Master Ye's Second Marriage

Chapter 522

In recent days, Han Muzi had a few happy days.

Because, since the beginning of that night, yemoshen has never been sending her a message and pestering her to the hospital. His account is lying in wechat, quietly as if it never appeared.

For a moment, Han Muzi felt that her mobile phone was in arrears, or the wireless network at home was broken, otherwise How could her mobile phone not receive the wechat message of Yemo Shen.

However, except that his message was not sent in, other messages sent to her were normal.

Including the phone.

So it's not that her mobile phone is in arrears, nor is her home wireless network broken.

But night Mo Shen is really did not contact her.

She thought to herself, or He was tired of sending her a message every day asking her to go to the hospital. After all, not everyone will always be standing there waiting for you, so he is back on track.

That's good.

We all live our own lives.

It's just There was a sense of emptiness in her heart.

Han Muzi fell to the sofa behind her, holding her mobile phone tightly in her hand.

The gap in his heart made Han Muzi disgust himself.

The person who has been refusing these days is herself. She has always wanted to cut off contact with him and never contact him again. But now he really doesn't contact himself. Why is her heart so empty?

It's like something was taken out.

Maybe it's habit?

Because since I met him, he has been in her life, occupying the recent life.

People are used to one person.

She's used to him, so next She just needs to get used to his absence.

Think of here, Han Muzi then calm down, in the heart also want to clear.

So that's it.

After dinner, Han Muzi lies at home, and the litter of kittens and big cats they brought back have already lived in their home.

That day, Xiaoyan and Xiaomi Dou took them to the pet store to disinfect and expel insects. After that, they bought a small cage to take the litter of cats home.

The kittens are well protected by the big cats. After living at home for nearly a week, they are all fat.

Probably because they have found a home, the big cats are very close to them and are willing to let the family touch the kittens.

Every time after feeding milk, I would run to the balcony alone and roll right for a few laps. I would lie there lazily, squinting my eyes, looking very comfortable.

A group of kittens are running around on the carpet at home. Because they are less than months old, they are staggering with their front legs on their hind legs, but they are very stubborn. They fall down and climb up and walk a few steps.

If you see people passing it, it will always follow you.

In short, after a group of kittens, Han Muzi felt that She has to be very careful every time she walks.

Because The kittens were small and fast, afraid of stepping on them accidentally.

"Meow..." Han Muzi was lying on the sofa in a low mood. Suddenly, a milk meow sounded at her feet. She took a look and found that the baby cat ran out of the cat's nest. She was standing at her feet, staring at her curiously with two black eyes.

Han Muzi looked at her for a while, and suddenly bent down and put the baby cat in his arms.

Three fingers caress its small head, Han Muzi side way: "you say What is he doing now

"I Would you like to see him in the hospital? I don't know what happened to his injury

"Mommy, who's hurt?" Xiaomi Dou ran down from the downstairs and heard such a sentence, so he asked.

Han Muzi suddenly returned to his senses and his face changed.

"Nothing. You heard me wrong."

Xiaomi Dou stares curiously: "is it? But Xiaomi Dou just heard... "

"The big cat had a little injury on her leg. She was asking her. Otherwise, why do you think Mommy said this with her kitten in her arms?"

Han Muzi explained with a smile.

Although she didn't want to lie to Xiaomi Dou, she couldn't tell him at this time that she was talking about the night? Then he'll catch up on the topic and ask her for her father.

Speaking of having a father, Han Muzi realized that she had to pay attention to this problem.

She really can't live alone, even if she can stand the loneliness of these long years, but Xiaomi Dou is a child. He needs a sound family to grow up like other children's.

Think of here, Han Muzi's heart has slowly made a decision.

Xiaomi Dou sat on the sofa with her for a while, and the cat was in her arms enough, so Han Muzi put it down and Xiaomi Dou went to play with her.After they left, Han Muzi found himself in a cold sweat.

She said that just now, unconsciously.

Hand unconsciously into a fist, nails stabbed the skin, Han Muzi will release the hand.

If she's worried, she's going to the hospital now? Buy him some more fruit? Anyway It's still early. She just went to have a look and came back.

Thinking like this, Han Muzi has already started to act.

She got up and put on a coat, then went out with her bag and went downstairs.

Went to the nearby fruit shop to pick, Han Muzi finally carried a bag of fruit out of it, and then took a taxi to the hospital.

Originally all this is good, but when she arrived at the hospital gate, Han Muzi suddenly recoiled.

It was clear that she was going to break up with him, but what was she doing now?

Come and see him?

Will it make him feel Is he trying to get?

Never mind.

She's here anyway. Let's go in and have a look.

The rest will be later.

Han Muzi took the fruit to the familiar ward.

She stood at the door of the ward, took a deep breath, then opened the door and walked in.

After opening the door, Han Muzi was stunned and stood staring at it.

The ward is empty, the quilt cover on the hospital bed has also been removed, replaced with a new, folded neatly, where there is a person's shadow?

For a moment, Han Muzi thought that he had gone to the wrong ward, so he stepped out to have a look, but he found that he was right.

Just as a little nurse passed by her side, Han Muzi stopped her.

"Excuse me, excuse me. May I ask the gentleman who lives in this ward..."

"Oh, didn't you take care of him before? Why don't you know he's discharged from hospital? "

"Out, out of hospital?" Han Muzi was a little surprised. Did he leave the hospital so soon?

"Yes, it's still the hospital we just came out of today. We just cleaned up the wards."

"Well, thank you."

After the nurse left, Han Muzi stood there in a daze.

For a long time, she looked down at the fruit bag in her hand and laughed helplessly.