Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 530

At night, there is only a small lamp in the room, and Han Muzi has finished washing and changing into pajamas and sitting on the bed.

She should have fallen asleep at this time, but today she is not sleepy.

Under the night light, a golden button in her hands exudes a faint light.

Most of the night lights are warm, so the color of the buttons looks warm.

She gazed at the button in her hand and was slightly distracted.

This button was left in her dress by the mysterious man on that rainy night five years ago.

With this in mind, Han Muzi felt the button's finger abdomen tight for a few minutes, and her thoughts began to drift away.

At that time, she asked Han Xueyou to find the whereabouts of the button owner for herself. As a result, she went back and forth to find out the night Leng's body.

This news once scared her to death, and even made her feel guilty in front of the deep night.

Although she didn't say it, she was convinced that the child was likely to be cold at night, so she avoided the cold at night like a snake and a scorpion.

Until millet beans are born and grow up slowly.

The facial features on the face are more and more like a person.

Her heart from doubt, to incredible, to shock.

That's ridiculous.

Even if the child of night cold, have the gene of night family, but also can't and night Mo deep grow the same.

Therefore, Han Muzi even thought that the mysterious man that night was actually the night deep himself.

And he, however, to marry into the night she said she was pregnant with wild seeds.

After having this cognition at that time, Han Muzi's first thought was to deny this shocking idea.

How could it be? How is that possible?

If it's really him, isn't she and night Moshen put together by God?

She couldn't take it.

What's more, ye Moshen's attitude towards herself and what Han Xueyou said to herself at that time made her feel that This life is hopeless.

If it had not been for millet beans, she would not have survived.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi pinched the button in his hand more tightly, and his white finger belly turned red.

Click -

the door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and a small figure came in, quickly took off her shoes and climbed into her bed.

Han Muzi's soul was scared to fly, subconsciously put the button to hide in the quilt, do not let others see.

It was her own secret.

For years.

The little guy came in and hugged her with his hands and feet, and whispered, "Mommy, Xiaomi Dou doesn't want to sleep alone. Xiaomi Dou wants to sleep with mommy."

Han Muzi's frightened heart gradually calmed down and said in a soft voice in the night light: "Xiaomi Dou has grown up and can't sleep with mommy any more. You're a man. You're different from Mommy. Do you understand?"

Xiaomi Dou rubbed her arm with her face discontentedly: "no, Xiaomi Dou is not yet adult, and you are Xiaomi Dou's mother, there will be no difference between men and women."

"And Mommy, you've been letting Xiaomi Dou sleep by herself these days. Xiaomi Dou has missed you. Let Xiaomi Dou sleep with you tonight."

Han Muzi said Millet beans. "

"Mommy has always said that Xiaomi Dou has grown up. Can Xiaomi Dou go to her father's place?"

Originally, Han Muzi still wanted to persuade him to go back to his room to sleep, but he suddenly said a word to Han Muzi, and his heart was shocked.

Is it the turn of fate?

In the past, when she was abroad, Xiaomi Dou never asked her for her father, so she was very cute.

However, after returning home, he mentioned it more and more times. Even after she ordered yemoshen not to investigate herself today, Xiaomi Dou went into her bed and said such things to her.

Is it a coincidence?

Han Muzi pinched the gold button and put it in his palm.

"Why do you ask that all of a sudden?" Han Muzi took a look at Xiaomi Dou in her arms and tried to make her voice soft, "you used to When I was abroad, I didn't mention it all the time? "

Xiaomi Dou pursed his lips: "Mommy used to be very hard, so Xiaomi Dou understands Mommy, but now that Xiaomi Dou has grown up, you don't have to ask mummy to look for it. Xiaomi Dou can find it by himself."

Han Muzi: "it's just

"Is that OK, Mommy?" Xiaomi Dou shook her arm: "Xiaomi Dou is very powerful, you can find your own father!"

Hearing this, Han Muzi's breath is suffocating. She finally realizes that Xiaomi Dou is not joking with her when she mentions this matter several times. He really wants to find daddy.

Although she felt that Xiaomi Dou was so young that she couldn't find her head in the night, Han Muzi still felt fluffy in her heart and immediately rebuked: "don't go!"

Her voice is very strict, all of a sudden Xiaomi Dou to fierce muddled."Mom, mummy..."

"Do you hear me?" Han Muzi looks at Xiaomi Dou and asks.

Xiaomi Dou blinked her eyes, and her eyes turned red, "Mommy, but Xiaomi Dou I want to find daddy

"Didn't I say not to go?" Han Muzi didn't expect that he would not even listen to his own words. Unexpectedly, after she said no, she insisted on looking for her father. All of a sudden, she became more severe, and began to say: "your own father is dead, you don't have to look for it, you can't find it!"

Xiaomi Dou:

When saying this, Han Muzi also slowly followed the red eye socket.

Two people's eyes seem to be more similar, a moment later, Han Muzi closed his eyes, sucked his nose and said, "sorry, Xiaomi Dou Was mommy a little excited just now

All the while, Han Muzi suddenly spoke to him in a soft voice. Xiaomi Dou couldn't stop immediately. He cried loudly.

This sound like a needle pierced Han Muzi's heart, and the pain made her gasp. She just said something irreparable, and now she doesn't know how to explain to Xiaomi Dou, so she can only reach out and hold him.

"I'm sorry, Xiaomi Dou, I'm sorry, it's mommy who's not good Mommy shouldn't have hurt you

As he said, Han Muzi shed tears along with him, just like a broken bead. He fell down and hit Xiaomi Dou's neck.

Xiaomi Dou was frightened by such tears. He was still crying, but he seemed to see his mother crying in front of him for the first time.

The big bean tears couldn't stop at all, and they rushed out of her eyes.

"I'm sorry It's Mommy. I'm sorry, Xiaomi Dou. I'm sorry However, Han Muzi has been repeating a sentence, like entering the magic Zheng.

Xiaomi Dou looks at such Han Muzi, immediately feels that he is very unreasonable today.

He put out his little hand around Han Muzi's neck and pasted his face to him warmly: "Mommy, don't cry. After Xiaomi Dou I'll never talk about finding dad again. "

Han Muzi's cry can no longer stop, tears burst, Xiaomi Dou in his arms to cry.