Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 535

A cold man's voice suddenly sounded, which startled the crowd around the boy.

The deep male voice, without any temperature, seeps through people's ears coolly to the bottom of my heart.

They shivered unconsciously and looked back at the source of the sound.

A cold man with mask breath stood there with one hand in his pocket and looked at this side fiercely with his powerful aura, which made people feel afraid.

"You, you are..."

"Now that someone else has refused, you should just get out of here, don't you?" When the man spoke again, the words revealed by his thin lips were not polite, such as sharp arrows,

several people's faces were a little ugly, because the words of the night were too ugly.

"You, why do you say that about us? We just took pictures and didn't do anything to him. You... "

One of them was not afraid to die back. As a result, after half a night's speech, Mo Shen's cold line of sight shot at her, which made her swallow all the words behind her, and then pathetically said, "I, I know, I'll delete the photos in my mobile phone immediately."

With that, she took out her mobile phone and deleted all the photos she had just taken in front of everyone, and then she turned and walked away.

The man with a mask in front of her is not an ordinary person. Moreover, the people invited by the Han family are either rich or expensive. Before she came, her family told her not to cause trouble, so she had better leave quickly.

The one who took the lead just now was obviously a little unconvinced. You can see that others have deleted the photos and left. It's hard to say anything more.

She hated to take out her mobile phone to delete the photo just now, and other people quickly followed the deletion of the photo.

After the crowd dispersed, the night Mo Shen take back the eyes, disdain to sneer in the heart, and then turn to go.

It's not quiet anywhere.

So he didn't like this kind of occasion, and if he didn't have to, he wouldn't have come here in this way.

After two steps, there was a sound of milk behind him.

"Thank you, uncle."

The night Mo Shen steps so to stop, silent for a moment, he slowly turned back.

In the light of the light, a small figure stood there, wearing a small suit prepared by adults, but his face was wearing an untimely cartoon mask.


Night Mo deep micro squint eyes, staring at the little boy behind the mask exposed with the same black glass beads eyes.

I don't know why, the night Mo Shen actually felt this pair of eyes have a kind of deja vu feeling.

Where have you seen it?

Millet beans toward the night Mo deep smile, tearful to remind the way: "uncle, I am to thank you."


Night Mo deep return to God, voice indifferent to open: "so?"

That pair of glass bead like eyes appeared a little surprised mood, a moment later, he seriously, one-sided way: "when others apologize, uncle should not say, you are welcome?"

Listen, night Mo deep sneer, tone is still cold.

"You're welcome?"

Xiaomi Dou nodded, then walked to him with short legs, stopped in front of him and waved to him.

The night Mo deep facial expression indifferently stands there.

"Uncle, can you bend down?"

Night Mo deep frown, unhappy way: "you this little guy do what the devil?"

"Oh, I think uncle's mask is very special, so I want to study it, OK?" With that, Xiaomi Dou immediately looked at him with pitiful eyes, looking forward to it.

I don't know why, night Mo Shen saw his eyes make such a gesture, but his heart was inexplicably agitated, and said in a cold voice, "speak well, stand up straight!"

Xiaomi Dou was frightened, and his black eyes flashed with panic,


"As a man, how can you show this expression and look?" Ye Moshen reproached him like an elder, completely forgetting that it was only the first time that he and the child met.

"Oh." Xiaomi Dou looked at him blankly, "can that uncle teach me?"

"Why, let me teach you?" Night Mo deep squint eyes, sneer: "you can pay tuition fees?"

Xiaomi Dou pursed her lips and nodded forcefully: "my mommy is very rich."

Unexpectedly, he suddenly mentioned his mother. Ye Moshen was a little interested. He slowly squatted down in front of Xiaomi Doumian, and his voice was still cold: "your mommy?"

"Yes, my mother has money, so can my uncle teach me?"

Ye Moshen stares at him thoughtfully. He was far away, but now he is closer. He finds that he has a faint familiar breath. His thin lips move. Before he can speak, he listens to Xiaomi Dou: "uncle, can I touch your mask?"


No wayIn fact, the night is not deep in the heart is said.

He is not the kind of person with love, how could he agree to such a rude request of a child.

But today, he made an exception to save the little guy in front of him, and also agreed to his request to touch his own mask.

After he promised, the broken child reached out to the mask on his face.

He frowned and looked at the little white hand. It looked so soft that he had the impulse to touch it.

The night is not deep

What the hell is he thinking?

Just thinking, Xiaomi Dou's hand has touched his mask.

Although he was separated from the mask, he could still feel the feeling of touching. Mo Shen at night was rarely so intimate with people. He retreated in discomfort for a moment. However, Xiaomi Dou actually put his hand forward and poked his mask again.

"Hee hee, do you want my uncle to touch me too?"

"No need."

Night deep cold voice refused.

Xiaomi Dou continued to poke at his mask and seemed to have a good time.

Pa -

Ye Mo Shen grabs his soft palm impatiently, and instantly marvels at how a child's hand can be so soft? It's softer than cotton.

"Uncle?" The little guy looked at him half askew as if he were curious. The cartoon mask on his face made him look very cute.


Ye Moshen has always thought that this form word is a kind of humiliation to boys.

Whether it's adult men or underage men.

So in the past he was very shameless about all this.

But now He thought that the little guy in front of him was very lovely??

Night Mo deep heart a little messy, squint eyes, cold voice: "your mother has not taught you, not to be too close to strangers?"

"Why?" Xiaomi Dou's head is crooked again.

"Because strangers are generally not good people."

"I believe uncle is a good man."

The soft voice of the little guy fell into the ears of Mo Shen at night. He found that his voice was so soft.

His eyes are slightly heavy, looking down at the small palm of his hand.

"Why believe that uncle is a good man?"