Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 534

Han Qing specially told me that all the people who came tonight should specially check it. Those who did not have the invitation letter could not put it in. Even if there was an invitation letter, it was necessary to check the identity.

Usually these things are normal at a party, but for the night, there is a specific element in it.

After all, Han Qing doesn't like the night.

Xiao Su got the news in advance, so they arranged for the night.

As a keepsake, the mask has long been waiting at the entrance. As soon as Mo Shen gets off the bus at night, someone will arrange him to go in.

Contacts, money, always get through quickly.

"The night is little, then I will not accompany you down." Xiao Su took a look at the scene outside. After sweeping around, she locked her eyes on someone. She rarely said a flattering remark: "I wish yeshao a victory tonight, and it's good to recover the second young grandmother as soon as possible."

Hearing the name of the second young grandmother, ye Moshen has an illusion that he has not been there for a long time.

Night Mo Shen just got out of the car, and I didn't know whether it was the relationship of his own gas field or what. A group of people actually looked at him. Under the light of the light, the mask on his face actually flowed with dazzling light.

"Well, who is that? How do you come to the party with a mask on? "

"No, I haven't heard that it's a masked ball? Or are we missing something? "

"Whether it's a masked ball or not, he's so handsome Whether it's height or body ratio, it's golden. Ouch, even though he's wearing a mask, I think That thin lip lightly a sip, already let me fall in love

"Who is he? Do you know anyone? I wonder if he has a girlfriend

"I'm here for the party anyway. Let's go in and have a chance to meet later."

After several girls had a good discussion, they happily made a decision.

Mask as a keepsake, night Mo Shen just got out of the car, immediately someone met up, because Xiao Su did not explain his identity to the other party, so the other party is smiling at the moment.

"Brother, here we are. I've been waiting for you for a long time. Let's go."

Finish saying, he wants to go up to build the back of night Mo deep.

But the hand has just reached half, by the night Mo Shen that chilly to frighten, and then the hand involuntarily retracts.

Although wearing a mask, the night's eyes are as deep as the night, like a beast dormant in the night, and his whole body exudes cold and strong.

Such people

The man who wants to catch the night is a little restless. Looking at the figure of the man in front of him and his aura, how can he feel like the night he has seen from afar?

But if it's the night manager. How do you need to buy an invitation to get into a party?

"Not yet?"

When he was pondering and doubting, the cold voice of Mo Shen in the night had been mercilessly hit. The man reacted with a spirit and immediately nodded: "go, walk, you come with me."

He took yemoshen to the entrance, and then handed in the invitation to the other party for testing.

After listening to Han Qing's instructions, some of the guards at the door were very strict with the inspection today. However, they didn't know the reason. It was only because Mr. Han was afraid that strangers would come in, so even if the inspection was strict, they could not know everyone.

So it's strange that he was wearing a mask.

The man explained for him: "my friend likes to play mystery. He usually attends a party like this. Hurry up. I've been waiting for him here for a long time. You saw that just now."

"And we have an invitation letter. If we don't let us in, I'll tell you Mr. Han."

A man with a good mouth, soft and hard, quickly with the night through.

After entering, the man happily said, "so I'll finish the task? But I'm curious. Why did you come to this party... "

"Don't ask what you shouldn't ask." A sharp line of sight as sharp as a knife hit, and the man was scared to move. After a moment, he said falsely: "yes, I know..."

Night Mo deep take back eyes, no longer pay attention to him, but left first.

The man quickly followed up, the night Mo Shen's step stopped.

"You're done. Don't follow me." He said coldly.

The man was stunned for a moment, then nodded obediently, "yes, yes."

Then he had to turn around and walk away. After hiding in the crowd, he turned back and found that the figure standing there had disappeared.

Walking so fast Tut, what is this man doing at the party tonight?

I bought the invitation, invited him again, and finally And a mask.

Is there a good show to watch tonight?

The man touched his chin, and suddenly he looked forward to it.


at night, Moshen's straight legs crossed the lattice on the ground. The light from his head made him look more and more beautiful. All the servants on the road unconsciously looked at him and looked at him again and again.The night is not deep to find time to get familiar with the situation here. In addition, there are too many people at the party and the air is not good. It's better to go outside and breathe.

Finally, I found a place similar to the courtyard. The furnishings in the yard were quiet and large.

There are several cane chairs, flower beds and even swing places.


Night Mo deep pulled the tie tied on the top of the suit, thin lips unconsciously micro pick.

I didn't expect that the taste of Han Qing is quite unique.

Some time before the banquet began, yemoshen chose a chair and sat down,

many people came to the party, and there were other people in the hospital. However, ye Moshen was far away from them. Occasionally, he heard their voice, which seemed to be accompanied by a child's milk voice. Ye Moshen could not help listening.

"Brother and sister, my mother said, can't let others take photos casually, or you can sue me for violating my prime minister Xiao."

Small Zhengtai was surrounded by the crowd, with a smile on his lips and his eyes like two black glass beads. He looked very innocent and harmless. He was very gentle when he spoke. He was a good boy.

But what he said was very lethal.

One of the people who took out the mobile phone to take photos heard him saying this and quietly took back the mobile phone.

But some people did not give up, took a picture of him with his mobile phone, click.

After shooting, the man was still staring at the little boy happily: "can you take another picture in a different position?"

Xiaomi Dou's smile on her face slowly subsided and said softly, "sister, please delete the photo."

"Well, it's just taking two pictures. What kind of portrait right do you have as a child? Besides, it's your honor that my sister is willing to take pictures of you, isn't it? " The person who took his picture was a girl in her early twenties, and she had no upbringing when she spoke.

"Take another picture. Come on."

People around her look like this, they also have to take out their mobile phones, to millet beans all kinds of click.

"Didn't he ask you to delete the picture?"