Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 555

After work on the same day, night Mo Shen drove directly to Han Muzi's community.

At first, he couldn't find a place, so Xiao Su accompanied him to lead the way. The tall figure at night attracted the attention of other single women. When he took the elevator, he followed up with two girls.

However, Xiao Su and ye Moshen seemed not to see the two girls at all. They were talking to themselves all the time.

"Little night, if you live here, would you like to invite an aunt again, or..."

Night Mo deep pursed pursed lip, cold voice way: "my habit you don't know?"

"Well, little night, I mean How about grandma, if you don't want to go there? "

The night is not deep

He suddenly looked up at Xiao su.

"Excuse me, do you live here?" All of a sudden, the two girls who came in with no sense of existence came to look at the night Moshen to ask questions.


There was silence in the elevator for several seconds, and no one answered.

Two girls face some embarrassment, night Mo deep facial expression.

Looking at his handsome side face, the girl was not reconciled. She clenched her fist and said, "my family lives here, which floor are you from? If you have time, would you like to join us... "

"Go away."

Girl a meal, just found that night Mo deep turn head, sharp as Falcon like eyes are cold looking at her, no temperature.

The girl's face turned pale as soon as he realized that he was talking about himself. At the same time, the elevator opened with a jingle, and the girl and her other friend turned around and rushed out.

Ding -

the elevator door was closed again and continued to climb slowly. Xiao Su put his fist in his hand and put it to his lips. He coughed and said in a slow voice, "little night, you will offend other residents."

Night Mo deep did not answer the words, the expression on the face is extremely unhappy.

Xiao Su sighed in his heart. For so many years, only a young grandmother has entered the eye of yeshao.

If other girls want to chat up with Ye Shao, ye Shao doesn't want to give her a look.

So Xiao Su even felt that if the little grandmother didn't want to forgive yeshao, that night Shao would estimate her whole life You can only be a bachelor.

"What about offending? You can't do what you're asked to do. Do you want me to make do with them? " The night Mo deep sneers a, the sharp eye sweeps toward him.

Xiao Su suddenly felt cold on his back. In fact, at that time, Mo Shen asked him to move the residents here.

He was always disturbed, and Yemo hated it.

But this is not their territory. Even if it is their territory, it is impossible to drive people away directly.

Ding -

the elevator door opened again, and Xiao Su quickly went out.

"It's here. Night is short."

Mo took a deep look at the elevator floor.

18th floor.

He walked out with straight legs, and Xiao Su stood at a door. "The little grandmother lives here, and the night is on the opposite side."

Night Mo deep pursed thin lips, one hand inserted in the trouser pocket, peering at Han Muzi's door, thin lips slowly hook up a good-looking arc.

Next, we should get along with each other day and night.

Woman, see how you run in the future.

When Xiao Su saw the expression on Mo Shen's face, he felt chilly. He quickly took out the spare key and went to open the door: "little night, I'll take you to the house first."

"No need." Night Mo deep cold voice way: "you roll back."

Xiao Su: "it's Well, I'll go first

"The matter continues to investigate, look up the person behind, I would like to see who wants to fight against me."

"I will continue to investigate this matter, that night less I'll go first. For dinner... "

Two people tacit understanding looked at the opposite door, Xiao Su Mo, directly turned into the elevator to walk.

He is worried too much, night less in front of the young grandmother, has developed a special thick skin, he does not have to worry about night less.

Xiao Su left, night Mo deep observation of the situation around, and then took out the key to open the lock to enter the door.

Although the house has been vacant for a long time, Xiao Su is very efficient and has been cleaned up by someone.

However, ye Mo has a deep glance and can see that the decoration style of this house is not his favorite. If you want to live here for a long time, I'm afraid you have to find someone to refit it.


after Xiaoyan took Xiaomi Dou back, Han Muzi was free by herself, so she watched TV in the room. After a while, she went to draw design drawings.

After a while, Xiaoyan came back, came back on her side, has been reading fragmentary.

"Your brother is really annoying. After he rejected me last time, he saw that I was just like nobody else today. Why do men hate me so much? He clearly hurt a pure girl's heart, but he didn't feel guilty at all? "Han Muzi said A pure girl's heart? "

Xiao Yan snorted: "can't you? I haven't been in love again! Of course, it's the heart of a pure girl. "

"Never been in love?" Han Mu Ziwei narrowed her eyes and expressed suspicion.

Her eyes seemed to have penetrating power. Xiaoyan felt that she had been seen through all of a sudden. She was so angry that she ran over and pinched her neck: "can't you let me install it?"

Han Muzi smile: "in front of me, you still pretend? What do you have to pretend to be in front of my brother

"You don't have to pretend in front of him. Anyway, I didn't confess, so he turned me down. It seems that I have no chance in my life, but I will not give up. Even if there is no chance, I will continue to grind. Anyway, as long as he is single one day, I can provoke him, don't you think? "

Hearing this, Han Muzi nodded: "yes, you are really brave."

Only this kind of person who has not been hurt by emotion will be so brave to pursue the person he likes.

Once, she thought she could.

But the truth told her, still can't.

At first, Xiao Yan was glad to hear her boast of her bravery, but after thinking about it, her expression became a little depressed and dropped her eyes.

"What's the use of being brave? If I hadn't done that before, I might not have been rejected so quickly It can be seen that sometimes, people do not need to be so brave, so that they can stay with each other for a longer time. "

The atmosphere suddenly became strange. Han Muzi coughed softly, "OK, don't say this. Did you tell Xiaomi Dou?"

"Well, it's all right."

"Uncle Nan will send him to and from school these two days, and your brother will be there."


In the evening, Xiaoyan suddenly found that the salt was gone when she was cooking, so she called in the kitchen in a hurry: "the salt is gone, please help me to buy a bag of salt and come back."

Han Muzi thought of what happened in the past two days and nodded to get up: "well, I'll go to the supermarket to buy some that I can store."