Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 541

Two people walked to the backstage, the voice gradually became ambiguous.

"Manager, what they said is true. Don't you believe it Would you like to come to your house at night and explain it to you? "

"Oh, I hate it..."

After seeing this scene, other employees came out as if they had not seen anything.

This woman is very beautiful. They are used to it.

Fifteen minutes later, after straightening out the restaurant manager, the woman went to the bathroom to clean up. In the middle of the cleaning, she suddenly raised her head and looked at herself in the mirror.

Once the well-dressed young lady of Han family has now become a down and out restaurant waiter. Living on a meager salary every month is not enough for her to squander.

So She chose to betray herself.

She played with the manager, and her salary was about twice that of others. She felt proud that she was higher than other people in the restaurant.

Until today, I see that woman on the screen.

Five years later, she was in such a state of desperation, but she had unlimited scenery.

Thinking of this, her hand clenched into a fist, long nails into the flesh, but she did not feel pain, but looked at the mirror in a mess of their own, angry teeth.

"Shen Qiao! Shen Qiao! Shen Qiao, Shen Qiao

At first, she just bit her name with hatred at first. Later, she was probably crazy and yelled wildly. Then the whole person grabbed the bloody fingernails on the mirror like crazy and made a very harsh sound.

A bloodstain was printed in the mirror, which was not bright in the bathroom, which was particularly terrible.


Han Muzi went out for a long time to find Xiaomi Dou. He found that the little guy didn't go to the front hall. Instead, he was swinging in the yard with a cartoon mask on his face.

Although his face was blocked, the mask was extremely cute and attractive with his small dress.

Han Muzi saw this scene and couldn't help but stop. Then he took out his mobile phone and took a picture to Xiaomi Dou from afar.

Click -

as soon as the camera is pressed, a picture is taken. On the screen of the mobile phone, Xiaomi Dou turns her head, and a pair of eyes as black as glass beads are just looking at this side.

"Mommy?" The little guy's lips moved, as if to get off the swing.

"Wait a minute!" Han Muzi stopped him, and her red lips rose slightly: "wait for mommy to take some pictures for you first."

After that, Xiaomi Dou did not move, and then sat there waiting for his mother's photo.

Han Muzi walked over and took several pictures of Xiaomi Dou.

Xiaomi Dou has a good sense of lens. She can always cooperate with Han Muzi's camera to make cool movements. She even plays a ghost. Han Muzi can't help laughing and is directly amused by him.

As soon as she put away her mobile phone, Xiaomi Dou jumped off the swing and ran to embrace her: "Mommy."

Han Muzi touched his head with love.

In fact, when she saw Xiaomi Dou wearing a mask, she was relieved.

This evening, if Xiaomi Dou wears a mask, he will not recognize Xiaomi Dou even if he meets yemoshen.

And Xiaomi Dou, in any case, is just a five-year-old child, who will not observe each other's appearance. Even if it is observed, at most, I just think why this person looks very similar to himself, and will not investigate.

So she is very relieved now, but still can't help but ask softly.

"You just Just sitting here on the swing and not going anywhere else

"Somewhere else? What does Mommy mean Xiaomi Dou raised her head and looked at her curiously with dark eyes.

So clean eyes let Han Muzi have a sense of guilt, she coughed and moved her eyes and said: "is it other places? It's been a long time since you've been swinging here. Isn't it boring? "

Xiaomi Dou tooted, "Mommy, it's not boring. Xiaomi Dou met a lot of people here."

"A lot of people?"

"Yes, duck! At first, a lot of people wanted to take pictures of Xiaomi Dou, but Mommy told Xiaomi Dou that they could not let strangers take pictures at will. "

"And then?" Seeing what he said seriously, Han Muzi was also curious, squatted down and pinched his soft chin and then asked.

"And then Xiaomi Dou made them angry and told them not to take photos, otherwise Mommy would make trouble for him."

"Puff." After listening to Xiaomi Dou's serious narration, Han Muzi couldn't help laughing and pinching his soft little ear: "you, you talk about mommy so fiercely. How could Mommy ask them for trouble? At most Accuse them of violating your right to think, and then let them compensate. "

"Well, Mommy is bad!" Xiaomi Dou snorted and poked Han Muzi's white cheek by the way. Then he said, "but Mommy, they didn't succeed in taking photos. At first, they were good or bad, but they didn't listen to Xiaomi Dou's advice and forced them to take photos! however! Then an uncle helped me"Well?"

Han Muzi didn't think of anything else at first, so he asked with a smile, "did you thank the uncle for helping you?"

Xiaomi Dou nodded to express his thanks to others.

But then he said, "but that uncle is so strange..."

"Strange?" Han Muzi did not understand, "what's the matter?"

"He's wearing a mask like Xiaomi Dou."

Xiaomi Dou suddenly began to speak without being startled. Han Muzi heard her heart beat and almost jumped out of her throat. At the same time, her eyelids also jumped violently, "you, what do you say? The man who helped you, wearing a mask? "

Xiaomi Dou said, nodding.

"Yes, mummy, what's the matter? Eh... " Xiaomi Dou noticed that Han Muzi had a tin mask in his hand. "Mommy, this mask is a little similar to that uncle's, does mommy know that uncle?"

Han Muzi: "it's just

She didn't answer Xiaomi Dou's words. She squatted there as if she had been punctured and did not move.

From the bottom of her feet, Han Muzi's whole body was almost instantly covered, making her as cold as a falling ice cave.

She did not expect that the two would meet.

No, it should be her thousands of defense, but she still can't prevent the night.

What on earth does he want to do? Wearing a mask to help Xiaomi Dou?

Was this incident intentional or unintentional?

Han Muzi's lip color also became pale, he Have you known Xiaomi Dou's life experience?

Or is there really such a coincidence, because I came to the party, so I accidentally ran into this thing?

Or, he already knows, and then Now I'm just playing with her?

If so, then What should she do in the future?