Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 523

Kazam -

Han Muzi went back home with the fruit and met Xiaoyan when he went into the porch to change shoes.

"In the evening, what did you do?"

Han Muzi lips moved, as if nothing happened in the hands of the bag: "downstairs to buy some fruit."

Hearing this, Xiaoyan turned to look at the time, "I remember you went out 50 minutes ago, right? When you went downstairs to buy some fruit, you took a stroll around? "

This words said, the meaning has a point, Xiao Yan looked at her eyes also abnormal ridicule.

Han Muzi: "it's just

I just want to make fun of her? Han Muzi put the fruit in the kitchen and said, "yes, because I'm too full, I have to go downstairs for a walk. It's a little bit longer, but it's better than some people who hide upstairs and dare not go downstairs? "

Xiao Yan's smile, which was still in love with her lips just now, solidified.

"Right?" Han Muzi blinked her eyes and laughed with her.

Xiao Yan couldn't laugh anymore. She pursed her lips and hummed, "will you die if you don't bully me? Old things still come up! "

"Each other."

After that, Xiao Yan sat on the sofa with a pillow and sat there glumly.

"There is a reason why I dare not go downstairs. The God is so excellent that I dare not get close to him. There is something wrong with him."

Han Muzi also went to her side and sat down, "yes, this is your idea."

She also took a pillow in her arms, thought of the little nurse said to her, feel a little chest tightness.

"Well, don't you often come to take care of him? You don't know why he left the hospital? "

She used to take care of him, but I don't know, so she didn't go back?

"You went to see him in the hospital again?" Xiao Yan's voice came from the left side. Han Muzi nodded subconsciously and then shook his head: "he's discharged from hospital."

"Discharged? Eh... " Xiaoyan suddenly felt a little confused: "then you still go to the hospital to see him? Are you full? "

"I'll see."

Xiaoyan: "well, it seems that you have been concealed in the drum. This man is really bad. You went to take care of him for so long before you left the hospital and didn't even say hello to him? "

Han Muzi did not speak.

Seeing that she didn't speak, Xiaoyan couldn't help asking: "he didn't even send you wechat, did he?"

After a long silence, Han Muzi finally looked up at her, and then said with a smile: "I didn't go to the hospital to find him this week. It's not normal that he didn't tell me when he was discharged from hospital?"

"Well, it's late. I'll have a rest early." With that, Han Muzi stood up and walked upstairs. Obviously, he didn't want to continue this topic.

Xiao Yan looked at her back, and murmured to herself, "where is normal? If he cares about you, he won't even say a word? Doesn't that make you run away? "

Although this word said very quietly, but who called the room very quiet, Han Muzi heard her words.

Her steps pause for a moment, but still continue to move forward, not her thin lips hook.

Maybe, I really don't care so much.


the day went on normally. Two or three days later, the night seemed to disappear from her life.

It's just that his name is still on hanmuzi's customer list.

Because he hasn't asked for it all the time, and he ordered Han Muzi before, so there is no way to carry out the next step of work.

After all, it's a customer, Han Muzi thought, she should take the initiative to contact this customer.

But thinking of what happened in recent days, Han Muzi felt that Maybe ye Moshen has already had an aversion to himself. He used to place an order in the company because of his old love. Now?

Or She gave the list to someone else?

With this in mind, Han Muzi thinks of the list of Lin Xinghuo that was broken in the last cold month. She has always wanted to give her compensation opportunities. Why not give her this opportunity?

When cold month received this news, she always felt as if she had been hit by the pie falling from the world.

Oh, no, it's dizzy.

She was confused for a long time before she took Han Muzi's sleeve and asked weakly, "you Do you really want to give me this chance? "

Han Muzi nodded: "well, it just depends on yourself whether you can take it down, do you want it?"

"In fact, I'm glad you're willing to give me such an opportunity, just I know something about you and yeshao. It's not good for you to give me the list like this, right? Even if I'm willing to pick it up, the other party may not be willing to let me pick it up. So Muzi, I think it's better for you to take this list yourself. "

Han Muzi a Leng, at the beginning she took cold month to the press conference.

She knows what happened at the press conference.

It's a bit difficult to give her the list now."I..."

"If you really can't help it, I can pick it up for you, but I can't make it. Before that, you were willing to give me Lin Xinghuo's list and take me to the press conference. I was really moved. So This time, I'll take it as a way to repay your kindness. "

Han Muzi's lips moved: "you don't have to think about it. This order is good, and you also have a considerable bonus."

"Well, that's it. I need this bonus, too. Let me do it. It's just If I can't, I'll give you the list. "

The appearance of the cold moon really makes Han Muzi look at him with great admiration.

She looked at the cold moon and laughed and couldn't help speaking.

"You really impress me."

Han Muzi does not praise her, cold moon month can still speak well, a praise her, the expression on the cold moon face immediately becomes awkward.

"What are you talking about? Who needs you to look up to? And I didn't take this list because you were embarrassed, OK? I'm just for the prize money, for myself. You won't be there and think I'm for you? "

Han Muzi said I didn't say anything

Leng Yueyue: "you must think that I am because of you, hum, it is not!"

With that, Leng Yueyue turned and ran out.

Left Han Muzi and Xiaoyan two people look at each other.

A moment later, they burst into laughter.

"Is this cold month trying to laugh me to death? Clearly before the second is still so serious, the back is so awkward? How do I feel, as if every time you just praise her? She's so awkward? " Make complaints about

's small face bracelet.

Han Muzi's lips also hung with a faint smile. She nodded and said with a smile: "it seems like this, but It's lovely, isn't it? "

"Hum! It's cute. I won't lose her! Muzi, don't empathize with me. Only I am your best friend

"Best friend?" Han Muzi picked her eyebrows: "isn't someone trying to develop with my sister-in-law? Are you willing to be my good friend all my life

"Shit, I don't take you down like this, I don't care about you!"