Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 527

How did he come? Han Muzi's face is not very good, and Qin Yan's face is worse after seeing each other.

What's the night like?

How did he come here?

Although ye Moshen came forward to solve Han Muzi's last case, even though Qin Yan felt that the other party's appearance was to his appetite, he didn't act rashly because of the cold faced Yama of yemoshen.

He didn't know whether Han Muzi was his woman or not.

But today we will have a blind date. Obviously It should not matter.

But. The night appeared.

Before both of them could react, a tall figure rose from the adjacent table, straight legs and steady steps came towards them. Soon Sitting on the side of Han Muzi.

Han Muzi: "it's just

Deep in the night behind you? Then why didn't she find out? Is it because she was so absorbed in the photos before?

No matter what you think, it's only possible.

As soon as Mo Shen sat down at night, the air and temperature all over him fell in a straight line.

He has a strong air field, cold, not to be offended, between the eyes and eyebrows of cold and cold is to refuse people thousands of miles away.

However, this self-contained aura still covers Han Muzi.

The combination of handsome men and beautiful women is always particularly eye-catching, let alone such a proud son of heaven like ye Moshen.

Qin Yan suddenly felt that he was the one who came out today.

But The other party has come to the blind date, so make it clear

Qin Yan's hands tightened under the table, and his unwilling eyes swept over Han Muzi's thick face.

He didn't want to miss the opportunity.

Thinking of this, Qin Yan looked at Ye Mo Shen and said, "Ye Zong, what a coincidence."

"Clever?" Night Mo deep squint eyes, dangerous look at each other, thin lips hook up an unfriendly arc: "bad luck? I came all the way. "

Qin Yan:

Han Muzi: "it's just

How did he know he was on a blind date here?

And isn't he gone these days? Why is it all of a sudden?

Want to disturb her blind date as soon as she appears? Although she didn't like the blind date very much, she couldn't get involved in the night.

"The meaning of Ye Zong's sentence..."

"Are you dating?" Ye Mo Shen asked suddenly.

Qin Yan was stunned for a moment and then nodded: "isn't it obvious?"

Night Mo Shen suddenly approached Han Muzi, close to the distance of breath. Han Muzi was suffocating, and before her eyebrows wrinkled, she heard someone speak with an evil voice: "last night in bed This is what you mean when you say something is going on today

The voice just fell, Qin Yan and Han Muzi's faces changed at the same time.

Han Muzi turns his head and stares at the night that stands close.

This bastard is talking nonsense. What?

"Miss Han, you..." Qin Yan looks at Han Muzi with some difficulty in breathing.

Han Muzi lowered her eyes. Since the night was not deep enough to stir up the game, she was not as good as him.

With this in mind, Han Muzi changed his previously indifferent attitude and looked up at Qin Yan for a moment, smiling and denying: "No

Only two words, but it brought infinite power to Qin Yan.

As long as she denies, it can show that night Mo Shen is wishful thinking to Han Muzi, and he has a chance.

Qin Yan was excited and coughed softly: "that's good, Mr. Ye It's not a good virtue to beat a mandarin duck with a stick. I hope the night can always hold your hand high and show mercy. "

Han Muzi stood up and said, "Mr. Qin, would you mind changing places to continue talking?"

Seeing her stand up, Qin Yan nervously followed her and nodded: "of course not. Miss Han will decide."

"Good." Han Muzi smiles and turns to leave directly.

As soon as the wrist is tight, Han Muzi returns to her hair. Mo Shen grabs her hand at night, and her face is gloomy as hell.

"Where are you going?"

There was a chill and warning in his voice.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yan looked at Han Muzi nervously.

Han Muzi quiet for a moment, stretched out his hand to push the deep night away slowly, and his eyes were indifferent: "it has nothing to do with you."

With that, she turned and walked out with Qin Yan.

Out of the cafe, Qin Yan took out the car key. "Miss Han, wait for me here. I'll pick up the car."

"Good." Han Muzi nodded, "hard."

As soon as she laughed at him, Qin Yan immediately felt that her heart would melt. Although her smile did not reach the bottom of her eyes, it was still beautiful.

Qin Yan goes to pick up the car. Han Muzi walks to the side of the road to wait.

A silver Bentley stopped in front of her, the window dropped, revealing the night Mo Shen firm side face, "get in."

He said coldly.Han Muzi ignored him and looked back as if he had not seen this man.

The night Mo deep eyebrow's anger has not had the attack, but the dark dark color of the eye is as dark as boundless. The hand on the steering wheel is tight and tight, "Muzi, I'll give you the last chance to get on by myself."

Don't want Han Muzi not only ignored him, but walked away.

Just as Han Muzi saw Qin Yan's car coming, she went directly to Qin Yan's car.

Qin Yan's car also stopped in front of her. Then he got out of the car and opened the door for her: "Miss Han, get in."

"Thank you." Han Muzi bent down to just want to sit in, and his waist suddenly tightened.

The next second, she was in the air.

"Ah." Han Muzi exclaimed and struggled.

"Mr. Ye, what do you mean?" Mo Yan's face on the dark purple shoulder of Qin asked.

"Oh." The night Mo deep sneer a, the chill of the eye ground emerges: "how? Is Qin Shao trying to rob me? Didn't you eat enough of last time's lesson? "

Qin Yan pursed his lips: "she is not willing to go with you."

"If Qin Shao has the courage, he can come with me at night. Don't rob people." Words fall, night Mo Shen directly carrying Han Muzi turned away.

"The night is deep, you let go of me, let go of me!" Han Muzi's stomach is on Mo Shen's shoulder at night. This guy's bone is very hard, and her stomach is hurt.

And this posture of falling down makes her head dizzy, especially uncomfortable.

She felt like she was going to vomit out of her coffee.

However, Han Muzi still heard ye Moshen's cruel words to Qin Yanfang. When ye Moshen went back, Han Muzi could see Qin Yan standing there. His expression on his face was particularly tangled, and he did not go forward.

Finally, Han Muzi is night Mo deep into the car, the huge change makes her head dizzy.


The door was locked, night Mo Shen's tall body oppressed her, buttoned the back of her head, and then directly kissed her.


Han Muzi's lips were blocked, more dizzy.

Maybe it was her behavior that provoked him today, so ye Moshen's action was particularly rude and directly broke her lower lip.

Blood gas diffuses between the lips and teeth, Han Muzi's Xiu eyebrows wrinkled tightly.

After a long time, he backed away and said in a cold voice, "do you want to get in his car? Don't even think about it in your life