Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 56

no way!

Before and after two nights, Mo Shen is because of her ability to do so, she can't let night deep white back this pot.

With this in mind, Shen Qiao stepped forward without any hesitation and went to the old man's face, and said in a voice, "master ye, this matter is not to blame Ye Shao. It's my fault."

"What do you say?" The night old man narrowed his eyes and looked at the Shen Qiao in front of him. His tone took a touch of danger: "what does this matter have to do with you?"

"It was me that day..."

"I don't want her to go to Lu ordinary. Yeshi doesn't want to cooperate with Lu. If you have any dissatisfaction, we can meet at the board of directors." The night Mo deep suddenly cold voice interrupted Shen Qiao's words.

Shen Qiao stood in the same place with astonishment and looked back at the night.

What's the matter with him?

Why don't you let her tell the truth in front of the old man You want to hide it for her?

"Little night?"

"Get out of the way." Night Mo deep eyes slightly raised, suddenly become sharp, "night family talk, it's your turn to interrupt?"


Shen Qiao bit the lower lip, pale face back to one side, and then hung on both sides of the hands tightly together, the lower lip was almost bitten by her bleeding.

The night cold saw, some heartache.

Ye Laozi is very angry with ye Moshen. This son of a bitch, he knows he won't hold a board meeting because all the people on the board of directors are very supportive of Ye Moshen, and it's not the time for now

If you don't spend the night, the old man doesn't intend to let it go.

"Mo Shen, don't think I dare to move you."

Ye Mo Shen Hun didn't care, and looked up at the old man: "the company is here, grandfather You can call a board meeting at any time as long as They all listen to you. "

Then he lifted his lips.

The smile was bloodthirsty, full of complacency and calm.

Obviously, he is quite sure.

Yes, even though Yemo Shen is in a wheelchair, and his style of behavior is unexpected and he often makes some surprising moves, what happens later will prove that he is right.

The old people on the board of directors all know that they have looked down upon him since he entered the company.

Not long after he entered the Yeshi family, ye Moshen made many outstanding and beautiful achievements, which made the board of directors look at him with great admiration. As we all know, Yemo Shen's only leg is not his brain.

"The Lu family is not easy to provoke, Mo Shen. If you hurt Mr. Lu, you have to give the other party an account."

Seeing that the situation was serious and worried that it would expand, the other two old men from other places had no choice but to talk about it.

"Yes, if you don't cooperate, why hurt people all of a sudden?"

"It's kindness to keep him alive." The night is deep but merciless.

This merciless words made the faces of all the people present changed, and the old man's reaction was the most intense, "you rebellious son! How could your father give birth to such a thing as you

"Grandfather Ye Lenghan saw that he was really moving. He stepped forward and pressed his arm: "don't be angry. There must be some reason why Mo Shen doesn't cooperate with Lu family. He has always had a unique vision. Moreover, Mo Shen is always a member of the night family and will not do anything harmful to Yeshi. Don't worry about it."

"Is it? That's not necessarily true. " The night Mo deep eyes coldly returned a sentence.

Shen Qiao listened to his headache. He always felt that yemoshen was deliberately angry with the old man. Every word he said was targeted. No wonder The night old man would be so angry!

"Lenghan, listen Listen to what he says! Does that sound like it? "

"Grandfather, you go back first. I'll ask the driver to see you off." The night cold redundant words did not say, just helped the night old man to go out, the other two see also follow to leave.

Silence returned to the office.

Shen Qiao stood still, her face was still pale, and her lower lip was bitten out by her.

"Get out of here!" Night Mo Shen suddenly ordered.

Shen Qiao stood still.

"Can't understand people?"

Shen Qiao blinked, suddenly turned to night Mo Shen, "why do you want to help me?"

Listen to words, night Mo deep lift eyes pick pick eyebrows.

"It's my problem, isn't it? Why don't you let me make it clear in front of the old man? This is clearly my fault

"Ah ~" Ye Mo Shen suddenly sneered, "do you think too much of yourself?"

"What?" Shen Qiao didn't understand. She was just confused. What happened to him?

"Don't let me say it a third time. Get out of here."

Shen Qiao didn't want to go. Instead, he took a step forward, clenched his fist and said, "what's the matter with you? Don't you hate me? But why do you always help me? As long as I make it clear to the old man about that matter just now, you two won't quarrel at all. That's my fault. "The first time Lu ordinary molested her, ye Moshen refused to cooperate with Lu.

The second time, also because of her, night Mo deep abandoned Lu ordinary.

The combination of these two things is his problem.

But He didn't even mention a word and interrupted her when she was ready to say it!

"Oh, woman, you are really easy to be amorous. Who to cooperate with is my decision. As for you I never need a woman to take my place in the night. That's between me and the old man. I can't get any help from outsiders. Understand? "

Shen Qiao pauses for a moment.

"Do you want me to make it worse? Second hand goods like you, you don't think I do this for you, do you? Or what's in your head? Get rid of those ridiculous ideas and get out of my sight. "

The voice dropped, the blood color on Shen Qiao's face disappeared.

She didn't expect He said it so badly.

The hands hanging on both sides silently tightened, Shen Qiao's body trembled, and then bit his lower lip, "I, I know..."

With that, she lowered her eyes and her long eyelashes covered her mood.

"I'm sorry, I've thought too much, and I'll never do it again. Night is little, if there is no command, I will go out first. "

The night Mo deep does not speak, but the breath on the body is cold, obviously let her quickly roll.

Shen Qiao turned and walked outside, holding his head high, each step was heavy.

He didn't notice the night behind him. Mo looked at her with complicated eyes.

What happened to this woman? Always presumptuous to speculate on his thoughts and heart, she really took himself as his wife?

Oh, I don't know what to do.

It's just See her drooping eyes, some lost appearance, night Mo Shen actually felt his heart thump for a while, some heartache

It's probably an illusion.

Such a vain woman is always thinking about how to induce him.