Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 536

For the first time, ye Moshen spoke to a child so patiently that he didn't even realize that his voice had softened a little bit.

"If uncle was a bad man, he would not have saved me just now, so I believe uncle is a good man."

Night Mo deep pick pick pick eyebrow, did not answer a word.

Seeing that he didn't speak, Xiaomi Dou thought and asked, "Uncle Are you here for the party, too? "

"Well." Night Mo deep pursed lip, nodded.

"Oh. But why does uncle wear a mask? It's not a masked ball today. "

Night Mo deep thin lips slightly pick up, hook a good-looking arc, he asked in a low voice: "that's not as good as you tell Uncle first, why do you want to wear a mask?"

"Uncle, you are so cunning. I asked you first."

Ye Mo looks at the little guy in front of him deeply, and thinks that he is very interesting and clever.

Whose child is this?

Why is there only one person here? What about the rich mummy in his mouth?

Night Mo Shen just wanted to ask questions, but the party played a piece of music, Xiaomi Dou exclaimed: "the party is about to start."

Night Mo deep look at the time, um.

He looked at the little guy in front of him, and thought that he had almost broken the business. The purpose of his coming to the party today is not to chat with a little guy here.

However, before he opened his mouth, the little guy actually said, "uncle, thank you for helping me today. I will repay you when I have the opportunity. I'll go first."

Don't wait for the night Mo Shen to react, the little guy has already run away, and then he stops to wave at him. The white and tender hands waved hard in the air, and then ran away.

Looking at the place where he disappeared, Mo's dark eyes were thoughtful.


"ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this banquet tonight."

The host made a speech on the platform, and then asked Han Qing to speak on the stage. This is the normal procedure of the banquet. Before Han Qing came to the stage, the people who came to the banquet gave special applause.

After a burst of thunderous applause, Han Qing began to deliver a speech.

At this time, behind the banquet hall, Han Muzi has dressed up, Xiaoyan is standing on her side, staring at her.

"I thought I'd have to wait for you to get married in my life to see you look so grand. I didn't expect to see it now, and It's hard to surpass this dress in my life. It's so beautiful. "

Although the work is not designed by Han Muzi, it is made by heavy industry.

Han Muzi had a helpless smile and looked down at her gorgeous skirt.

She's a designer, and naturally she's familiar with them.

The dress is all made of heavy industry, especially heavy on the body, because it is inlaid with a lot of broken diamonds and double-sided embroidery.

Not only that, Han Qing also had a broken diamond crown prepared for her, which matched her skirt.

Han Muzi felt that he was about to doubt life. When the makeup artist held out the crown, Han Muzi almost wanted to faint.

Because usually she only looks at other people's clothes under the stands, but she never thought that she would wear them one day, and after wearing them, she would appear in front of so many people.

Although she has accepted the identity of Han Muzi, she has been very low-key for the past five years, and has never taken her identity to show off outside.

Or I'm not used to it.

Although this dress is very heavy, which makes Han Muzi feel that the whole person is not his own, but From the eyes of others, this set is undoubtedly very amazing.

"Well, it's beautiful. Let's take a picture and let me send a circle of friends."

Xiaoyan took out her mobile phone, turned on the camera directly, and then took several pictures with Han Muzi, and finally took a few pictures for Han Muzi alone.

The host ran over, quietly reminded, she looked at Han Muzi's eyes flashed amazing color.

"Miss Muzi, are you ready?"

Han Muzi looked at her, took a deep breath and nodded: "well."

"OK, I'll help you on the stage."

After all, it was the heavy industry skirt, and the host wanted to hold her hand. Han Muzi wanted to refuse at first, but after thinking about it, she handed her hand to the other party, "please."

The words were still going on outside. Originally, all the guests' eyes were focused on Han Qing's body, but the light from the corner of their eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of bright color. After looking at it, people could not help but flash a flash of surprise.

Some even exclaimed directly.

Atmosphere and mood are very easy to drive. As long as someone takes the lead, others can easily be driven.

When Han Qing heard the breath, a smile flashed across her eyes, and then she looked at all the people's eyes.

With the help of the host, Han Muzi came to the stage slowly.Her dress and broken diamond crown let her whole person shine in the light, like walking from the star morning Avenue, the light on her body is so heavy that it can't be ignored.

In fact, her temperament is rather cold, including the amorous feelings between her eyebrows and eyes. However, Han Qing suddenly wanted her sister to change her image when she was shopping for a dress, so she discussed the dress with the designer.

The original designer didn't agree, saying that it was designed with his own mind and only wanted to sell it to the right people.

After consulting with the other party for a long time, the designer said that he wanted to think about it again and sent him an email to say yes at night.

Now see Han Muzi wearing this dress step by step on the stage, Han Qing suddenly feel that his actions are normal.

At this moment, a figure of self-cultivation is hidden in the crowd, and the mask decoration on his face is flowing with a strange light. Under the light reflecting society, it is actually matched with the one on Han Muzi.

From Han Muzi's appearance, the night Mo Shen's line of sight was glued to her body, and could not be moved for a moment.

At the same time, it seemed that a pair of hands held his heart tightly.

The power of crazy beating made his breath heavier.

I didn't expect The woman he liked was so beautiful in this moment.

Suddenly a little regret.

The mobile phone vibrated for a moment. Ye Moshen picked it up and looked at it. It was a wechat phone call from a British friend.

He ordered to answer and put it to his ear. His eyes still followed the beautiful figure on the stage, unwilling to leave for half a minute.

Not fluent but serious Chinese is ringing in my ears.

"How about it? My old friend, I have seen the picture from the assistant. She is very beautiful. Is she the one you love? "

Because I don't have a deep understanding of Chinese, foreigners' questions are also very direct.

The night Mo deep looks at that already walked to the stage center woman, under the mask thin lip lightly a hook, "is."

"Congratulations, the person you love is very beautiful, worthy of my dress."

Think of what he said before, night Mo deep thin lips once again: "thank you, come to China to invite you to eat."