Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 537

"I'm going to China? In recent years, you can't have a chance to see Britain

Night is not deep, a good mood, direct nod should be under.


"Remember to bring your lover with you."

This sentence is more pleasant, the night should not be deep together.

"It's very nice of you to talk today."

People there seem to feel that yemoshen is easy to talk to. After he wants to make more demands with him, yemoshen hangs up the phone directly.

After hanging up the phone, yemoshen took his mobile phone to adjust the angle of shooting, ready to take a few private photos to collect, but who knew he just took out his mobile phone and saw a group of people around him taking photos of Han Muzi.

Night Mo deep frown, the breath on the body suddenly cold down.

Did he miscalculate?

The most gorgeous dress on her body, can not let her become the focus of the party?

In addition, although today is Han Muzi's public identity banquet, in fact, Han Qing introduced his sister to everyone in disguise.

Oh, Han Qing.

Night Mo deep did not have the thought of taking pictures, put away the mobile phone and stare at those people beside me displeasantly.

He is surrounded by two or three Bachelors of single nobility. I don't know how excited he is to be invited to a banquet. After all, this kind of banquet will give you the opportunity to meet more people from the upper class, which will be very helpful to their career.

For them, knowing women is secondary.

However, when they saw Han Muzi, they still couldn't help but feel excited. They took pictures and took pictures at the same time.

"This Mr. Han is really good. There is such a beautiful sister who has been hiding all the time, and has only let her show up until now." One of them laughs at Han Muzi after taking countless photos.

The people around him laughed and said, "no, if I have such a beautiful sister, I will hide it. After all, you people are like wolves. If you don't hide and tuck them in, you will take them away. "

"Tut, they are all in the same way. What do you say?"

"I heard that most of the people invited are single men. What do you think is the purpose of Mr. Han?"

"What's the point? I'd like to introduce my sister to you. But I wonder, such a beautiful woman, will not have a boyfriend? Still need his brother to do it? "

"Tut, what do you know? General manager Han has been hiding this sister, which shows that he attaches great importance to her. Naturally, ordinary people can't pay attention to her. I'm afraid that most of the people who come today will accompany her, including us. "

The said person was unconvinced and directly retorted: "how did you run with me? Although the position of the Han family in Beicheng is very heavy, if we all need to be accompanied by running in such a position, it is estimated that the night manager of the night family in Beicheng will be able to get the eye of President Han. "

The night named by Mo Shen is a cold hum in my heart.

You know yourself.

As a result, his face changed the next second, because someone refuted.

"I don't think so. How many times have ye's and Han's been fighting each other in the market these years? I don't know. I thought they had a personal feud. We may have a chance to accompany you. According to the information I know, President Han is a beautiful girl, but it's a second-hand product. "

Second hand

Night Mo deep squint eyes, eyes dark looking at the person talking.

"You don't know, do you? This woman was married before, but I heard she was dumped Ah... " Before he finished his words, the collar was suddenly carried by others. The people beside him were all surprised and looked at the scene in surprise.

"Who are you? What are you going to do

The night Mo deep holds that person's collar, the eye looks like is looking at a dead person.

"If you can, repeat what you just said."

The words that come out of thin lips, like the voice from hell, are chilling and frightening from the bottom of my heart.

"I I... " I have been for a long time, but I can't say a word. Looking at the man in front of me who is full of cold breath, I feel a little familiar, but I can't remember where.

"I'm sorry, my friend. Where did he say something wrong to annoy you?" Caught by the clothes of the man friend see night Mo deep bearing extraordinary, not easy to provoke, then quickly out of voice inquiry asked.

Night Mo deep thin lips slightly Yang, smile with a bit bloodthirsty.

"If I hear you talk about her later, don't blame me for ruining your company."

This made people look pale.

How dare he be so crazy!!!

Few people in Beicheng dare to say such words in front of people from other enterprises, except

One of the men's eyes flashed shrewdly, as if he had realized something. He quickly apologized: "I'm sorry, sir. We'll be careful in our words and deeds in the future. We won't say anything unfavorable to Miss Han."

With that, he took a look at Mo Shen Le's hand on the collar and begged, "please hold your hand high, my friend is used to it."The night Mo deep swept to speak that person one eye, and swept the person in front of, see his facial expression all change, dare not say a word, then sneer and release hand.

"Go away."

"Yes, yes, yes."

Several people quickly cleaned up and quietly left the party.

The man who had been carried by the collar was still in a state of shock after he went out for a long time.

"What's the matter with this man? How dare he strangle Laozi's neck? Is he going to die? "

"I don't think you're going to die! Do you know who he is? "


"If I'm not wrong, I guess it's what you just said, Yeshi in Beicheng."

"Yeshi in Beicheng?"

How could the man be surprised? The man was wearing a mask. I was surprised just now that he didn't dare to show his true face. He appeared at such a banquet with his face on... "

"Don't talk nonsense. Let's go quickly. You've offended Ye Shi Don't talk about Miss Han. You can't be a normal girl in the future. "

Ye Shi's name is really frightening. Although they are not convinced, what can they do?

You are not equal to others, you can only choose to leave in dismay.

After all, there were so many people at the banquet, and there was music on the scene. Nearby, I saw the farce, but when I saw them go, I calmed down and said nothing.

But occasionally, there are still girls looking back quietly at the night, her eyes showing the color of love.

Han Muzi on the stage has already introduced himself to you. Han Qing also said some polite words. Undoubtedly, he asked you to take more care of Han Muzi.

Han Muzi is very tired to deal with, mainly because she is tired of this dress on her body. Seeing Han Qing's introduction finished, she went to his ear and asked in a low voice.

"Brother, since all the introductions are finished, I don't want to change this dress backstage first?"