Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 533

Han Muzi didn't speak, just pursed her red lips, thinking of the things that she had refused Han Qing's proposal for a blind date.

Is it difficult for him to call someone home for a blind date?

However, even if it is a blind date, you don't have to pick up millet beans, right?

Maybe this time things will be more complicated than she imagined.

Xiao Yan: "didn't your brother tell you why?"

Hearing this, Han Muzi shrugged his shoulders: "what do you think?"

"Let's go." With that, Han Muzi turned around and left. Xiaoyan quickly followed her and took her hand: "do you really want to go back? I have a premonition that this time is not so simple, or I'll find your way first? You go back to eat and rest first? "

Han Muzi looked at Xiaoyan helplessly: "are you a little lacking in heart? My brother has already taken the millet beans back, which means that we have to go there. Now, do you want to explore the way? The result is the same. Let's go straight to it. "

"Well, your brother won't hurt you anyway."

They went back to the Han family together.

The house of the Han family is in an independent area. To go to the Han family, there will be a long road. Usually it is very quiet here, but today the road is very crowded.

When Han Muzi was driving, Xiaoyan was in the co driver's seat. She looked at the vehicles that were accelerating faster than them, and the whole person was puzzled.

"Why are there so many cars today? Don't you see so many people? What's more, it's not good enough to drive so fast! "

Han Muzi glanced at her: "aren't you claiming to be the most informed? You won't find out about this little thing? "

Xiaoyan: "it's Where did I say I was the most informed? What's more, I'm in your car now. How can I check it? I told you I was going to explore the way, you won't let me, now is it OK? I'm afraid there will be a traffic jam ahead

Traffic jam is not. Although the road section is crowded, it is not to the point of traffic jam.

The more he went, Han Muzi's eyebrows wrinkled more and more. Xiaoyan also said at this time: "Hey, how do I feel that these cars are in the same direction with us? Should they also go to the Han family?"

Listen, Han Muzi frown deeper, looking at those familiar vehicles, did not speak.

Xiao Yan began to guess: "what day is today? Why did they all come to the Han family? Is there any activity? "


Han Muzi's face suddenly became a little ugly. She felt that I should guess what Han Qing is going to do.

By the time I was in the Han family, sure enough, the parking lot was full, and there were full of cars near the gate. There were many people at the gate of the Han family, which seemed to be very busy.

Xiao Yan unfastened the seat belt and said, "it's really lively. It seems that Han family has never been so busy."

Without waiting for Han Muzi to speak, someone came to the door and stopped in front of their car.

"Uncle Nan." Xiao Yan lowered the window, "Uncle Nan."

Uncle Nan nodded to Xiao Yan and then looked at Han Muzi: "Miss Muzi, give me your car key. I'll drive to the back for you."

Han Mu purple Leng for a moment, and then shook his head: "no South uncle, I can."

"Miss Muzi, give me the car key. Sir is waiting for you."

Han Muzi said I see. "

She handed the car key to Uncle Nan, and then got off with Xiao Yan. Because both of them were still wearing the work clothes they wore at work, they were not particularly impressive.

After getting off the car, Xiao Yan pulled his clothes and looked around.

I found that those people who got off the car were all wearing a variety of gowns. Quite a few of them were in pairs, but most of them were single, and they were male.

"They're all in tuxedos. What day is it today?"

"Go in and you'll find out."

The two were led by the servants to other passages and soon avoided the crowd.

The more forward, the more partial, Han Mu purple micro frown: "is not my brother waiting for me?"

"Yes, Miss Muzi, but the gentleman said, let's take Miss Muzi to change clothes first."

Dress up? Han Muzi and Xiaoyan looked at each other. Xiaoyan pointed to himself: "what about me?"

"So is Miss Xiaoyan."

Xiaoyan: "it's It seems that there are activities tonight, but can you tell me what it is? "

Servant warm heart a smile: "later two young ladies will know."

Well, asking is like asking for nothing.

Han Muzi and Xiaoyan were taken to the dressing room. When Han Muzi saw the gift, she couldn't help frowning. Compared with Xiaoyan's dress, her dress was particularly grand.

"Wow." Xiao Yan came over and knocked his chin on her shoulder: "your brother, this is to introduce you in disguise. It seems that this evening's party is for you."

Han Muzi: "it's justSuch a grand dress, Han Muzi looked at one of the servants: "must you wear it?"

The servant nodded forcefully: "Sir, Miss Muzi must wear it. This skirt is made by heavy industry and is specially airlifted back from abroad."

It seems that she has to wear today, Han Muzi nodded: "OK."

After putting on the skirt, they began to make up for modeling. Actually, the banquet started an hour later. However, after receiving the invitation from the Han family, they were excited to arrive ahead of time. They also wanted to visit the house of the Han family.

After all, not everyone has the opportunity to step here.

North City, in addition to the night is not deep, all people want to set foot in is here.


"uncle, mummy and aunt Xiaoyan, are they here

"Well, the servant took them to change clothes."

"Can you go to Xiaodou

"After my uncle introduces your mother to you, if she is free."

"Is my uncle making a blind date for mommy in disguise?"

“…… My uncle wants people in Beicheng to know that she is the daughter of the Han family, and your mother's company is not popular now. If you know more people, the company can grow bigger and bigger in the future. Do you understand what uncle means? "

"Oh, I see. My uncle not only wants to help mummy introduce her blind date, but also wants to introduce her company's clients."


"Is that right, uncle?"

"Well, what you say is what you say."


at the gate of the Han family

a black car stops there silently, and the black window hides the shadow of the people inside the car.

"Ye Shao, this is an invitation letter from other people. Han Qing is really cunning. All the people invited this time are elites from the business community, especially the single men. You can see from his heart."

It's very dark in the car. In the back row of the night, Mo Shen raises his shirt button and unbuttons two, revealing the charming laryngeal knot and clavicle. The mask on his face flows with light, and the thin lips under the mask make a curve.

"If you want to introduce my woman to someone else, you have to ask me whether I agree or not."