Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 525

Obviously, they are all fucking people.

Han Muzi smile a little bit, no longer pick up Han Qing words.

After playing crazy in the playground for a long time, Xiaoyan and Xiaomi Dou were tired to sleep together as soon as they got on the bus.

After all, many of the activities are played together by them, while Han Qing and hanmuzi are watching in the back.

"Go to dinner?" Han Qing's empty seat belt looked back at the back seat man.

Han Muzi looked back and thought of shaking his head and said, "go home, they are too tired, go back and let them have a good rest. I will do something at home at night."

"Well." Han Qing nodded, and that was what he meant.

To cook, she would go shopping, but no one in the family was worried about it. So she asked Han Qing to stay at home to look after Xiaomi beans and Xiaoyan, and went to the supermarket nearby alone.

A person who goes to the supermarket doesn't forget to look at any place. Hanmuzi soon bought all the things she needed. She pushed the shopping cart to check out, but the corner met a familiar figure.

The white collar is too hot to wrinkle. The dark blue suit reveals the other party's air field. The man's eyebrows are gentle. When she looks at her eyes, the man still smiles, like a spring breeze.

Hanmuzi's step settled down and pushed the cart forward as if he hadn't seen the man.

I didn't expect to meet him here again, cold and cold.

Cold night saw her still ignore her, face also has no surprise expression, probably had guessed that Han Muzi will treat him like this.

So he quickly turned to catch up with her.

"I gave you the phone number, have you lost it?"

He asked, walking side by side with her.

Han Muzi purses her red lips, and his face is indifferent and does not answer her words.

The night cold smiled, also did not care, explained: "I waited for a few days, you did not contact me, so I can only come to the supermarket to wait for you."

Han Muzi had a second time listening to this, but she went on and didn't want to take care of him.

"So when you meet, would you really not say a word to me? Even a greeting. "

She still didn't reply.

Night cold followed her to the cashier, did not wait for hanmuzi action, night cold has reached for her shopping cart to take out the same thing to put on the counter before the check-in to sweep code.

Hanmuzi: "......"

Handsome men and women are always a combination of special eyes, and Han Muzi and night cold are not the ordinary handsome men and women. The cold night movement is so intimate, the cashier envy eyes bubble, can not help but add a sentence: "Miss, your boyfriend is really handsome."

The action on his hands was stiff in the cold at night, and then he looked at hanmuzi.

She had no expression on her face, and she finally opened her mouth, who had not spoken.

"She's not my boyfriend, and I don't know him."

The smile on the cashier's face disappeared.

She pulled her lips embarrassed, then looked at the cold hand at night. If she didn't know, why did the man take things for hanmuzi? Is it Just good intentions?

Or, just met in the supermarket, because Han Muzi looks beautiful, so want to chat up?

The waiter began to scan the code after the 10000 plots were filled in his mind. Han Muzi didn't give the night cold chance again, and soon handed out the bank card.

If you swipe a card, press the password.

When the waiter handed over the password machine, hanmuzi just wanted to turn to remind the cold night that he could go away. Who knew he turned around consciously and didn't see her again.

Hanmuzi: "......"

She quickly lost her password, then took back her bank card and left with her bag.

Out of the supermarket, hanmuzi intends to go back, but found that his own behind the street lamp more figure.

She was really angry and helpless, and she didn't want him to follow, nor wanted to meet him, let alone talk to him.

After a short walk, Han Mu Ziqi had to stop, but suddenly, cold night, he took her bag.

"Is it too heavy? I'll help you with it. "

Hanmuzi: "......"

Is it her hallucinations? Why are the two brothers different from each other five years ago?

Of course, the biggest change is not deep at night.

Can five years really change a person?

No, not all.

After all, when she was facing other people, she still met, whether it was for her employees or Lin Qingqing, he didn't want to give it to him.

But to myself

What line has gone wrong in the past five years?

She looked at the bag that was picked up by the cold at night, and was planning to say she didn't want it, but she said to herself, "do you live in the neighborhood in front of you? I see you come out of there. Let's go. I'll take you to the door. "Han Muzi: "it's just

After saying that, night Leng Han took the lead to walk forward, tall and slender figure was pulled by the street lamp old elder.

Han Muzi thought about it, but she still followed her step.

To the door of the community, the cold steps of the night finally stopped, "sent here, you go in, pay attention to safety at night."

Han Muzi took his bag, did not want to think, directly turned into the community.

After a few steps, she still felt the cold eyes of the night on her back, and then she turned to have a look.

Night cold face still with a smile like spring breeze, just like in those years

Do you want to recognize each other?

Han Muzi's eyes were tangled and she bit her lower lip in a complicated mood.

Night Lenghan is very understanding. After seeing Han Muzi's eyes, he is stunned. After a moment, he smiles and says, "don't think too much. I don't mean anything. I just want to meet my old friend. Go in."

Is it really just an old friend meeting?

Han Muzi, however, always feels that this matter is not so simple.

His appearance, like the gears of fate, began to turn one by one, many things Will become not as simple as the original.

Finally, Han Muzi or did not say a word, turned and disappeared in front of the cold night.

When the figure in front of him has completely disappeared, Han Muzi takes back his eyes, and the smile that he maintains on his face also gradually disappears.

He took out his mobile phone and opened the picture of the child sent to him by his assistant.

almost as like as two peas in the night, but the cold and cold eyes between Han Muzi and his eyebrows are so special.

At a glance, you can write it down.

The assistant searched all the information, and it took a long time to find such a long front with a little blurred picture.

It seems that Han Muzi has protected this child very well in recent years.

As for why he is so well protected, cold night put away the mobile phone, warm eyes across a touch of insidious.

He thought that he would soon know the answer.