickly. Who knows

He actually saw that pair of male slippers after eating vinegar?

It's funny, and I think the person in front of me is a little stupid.

Isn't he always smart? When dealing with the old foxes in the shopping mall, he is obviously so rational. But why is he like a very impulsive and inexperienced person when he comes to himself?

Thinking of this, Han Muzi blurted out: "what is it that others wear? Those are the shoes my brother changed when he came

As soon as they spoke, they were stunned at the same time.

The reason why han Muzi is dazed is that he did not expect to explain.

The reason why Ye Mo was so stunned was that she was so angry that she forgot that she had a thing that she hated her brother.

Yes, this is her home. Han Qing will definitely come over and prepare a pair of male slippers. It is normal there.

After this thought, the night Mo deep heart depressed fire then dissipated a lot, but he still can't hang on his face, cold voice way: "even if it's your brother, I have cleanliness addiction, you don't know."

Han Muzi gave him a bad look and sneered: "it turns out that the president of night university still has a habit of cleanliness. I'm afraid there is dust everywhere in my house. Do you want to go out?"

Ye Mo stares at her deeply: "I only have a clean addiction to others, but not to you, you know."

His eyes tight her lips, inexplicably, Han Muzi thought of the kiss in the dark just now.

Her face warmed for no reason.

Yes, he says he has a habit of cleanliness, but why doesn't he feel dirty when he kisses himself? I've been getting her to kiss her hard