Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 531

The second day, Han Muzi got up from bed with a pair of frog eyes, and Xiaoyan was frightened by her when she met her face to face.

"Shit, what are you playing with? The eyes are swollen like this... "

Han Muzi did not answer her words, but took a towel, washed with cold water, and then wrung dry applied to his eyes, gently pressed.

"That won't work." Xiao Yan said helplessly on one side. Seeing Han Muzi's thin back, she said with some heartache: "I found that your smile has become less since you returned home. I knew you would look like this. We should not have come back at the beginning."

"No Han Muzi was still covered with a towel, but she denied her words: "why shouldn't I come back? This is the place where I grew up. I have nothing to do with other people when I go back here. "

"But..." You're not happy.

However, the latter sentence Xiaoyan can only say in the heart.

"It's OK." Han Muzi and a smile, "I'm ok, you don't have to worry about me, five years of time have come, I'm still afraid to endure this period?"

Xiao Yan is in the heart.

You have been here for five years, but what kind of life do you have every day?

Crazy into the design business, every day I tired like a dog to go home and fall asleep. Later Xiaomi Dou was a little longer and called Mommy. She hugged her heartily, so that the woman could recover a little bit.

These years Xiaoyan is watching Han Muzi come over, always love her.

Now I come back to see her because of the troubles of yemoshen. Xiaoyan's resentment towards yemoshen is more and more serious.

Smelly man!

Mu Zi was hurt in those years, but now I don't want to let her go.

I really think that he is the president of Yeshi group!

The next time she sees him, she will kill him.


Ye Moshen sat at his desk in a daze, his eyebrows were always frowning, and his fingertips were on the table.

The papers on the desk have been piled into a small mountain, but ye Moshen has no plan to deal with them.

He was so full of that woman that he didn't want to work.

Knock -

the door of the office is knocked, but it seems that I haven't heard it at night. I sit there with my brow locked.

Then it rang for a while, probably because there was no response, so the knocker pushed the door and came in.

After song an opened the door of the office, she saw that she was sitting in her seat, frowning at night. Obviously, her movements were so big, but that person seemed to travel in space.

Thinking of what happened these days, song an's lips were hooked.

She walked slowly over, then put the bag on the table, sat down on the sofa not far from the night, and began to make coffee for herself.

Maybe the sound of the water made the soul of Mo Shen return to his place. When he looked up, he saw song an sitting on the sofa looking after himself drinking coffee, and then frowned.

"Why are you here?"

Song an glances at him and laughingly takes another sip of coffee, ignoring him.

"When did you come in?" The night's frown is deeper.

"When you're in space." Song an smiles, and then puts the coffee back on the table. The collision between the porcelain and the table makes a slight noise, followed by song an's words again: "what? The president of the night university does not deal with the work at this time, but he is distracted in the office. Is he trying to please women

The night Mo deep is not happy to stare at her, the eye is fierce.

Song an put his hands around his chest and glared at him.

"Although I know today's words are very annoying, but look at you like this, my aunt still want to tell you, don't force."

"What do you say?" This sentence is like touching the deep scale of the night, and his brows are locked up in an instant.

"My aunt can see that she may still have feelings for you, but she will not be with you again."

These words make night Mo Shen's eyebrows lock tightly all the time, his thin lip also purses tightly, the eyes stare at song an displeasantly.

Song'an stood up and said, "do you think what I said is not pleasant to hear? Don't want to hear it? But it is. "

"What facts?" Night Mo deep purses thin lip, cold voice asks a way.

"The fact that she doesn't want to be with you again, no matter how much you pay."

"Why?" The night Mo deep sneered: "the little aunt knows her very well? You think of that? "

See him sneer, song an also has no polite ground sneer: "I am a woman, will not understand woman than you?"

Night Mo deep did not speak, but the attitude is very cold, obviously do not want to dump her.

Song an came here to brush his brain today. Naturally, he would not give up and simply step forward.

"Why did you think your mother left you alone?"

The night is not deep

There was a twinkle in his eyes at the mention of his mother.All these years have passed, but his mother has always been a needle in his heart.

At the thought of his mother, he especially hated the night family, especially why he would flow the blood of the night family.

"There were many suitors for your mother, but she never remarried for you, and even if it wasn't for you, she would never marry again. Do you know why? "

The night is not deep

Song an: "because she was badly hurt, she gave all her heart out, but she was ruined. Since then, her hope and the world have collapsed. How much heart do you think she will have to rebuild her trust in you? No, I should say, trust in men. Her condition is much worse than that of your mother, and she is even more stubborn than your mother. What do you think is the probability that she will be with you again? Half of the probability is not, if you have to calculate, only about 10 percent

Although song an said these words are not pleasant to hear, but they hit the nail on the head and told the truth about Han Muzi.

No wonder She's always so resistant to herself.

However - night Mo deep eyes deep up, hanging on both sides of the hand tight.

"So what?"

"So what? Do you know what your aunt means? Even if it's only 10 percent of the time, are you going to be stupid? You're too old to spend any more time like this. "

"Oh." The night Mo deep laughingly glared at his aunt: "thanks you or my aunt, even what temperament I am you don't know? Don't say it's 10 percent, even if it's only 0.1 percent, I'll push it to the end. "

Song an:

Night Mo Shen: "my life must be her."

"You are hopeless Song an couldn't help it. His face was black and he said, "who are you pretending to be affectionate now? If you really had to, how did you do those things? I have heard Xiao Su say that when people ask to see you, you hang a pregnant woman on a rainy night. "

When he mentioned that incident, ye Mo Shen had a painful look on his face, gritted his teeth and said, "it was different. I was misled. I thought..."