Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 529

In the quiet car, someone's breath suddenly becomes short.

Night Mo Shen clasped her hand and gritted her teeth: "so what? As long as the picture is yours, you are my wife. "

Han Muzi smiles and gently pulls his hand back.

"You are wrong. We are not husband and wife in law, and not in reality. Besides, you gave me a contract back then. Did you forget that? "

At the mention of the contract, Yemo Shen's face was even worse.

He gave the contract, but now she used it as a reason to refuse him. Does he dig his own grave?

"Night is not deep, why do you monopolize others with your own power? If you want me to give it, if you don't, I'll get out of here. Didn't you hurt me enough five years ago? Want to do it again in five years? Who gives you the confidence that makes you feel Will I come back with you again? There is only one life. I have understood enough in the past five years. I want to start my life again. That is far away from you. "

These unfeeling and firm words have made the night Mo Shen's face turn from iron green to pale.

"Qiao Qiao..." He unconsciously called out her former name, "listen to my explanation, what happened in those years..."

Han Muzi seemed to be stimulated, and suddenly said in a sharp voice: "don't call this name. Shen Qiao died five years ago! Now standing in front of you is Han Muzi. My surname is Han, but my surname is Shen. In those days, the play was regarded as a farce. Please later Don't force me into my life again. "

Finish saying, Han Muzi wants to push open the door, but found still locked, she said angrily: "you open the lock to me."

He didn't move.

Han Muzi himself, night Mo Shen and clasped her hand, "I apologize."

Han Muzi's action. "I hurt you five years ago, but then..."

"Do you know?" Han Muzi suddenly raised his head: "I don't want to know why you did that to me at that time. I didn't ask and did not investigate these years, because I didn't want to know in my heart. Because, I only know that you did something like that, so I don't want to care about the process at all. I don't want to forgive you, whether you're forced or you have a problem

She never felt that hard work could make a person do something irrational.

So in her principle, she only looks at the results, not the process.

Night Mo Shen, with pain in his eyes, this woman is more stubborn and difficult to do than he imagined, but he just likes her personality, stubborn to death, not strong enough.

What's more, they only know death reason.

"What about that?" Night Mo deep low smile, laughter with thick self mockery: "you don't want to forgive me, but I don't want to give up you, this life do not want to."

Undoubtedly, these words are about Han Muzi's heart.

She bit her lower lip: "then you stay away from me, just look at me, don't affect my life. And... "

She thought about it and added, "don't you hurt my family!"

Ye Moshen thought he said Han Qing at first, but on second thought, if she was going to say Han Qing, I guess she said it just now. Besides Han Qing, who is she talking about?

Night Mo Shen suddenly remembered that day in the hospital phone heard the voice of the little boy.

The other side cheerfully called her a mummy. At that time, Han Muzi's eyebrows and eyes were soft colors.

That child, she put on the tip of her heart.

At the thought of her marrying in with her ex husband's child, and then struggling to protect the child's stay, Yemo Shen's heart is very uncomfortable, but what can it be?

He loves the woman in front of him, even if he has other people's children, so what?

Thinking of this, ye Mo Shen said with difficulty, "I will not hurt your family, that child..."

Hearing him mention the child, Han Muzi's face really changed: "did you investigate me?"

Night Mo deep micro frown: "I in your eyes is this kind of person?"

Seeing his denial, Han Muzi was a little relieved. When she mentioned Xiaomi Dou, she was a little uneasy. In addition, she met ye Lenghan recently. After all, he had a relationship with ye Moshen, and he saw Xiaomi Dou's appearance, and he didn't know whether he would tell him about it.

In a second thought, according to the nature of the deep night.

If you let him see Xiaomi Dou's appearance, he is not likely to stay still until now.

Thinking of this, Han Muzi immediately said: "you promise me that you will not be allowed to investigate me in this life."

Night Mo deep frown: "why? Are you hiding something from me

Han Muzi sneered: "how many times did you investigate? Isn't that enough? "

Ye Moshen guessed that she just felt that her investigation had hurt her, so she nodded: "OK, I promise you."

Hearing his promise, Han Muzi felt that most of the stone in his heart had been lost: "this is what you said, I remember.""I will not investigate you." Night Mo Shen added: "no matter what you are now, with whose children, I can accept."

Hearing this, Han Muzi felt her heart shrink and her lips moved.

No matter whose child she is with, he can accept it?

"Do you know what you're talking about?"

"Yes." Night Mo deep nod, dark eyes into her cold eyes: "I am very sober, no doubt."

Who made him her?

He didn't expect that he would fall on this woman and never get up again.

"I can take care of the children myself. I don't need you. Besides, the child is my own, and it has nothing to do with you. "

Ye Moshen suddenly felt that there was something wrong with her when she mentioned the child, and the words she said later were also very strange.

Why does she have to emphasize to him that this child is her own?

Night Mo Shen's heart gradually got a little suspicious, perhaps, he really should let people to investigate what is going on?

But on second thought, I just promised her not to investigate her.

Damn it, she really limited all his thoughts and actions.

"You can be my client, but we can't go back to the relationship we used to have. If things happen again today, we'll see you directly in court. I hope you will remember what you said and never investigate me. "

With that, she directly reached out to unlock the lock. This time, Moshen didn't stop her.

Han Muzi opened the door and left.

Night Mo Shen sitting in the car, still thinking about Han Muzi just said those words.

After a while, he frowned and took out his mobile phone to call Xiao su.

If he doesn't investigate, he is curious. If he does, he will break the agreement with her?

Night is not deep, you just promised her, in a flash forget?

It will only make her hate you more.

In the end, the night's hand fell powerless.

For the first time, he felt so frustrated