Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 528

The door has been locked by the night Mo, Han Muzi has no way to escape.

Probably because of being angry, so night deep eyes are filled with anger, almost burning Han Muzi's eyes.

Her lips moved, but she couldn't say a word.

Such a night is not deep, Han Muzi is the first time to see.

From the meeting until now, he has always been in the type of rascal, dogged at himself, although I don't know what inspiration these five years have given him, making him suddenly become a must.

However, now he is like this, I'm afraid it is restored to the original appearance.

"Originally, I always wanted to give you time." Ye Mo narrowed her eyes and looked at her dangerously: "as long as we are married, you will have a chance to come back to me, but now it seems You are a very bad woman

Hearing this, Han Muzi was shocked in her heart, and her pupil shrank, "you, what are you going to do?"

"For what?" The night Mo deep sneer a, reach out to hold her chin: "you this woman cold heart cold lung, still care what I want to do?"

Han Muzi bit his lower lip and looked at him obstinately.

This look makes the night Mo Shen have a moment of Zheng Chong, how long has it been

He never saw her look like this again. Five years ago, she often did, but five years later The way she looked at herself was mostly calm and indifferent.

As if no one could stir up the waves in her heart.

So night Mo Shen changed his tactics and felt that he could beat her to death.


She's going to make a blind date with another man, or even change places with him?

Where to change?

The more he thought, the more angry he was, the colder the expression on his face. His aura was like a dark cloud covering the top of Han Muzi's top.

At the moment, the door is locked, and night's hands are locked on her sides, staring at her from above.

That look, as if to eat people in general.

"I don't care what you do, but when it comes to me, I naturally ask. If you let me out of the car, I don't care what you want to do Well. "

Words just finished, the night Mo deep holds her chin hand to use a little strength way, and then kiss up again.

Han Muzi's eyes widened and forced to accept his kiss, but his hand stretched out to push his chest.

But night Mo Shen's strength is getting heavier and heavier. When Han Muzi feels that he can't bear it, there is a sound of knocking on the window outside.

The kiss is still going on -

rapping -

the people outside are still knocking on the window, and Han Muzi vaguely hears someone shouting: "you can't stop here."

Knock the sound of the window has not stopped, night Mo Shen finally helpless, irritably released Han Muzi and then lowered the window.

"That You can't stop here... "

The traffic police just wanted to say that we can't stop here, and let ye Moshen drive away. But after looking at the cold in the eyes of the night Moshen, he felt that the cold started from his feet, and he couldn't help but shiver. When he got to his mouth, he shrank back.

"Looking for death?" Night Mo deep stare at each other, cold voice said.

The policeman shook his head: "No

A moment later, he came to his senses and felt that he was upright. How could he be scared away by the man in front of him? So he straightened his chest and coughed softly: "this gentleman, private parking is not allowed here. If you don't drive away, I will issue a ticket."

Today is the first day of work, he must do his own work well.

The night Mo deep eye color is dark, the eye cold ground stares at him.

The sharp eyes were like electricity, which made people's back hairy. The traffic police straightened up for a long time and then shrunk their necks: "good brother, you can't stop here. As long as you drive the car now, I'll never give you a ticket."

But Han Muzi is relieved.

I always feel that the appearance of the traffic police solved the problem for her. If it wasn't for him, I'm afraid she is still held by the night.

Seeing that they were still in a standstill, Han Muzi quietly reached out to open the car lock, and then ready to open the door to escape, the devil's claw of the night came over and directly clasped her wrist, "where to?"

Han Muzi's face changed slightly. This man

"Let me go."

"Since you want to run, then I will let you not run."

With that, he lifted the window and drove away.

The traffic police stood in the same place and froze for a long time before reacting.

Just now What happened? Is it kidnapping?

Otherwise, how can you say Don't run if you want to run?

But look at their expression, it seems that the lovers are making trouble?

After driving the car for a long time, Han Muzi responded: "where are you going to take me?"

Night Mo deep cold face did not answer her words, the speed is very fast, Han Muzi feel a little afraid, can only say to him: "night is not deep, what do you want?""Oh." He sneered: "it's not what I want, but you are such a bad woman. Even if you push my list to the employees under your hand, you still go on a blind date without telling me? "

Han Muzi gritted his teeth: "I didn't have time to deal with your affairs, so I let the staff take your list."

"What about the blind date?"

Han Muzi calmed down for a while and took a deep breath: "I want to get married."

"Want to get married? You think I'm dead The tone of the night is not good.

"No Han Muzi denied that, thinking of what Han Qing told herself before, she raised her eyes and looked at Mo Shen at night: "I didn't treat you as a dead man, but do you dare to show me your marriage certificate?"

Night Mo Shen slams the brake, he turns his head and stares at Han Muzi dangerously.

The eyes were as gloomy as a beast in the dark.

But at this moment, Han Muzi is inexplicably more courage, straight on his eyes.

"Dare you?"

The night Mo deep did not speak, the facial expression on the face is more and more gloomy iron blue.

"Oh." Han Muzi looked at him like this and couldn't help but hook up his lips and smile: "you dare not, right? Because it's not our marriage certificate at all

The night Mo deep feels to breathe a few urgently, his brow tightly frowns.

"At that time, I didn't marry in my real name. The marriage certificate was not yours or me at all. The name on it was Shen Yue. Although the photo was mine, but If this matter goes to court, there is no feeling, and you live apart for five years, how much do you think your chances of winning will be? "

After analyzing this matter, Han Muzi felt that her brain was in a particularly calm state.

Night Mo Shen probably did not expect her to be so calm, and he did not expect that she would know about it.

It's completely out of his control.

Originally, I thought that as long as I told her that she was not divorced, I could encircle her, but Let her find a breakthrough.

Night Mo deep eyes slightly heavy: "Han Qing told you?"

Han Muzi: "you don't care who told me. This is the fact, right?"